Sportstech SX400

Sportstech SX400 Spin Bike Review

The Sportstech SX400 Spin Exercise Bike is a pleasure to review, we have tried out the SX400 and it was great to review.

The Sportstech SX400 Spin Bike was introduced by the company in 2020 after releasing the SX300 model within the year. Like its predecessor, the SX400 is a top-of-the-line model with the focus on professional athletes, featuring a heavy flywheel (22kg) and a sturdy steel frame that can hold up to 300 pounds of weight. This spin bike is designed for intensive spinning workouts and high resistance levels to optimize your training regime.

The Sportstech SX400 spin bike is a reliable and durable indoor cycling bike compatible for all spinning workouts, such as HIIT training, Endurance, Fat burning, Adjustable light (read review). Sporting a sturdily built frame and stationary handlebars, the Sportstech SX400 spin bike is the best buy for a home gym or commercial spinning studio. A 22kg flywheel ensures that the pedalling motion is smooth for an enjoyable ride. It also makes the device more stable and less prone to wobbling during high intensity workouts. The adjustable seat height from 46cm to 79cm makes it suitable for people of short stature as well.

There are many spin bikes to choose from when looking for an exercise cycle indoors. If you’re not sure what type of indoor cycle to get, whether it’s a cheap or expensive spin bike, then my review will help you make a decision. I’ve reviewed the Sportstech SX400 spin bike, and I’ll recommend it because of its ease of use and durability.

Sportstech SX400 Spin Bike Review
Sportstech SX400 Spin Bike Review

Sportstech Professional Indoor Cycle SX400 Cycle Specifications:

The SX400 is the high end studio bike from Sportstech. Made with a responsive flywheel, versatile monitor system and sleek design; built to perform. The versatility of your Sportstech SX400 allows you to track your own progress while recording trends in speed, power, distance travelled and calories burned. The benefits of indoor cycling extend well beyond the bike itself, providing users with an effective cardiovascular workout without having to travel.

See the Sportstech SX400 specifications here:

  • Height: 120cm
  • Width: 62cm
  • Length: 140cm
  • SX400 Bike weight: 44 Kg
  • Maximum user weight: 150 Kg
  • Shipping weight: 65 Kg
  • Flywheel Weight: 22 Kg
  • Stride Length – 19.5 cm
  • Saddle to Handlebar length – 770 mm
  • Bottle holder: Yes – Free bottle included with the SX400
  • User height range 5’1″ to 6’6″ – You can try outside of these ranges, but these are the suggested ranges.
  • Floor protection : Yes, levellers are included
  • Sportstech SX400 Compatible Apps: Sportstech SX400 fully compatible apps are iBiking and Kinomap where its free to track all cycles, length of ride and speed.
  • Power Supply : 4 AA batteries – Included

Designed to provide a fluid motion and accurate cadence, the Sportstech SX400 spin bike boasts of an attractive black frame design. It’s also equipped with a 22-pound flywheel and a digital RPM monitor. With spring resistance and magnetic resistance, the spin bike is capable of supporting all spinning workouts such as training, practicing and competition. The Sportstech indoor cycle sits on commercial quality flooring which is sure to last many years.

SX400 SpeedBike UK
SX400 SpeedBike UK

Sportstech SX400 SpeedBike Deals

There are a number of places you can buy the Sportech SX400 Speedbike indoor studio bike, we have been looking for the best deals available on the UK market.

Sportstech has a solid history in the fitness industry, and it is also a company known for producing high-quality equipment. When looking for a basic stationary exercise bike at an affordable price, the Sportstech SX400 spin bike is one of your best bets. Read on to find out why this machine can make a great addition to any home gym.

You’ve been searching for a top quality, highly functional exercise bike, but don’t want to break the bank. Enter the Sportstech SX400 SpeedBike. This no-frills bike gives you the most important tools needed to stay in prime physical shape – without all of the bells and whistles that come with pricier models. Includes: EKG pulse grip heart rate monitoring system, 40 lbs flywheel, transparent LCD monitor with heart rate, time and distance functions, adjustable resistance knob to control intensity, sturdy steel frame with built-in transport wheels

SX400 The Sportstech Spinning Bike

Welcome to the Sportstech SX400 Spinning Bike Review. If you spend most your time at the gym during your training then you really should possess one of these spin bikes in your home. A lot of people think about the cost, but it’s more like an investment, because having one will help you stay fit and healthy. The transition from spinning classes to home spin bike is quite simple and easy, as you will find out in this review.

Sportstech SX400 Spinning Bike is the top bike for home fitness. It has many features that make it different from other spin bikes such as the belt resistance, ruggedness and also its fly wheel and fan system.

Sportstech has been in the spin bike business for a number of years. Their products are well known for being highly quality and great value for money. The Sportstech SX400 spin bike is no different from this perspective and is one of the best home spinning bikes available to buy in the UK. With a price tag of around £500 it will likely be more than affordable to almost everyone who is looking for this kind of product.

The Sportstech SX400 Spinning Bike is aimed at those wanting to train like they do at the gym. Not only will you get an amazing workout every time you ride this bike, but you’ll also enjoy the comfort that comes with padded leather seat and standard pedals.

See the deals for the SX400 here:

Sportstech Sx400 Spin Bike Review Summary

If you want to concentrate on your workout and don’t need digital gadgets, we recommend the SOLE SB700 indoor cycle bike. It should be one of your first decisions for a spin bike if magnetic resistance is not a priority. We have noticed that some people claim that the bike is magnetic, which is not true, but if so, the sport indoor cycle SX400 should still be the right one for you. 

Featuring a flywheel weighing 22 kilograms, the Sportstech indoor cycling bike SX400 supports gentle pedalling and can reproduce the feeling of uphill and downhill.

With the Sportstech SX400 indoor cycle you get a solid machine with a durable steel frame, a 22kg flywheel and seven adjustable levels with an eddy brake. The spinning bike’s premium components ensure that you will get years of use out of this excellent piece of home fitness equipment and the tension knob is one of the easiest to operate on the market. The paint coating ensures that you won´t have any issues with rust over time, which is in reality a turning point for many people that are on the fence about buying an indoor cycle. Overall, it is a great bike for spin cycling workouts which may allow you to feel more comfortable sticking to it past these first 30 days.

Sportstech SX400 vs SX500

Check out which exercise bike is best for you by comparing the Sportstech SX400 indoor exercise bike to the Sportstech SX500 in this detailed review that should answer your questions if you’re wondering what set of features are available and whether one exercise bike is better than the other.

The Sportstech SX400 and Sportstech SX500 are known as two of the top-rated indoor exercise bikes on the market. Both have specific features that make them different, but there are also many similarities between these two exercise bikes. This makes it difficult for an individual to choose simply based on the facts.

Sportstech SX400 vs SX500 Comparison SX400SX500
Bike Weight 44 KG
64 KG
Fly Wheel Weight22 KG 25 KG
Saddle to Handlebar length
770 mmMin: 780mm / Max: 930mm
Saddle – pedal down Distance MIN: 710mm / MAX: 900mmMin: 730mm / Max:780mm Adjustable
Max User Weight 150 KG 150 KG
Computer Display TypeLCDLCD
Computer Display Size5.5 Inches5.5 Inches
Computer FunctionsDistance,speed, distance, calories burnt , pulse, RPM

Distance,speed, distance, calories burnt , pulse, RPM
Training Programmes Pre set & Manual Pre set & Manual
Bluetooth enables Yes 2.4G 7mAYes 2.4G 7mA
Power Supply4 x AA Batteries4 x AA Batteries
Handlebar Rest Yes Yes
Saddle TypeSports SaddleSports Saddle
Pedals Click SPDYes
Height Adjustable FeetYes
Belt Drive TypeSilentSilent
Quick release adjustment (seat/ handlebar)
Peddle BasketsYesYes
Frame MaterialIronIron
Braking systemFeltFelt
Balanced flywheelYesYes
Adjustable SaddleYesYes
ResistanceManual – Total controlManual – Total control
Transport RollersYesYes

Sportstech Professional Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike SX400 Manual

What you see here is a graphic preview of the official Sportstech Professional Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike SX400 Manual user manual that we think could be what you are looking for, and the contents of it are under license. You can download Sportstech Professional Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike SX400 Manual by clicking the download button at the bottom or right side.

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