Protein World Discount Codes 2023

Get the latest Protein World discount vouchers here. We aim to have the most up to date Protein World discount codes that work! Please let us know if you find any dead codes with the comments box below.

30% off orders

30% off orders at Protein World

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Expired on: 15-02-2020
40% First Order At Protein World

40% First Order At Protein World

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Protein World Discount Code Types:

Protein World tend to do one type of voucher code that is the blanket money of voucher. This is not to say we have not seen freebie vouchers, one off discounts and other promotional codes from Protein World.

The main Protein World discount codes are:

30% off all Protein World protein shakes

Free shaker with all Protein World orders

Free Protein World T-shirt when you spend £30 or more.

First order Discount Code

SuperDrug Protein World Range

The best stockist we have seen in the high street for Protein World range has to be Superdrug, they have the widest selection of the Protein World Range. Superdrug seems to have Protein World Items in every store even the smaller ones. 

Protein World and the controversy

Before the world knew much about Protein World protein shakes and started searching for a discount code there was the advert.

Now not one to shy away from controversy I would say this Protein World advert was the thing of marketing genius. On the tube in London people started seeing “Are you beach body ready” Protein World adverts with a picture of a slender body on it. Critics were quick to point out this was a form of blatant body shaming. The Daily Mail posted articles on Protein World, the Sun posted articles on Protein World and the world heard about Protein World.

Protein World Superdrug

Did this advert harm Protein World? In my opinion not one bit! I mean you would not be on this page searching for a Protein World discount code if you were offended? Superdrug would not be stocking Protein World if you really cared!

Even Boots stocks Protein World! But you the savy shopper know you can get much better Protein World deals by searching for a voucher code on here.

Protein World Range:

The Slender Blend

According to the hub, the protein world blog the best selling range is the Slender Blend. The slender blend is a diet whey protein blend intended as a meal replacement shake for those looking to lose weight. The Slender Blend is a high protein high fibre shake, full of multi vitamins and minerals that feed the body and keep you full for longer. At 144 calories a serving, replacing a 600 calories meal with the Slender Blend will help you be in calorie deficit.

The Slender Plan

the slender plan is similar to the Slender Blend but also mixed with weight loss breakfast options and snacks to allow you to lose weight a good steady rate over a 4 week calorie controlled protein shake and meal plan. The ideas is to pick and choose products from the Protein World range to use as meal replacements to put you into calorie deficit for the 4 weeks.

Slender Snacks

Slender snacks are intended to replace any non diet snacks you would have eaten between meals. the Slender Snacks are high protein high fibre snacks that will keep you full until the next meal to stop you eating something you might regret. Slender Snacks help your digestions and keep you full for longer and can at times also be used as a meal replacement if you are not feeling too hungry.

Slender Baking

Similar to Slender Snacks these are a healthier option for snacking than a chocolate bar. High fibre high protein goods such as gluten-free flapjacks, brownies, cookies and muffins all baked in your home from Protein World bake mix department for your enjoyment. We all love to bake home baked goods we just do not like what the baked goods do to our waist line, so this is why Protein World came up with the Slender Bake blends.

Protein World Boosters

To really get your health and diet into the right gear Protein World has created a range of boosters to help you on your way. One of these is the Protein World Fat Metaboliser Capsules that are packed with an array of fat burners. These little fat burners include green tea, caffeine, b vitamins.

Also in the Booster range are the pre workouts, caffeine packed pre workout drinks to help you power through your fat busting workout.

Protein World High Street Retailers

Protein World Superdrug

One of the main sellers of the Protein world range is Superdrug. You can see the Protein World range on the shelves near the vitamins and protein bars in most high street Superdrug shops.

Since the beginning of Protein World Superdrug has been stocking them alongside other protein powders and diet supplements. It may be surprising to some that despite the controversy that Superdrug would stock the range. But like all publicity, the controversial adverts must have caused a lot of demand from those who do want a beach body.

Protein World Boots

Boots the high street pharmacy is another major high street reseller of the Protein World Range. You can find most of the Protein World supplements in your local high street Boots store. Boots has a history of stocking protein powders long before Protein world ever came to be. A lot of the youth of the UK who hit they gym will have bought their first tub of MaxiMuscle Cyclone in their local boots store.

I remember getting my first set of clippers for my hair and some protein from Boots, therefore Boots stocking and selling Protein World supplements should come as no surprise as it fits in with the healthy image of Boots. Superdrug is cheaper we think though for most of the Protein World Range.

Protein World Holland and Barrett

Another high street store that stocks the Protein World Range is Holland and Barrett. Again a firm favorite for the youth of the UK to seek out their first protein powders and cheap BCAA Powder . You can buy the Protein World range in most Holland and Barrett high street stores as well as the Holland and Barrett website. Also good to note that Protein World Supplements are often in the penny sales meaning you can buy one protein world supplement and get a second for only 1p. The penny sales at Holland and Barrett is basically a bogof sale and it is worth looking out for Protein World supplements when the penny sale is on as you can grab a great deal.

Protein World Discount & Voucher Codes.

So you have had enough of the prices at Superdrug, you have checked Boots and still expensive? Why not leave Superdrug and buy direct with a discount code and get your next order direct from the Protein World Website.

How to Use the Promo Codes

Firstly you cannot use the voucher codes on the prescription, so just add the item to the Protein World basket and there is a area for the Promo Code, Fill it in and it will automatically apply your discount.

Protein World Promo Codes - Superdrug
Protein World Promo Code at the Checkout – Cheaper than Superdrug

Come back next time you want to make an order as we update the Promo Codes often and we will keep you saving money making it even cheaper than Superdrug.

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