Vibroslim Radial Plus 3D Fitness Vibration Plate Review

Vibroslim Radial Plus 3D Fitness Vibration Plate

Vibroslim Radial Plus 3D Fitness Vibration Plate Review – Having a good, effective workout can be difficult to achieve provided that you are lack of the proper fitness equipment. Getting your body into shape, losing weight, and building muscles are just some of the advantages of using a vibration plate.

Vibroslim Radial Plus 3d Vibration Plate Reviews

Our Vibroslim Reviews describes how this machine has helped many customers lose weight in a natural and healthy way. Our review covers the features and benefits of using this vibration plate.

The Vibroslim vibration plate is one of the latest exercise trends to hit the UK. Originally used by physical therapists, the machine is designed to work your entire body in just a few minutes a day. It is easy and safe to use, and very effective at improving flexibility, balance, muscle tone, metabolism, and circulation.

Vibroslim Vibration Plate Review – The Vibroslim vibration machine is an effective way to achieve weight loss in a non-impact exercise with little to no stress put on the joints. The Vibroslim machine is designed to be used in 30 minute sessions, 3 -4 times a week when the user plays visualizations of the body relaxing and slimming while tightening abdominal muscles and lean muscle tone.

Vibroslim has received a lot of buzz in the last few months. This new vibration plate is said to increase weight loss and burn fat at a faster rate. We take a look at the testimonials and the science behind how this device works. If you’re looking for a way to firm up your body, lose some inches, or tighten up your skin, then an anti-cellulite vibrating platform may be just what you need.

Vibroslim Radial Plus 3D Fitness Vibration Plate Specifications:

  • Manufacturers Part Number: FP-VM-VS3D-UK
  • Brand: AbodeFit Health™
  • Model number: VSU016V3
  • Vibration Type: 3-Dimensional (3D) Oscillating & Linear Vibration
  • Motor: Super quiet dual-DC 200W motors (400W) overload protection.
  • Speed range: Speeds from 1-180
  • Speed Settings: Low (60), Mid (120) and High (180)
  • Timer: 1-10 Minutes Countdown
  • Computer Exercise Pregames: 5 built- in exercise programs and 3 manual programs
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Yes Connect To Your Phone Or Tablet
  • Support Handles: Hand steading handles for safe exercises
  • Cushioning System: Shock absorbing, anti- slip vibration platform
  • Accessories Included: Resistance Bands, Remote Control, Branded Yoga Mat & Exercise Wall Chart
  • Storage Capability: Easy to move with wheels for storage
  • Maximum User Weight: 185kg
  • Colour Options: Black / White / Green & White
  • Cable length: 2m
  • Product weight: 18 kg
  • Shipped weight: 22 kg
  • Product dimensions: L 79 x W 42 x H 17cm
  • Shipped dimensions: L 84 x W 63 x H 21cm
  • Voltage: 220-240v
  • Certification: CE, GS certified
  • Warranty: 3 Years Parts & labour

Comparing the Vibroslim Radial Plus 3D Fitness Vibration Plate Specifications to other Vibration Plates

The Vibroslim Radial Plus 3D Fitness Vibration Plate is a high quality product you can rely on. The equipment has been developed in the UK and features an efficient and smooth motor drive unit. The vibration disc is spring mounted to prevent any sound. The flat profile of the vibration plate provide maximum surface contact with your body for maximum muscle benefits. And finally, the transport wheels allow you to move the equipment into your workout room without hassle.

Vibration Plate specifications to other vibration plates on the market you will notice following benefits of the Vibroslim Radial Plus 3D Fitness Vibration. Quieter motor Shock absorbing plate Wheels for transport 3 programable options to make your own workout up, longer warranty, US and UK support.

The main other difference between the Vibroslim Radial Plus 3D Fitness Vibration Plate and other UK vibration plates is the price. The prices on these machines vary hugely. When you see some of the cheap £99 plate options available, it can seem like a bargain and you jump at buying one in hope that you get a good deal. But most of these cheap products come from China, so the quality reflects this. Some of these cheap plates can be loud, have a clunky remote with bad battery life or just break after a few months. Most are made mainly for your home and will take up plenty of room.

The Vibroslim Radial Plus 3D Fitness Vibration Plate is a powerful, training vibration plate that delivers a more effective workout in just 10 minutes or less. It supplies all of the benefits of whole body vibration and so much more. No other vibration plate packs this kind of power and versatility into such a small frame without blowing out your budget.

Vibroslim Radial Plus 3D Fitness Vibration Plate For Sale

The Vibroslim 3D fitness vibration plate is a unique and effective fitness equipment for cardio routine at home. It is especially designed to help people who spend most of their time in an office or sitting in front of a computer screen. I have been using the Vibroslim Radial plus 3D fitness vibration plate for all kinds of reasons for about 6 months now and believe me it has tremendously improved my core fitness.

There are various wellness gadgets that will help you achieve your toning goals. If you have just a few minutes of free time, each day, the Vibroslim Radial Plus 3D Fitness Vibration Plate can easily help you firm, tone, and build strength in all your muscles. Aside from saving you money with its low price tag, it is also portable so you can bring it with you wherever you go.

The Power Plate vibration platform is advertised as a tri-planar machine and has many vibrations during training. The more effort your core puts into it, the better the vibration and the higher the intensity of the vibrations. We have many different vibratory plate models, including Power Plate, Vibroslim Radial Plus 3D Fitness vibratory plate and we have had many of them, and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. 

Vibroslim Vibration Plates UK

Obviously, these two types of vibratory plates are very different in size, and even the vibratory plate of the same type comes in different sizes. The platform vibration plate has no console, while the mini vibratory plates may have displays and tend to have remote controls. Although they are given a different name for marketing purposes, the vibrating plate tends to swing in three planes, from left to right, right to left and right to right. All three models are available in two different sizes, with different vibration intensities and vibration intensities for each of the three modes. 

Plus has 99% speed control, which gives him the best training plate, but it could be a problem for some. The Bluefin 3D vibration plate has a huge surface and offers a lot of space to put your feet on it. In addition, anyone can stand on this huge surface because it includes three different vibration modes and two different modes for each of the three modes. 

The Platform vibration plate is similar to those you could see in gyms and spas, but looks more like a treadmill with a full treadmill. It is the same as the Mirafit vibration plate, which has a 3-foot position to simulate walking, jogging or running. 

If you only want a vibratory plate for light or occasional use, this is a solid, affordable and friendly option that supports users under 120 kg. Plus, a good vibratory machine will circulate, but not as well as the Mirafit vibration plate or other vibratory plates. 

If you are looking for a small, fine tool to help you shake off a few calories while losing weight, this inexpensive, friendly vibratory plate is the ideal choice. If you want to shake off and shake off your calories, this would be your ideal choice if you consider it as an alternative to the Mirafit or other vibrating machines. 

If you still have doubts about using vibration plates for serious fitness, let me put it this way: I will treat the science behind vibratory plates and give you a list of things you need to check when you buy, but I will give them to you for purchase. 

From a fitness point of view, the Mirafit vibration plate still has a lot to offer. The plate covers as much of your body as you need in just one minute and comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. 

Radial Plus 3D Vibration Plate Price

The plate also has a satisfactory function, which makes it one of the best vibrationplates you can currently buy on the market for fitness enthusiasts.

Bluefin Fitness 3D vibration plate creates a gentle, therapeutic vibration, which wakes up the muscles in your body. This means you can reduce the load and improve stability while doing push-ups, dips, planks and everything else. Get the best results from this plate, use it easily and you will get far more than a normal workout, especially if you are looking for a workout with Hovert-3D. offers a variety of different vibration plates for fitness enthusiasts, such as the Bluefin Fitness vibration plate. On this platform, as advertised by one, the plate produces gentler, therapeutic vibrations that wake up your muscles, it produces gentle therapeutic vibrations in the body that wake up muscles. 

In this case there is the addition of a side bar, but frankly there is a whole range of mini vibratory plates. Everyone can stand on this huge surface without any problems, including side bars, barbells, push-ups, dips, planks and everything else. 

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