MuscleFood Discount Codes 2023

Muscle Food Voucher Codes, Referral Codes and Discount Codes

Even in 2023 Muscle food is one of the best online butchers for bodybuilders in the UK. Muscle food is an established straight to home butchers, delivering chilled meat to your door. Get your Musclefood Voucher codes here:

Get a £110 worth of food for £60.

Get a £110 worth of muscle food for £60.

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Doesn't expire
Get 32 Pieces of Muscle Food Meat for only £1.
Spend £49 on this Muscle Food hamper and recieve an extra free 29 piece of Muscle Food meat and delivery.
Only £39 Save £22.85 on a Muscle Food food hamper.
6 Weeks of Meals for just £39.

6 Weeks of Meals for just £39 at Muscle Food!

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Type of Muscle Food Voucher Codes:

The types of Muscle Food voucher codes are one of the key benefits of Musclefood, they don’t just supply blanket money off vouchers but also they offer add ons such as free steaks, free savory flavourings and protein snacks. The types of voucher codes change weekly and also when Muscle food get a big deal on some meat or other protein rich foods they will release a way of reducing the prices whether it be a bundle discount or a voucher code therefore it is a good idea to bookmark this page and keep coming back as we update this page as and when discounts become available.

About Muscle Food 2020:

Musclefood have started adding more bodybuilding meats, protein snacks and assorted supplements to their ever expanding meat range. Get your Muscle food discount codes here.

Everything comes in a cooler that keeps your meat fresh, and with our Muscle food discount – voucher codes you can get your meat to your door even cheaper.

Check out the muscle food discount codes below, whether its 5kg of Muscle food chicken breast no salt no water, or 10 grass feed Irish steaks, we have the muscle food discount code to cover your weekly meat delivery. Meat is expensive so saving money on a big delivery of meat for the freezer can help you save, while still getting all that much needed protein to build your muscles.

One of the main ways that Muscle Food was able to grow so fast was the Muscle Food Referral Scheme – When you make an order you get a referral code this code is your way of getting free meat. This referral code is yours to give out and for everyone that uses the referral code you get free meat. If you have lots of people, or put the referral codes on forums, Facebook and Twitter you may never have to pay for another Muscle Food order again! 

Up to date Muscle food voucher and discount codes 2020:

We will keep the Musclefood discount codes up to date and will help you save money on your muscle giving meat orders. Come back for new deals and voucher codes for Musclefood here


Muscle Food was established over ten years ago and have become one of the biggest fitness food brands in the UK, created on the back of Westin Gourmet, muscle food grew to be the bigger brother.

MuscleFood has been seen on Tv and is loved by Instagram celebrates, fame hungry social media stars and real athletes alike making their growth a viral success story.

MuscleFoods real expansion came after Sajid Javid and the conservative government levied 20% VAT on sports supplements leading a lot of athletes and gym goers to seek their protein sources from real food that was excluded from the 20% taxation.

Bringing delicious meat bundles to your door, often giving great discount codes to make the already cheap online butcher even better value. Musclefood ironically now sells the protein supplements they managed expand as an alternative to making Musclefood the true one stop shop for your protein needs.

MuscleFood Discount codes / voucher referral codes and bundles since day one.

Ever since Musclefood was launched off the back of Westen Gourmet the marketing team have been using voucher codes, 5kg deals on salt free water free chicken and even exotic meat packs. Anyone who has received the email marketing from Muscle food will know they are not shy of putting a voucher deal under your nose that you cannot resits.

We are Sports Supplements Compare have bought thousands of pounds worth of meat from Musclefood and all it took to convince us was a voucher code on some of the best meat we have ever eaten.

From BBQ season through to Christmas we use voucher codes to get the best deals from MuscleFood. Nothing against you guys at Musclefood but when we think we can save money we will!

Muscle Food Discount Codes 2020

Since 2012 Muscle Foods have been offering great deals on meats that are delivered direct to your door. From chicken fillets to beef hache steaks Muscle Food have a discount voucher for it. If you have ever bought from Muscle Food in the past you will have probably had an email from Darren Beale seemingly from his own email address offering you a great deal with a voucher code for your next Muscle Food order.

Fast forward to 2020 and Muscle Food are still offering discount codes and voucher deals to get you to spend that little more on foods to power your muscles.

Types Of Muscle Food Coupon Codes

Over the years we have seen the following types of discount codes at Muscle Food.

Muscle Food Free Delivery Discount Code

If you have a referral code from a friend or a discount code for free delivery you can save on the delivery cost of your order. 

Free Hache Steaks Discount code

This voucher has the offers you the chance to try the amazing Hache steaks from Muscle Food. You can get Hache steaks for free when you use this referral code. 

Free Chicken Fillets Voucher Code

This referral code you get free chicken fillets with your order when you apply the discount code. 

Free Next Day Delivery Code

If you apply the code at the checkout you will get the next day delivery for free.

Bogof Discount Codes

These codes offer you the chance of getting a buy one get one free on applicable products. 

Muscle Food Free Delivery Code

From time to time we all want to have a discount code for free delivery. We will be listing all the free delivery voucher codes we get sent from Muscle Food so you lot can save on the delivery charge for your cheap meat delivery .

Muscle Food Referral Code Scheme

Muscle Food run a refer your friends scheme this is how it works:

Sign up for a Muscle Food account, then sign in to your account and find the tab referral code. Share the Muscle Food Referral code with friends, family, brothers, cousins, people in the street, the mail man and your gym buddies. For every order that is made using your Muscle Food Referral code you receive £5 worth of Muscle Food Loyalty points to use towards your next order. The great thing about the Muscle Food Referral code is you get £5 and they get one of following freebies for using it: Currently the offers are:

4 Premium Chicken Breasts or 2 Hache Steaks or Protein Loaf or 6 Low fat sausages. So there is a key incentive for the receiver to use your referral code when ordering.

Musclefood refer a friend
Muscle Food Referral code

Muscle Food Sponsored Athletes and Celebs

Muscle Food has been seen on TV, Facebook and all over Instagram. It is the kind of company and lifestyle that is Instagram-able, I mean a big box of meat with Muscle Food written all over it calls for someone to show their abs or guns for a selfie and onto Instagram it goes. But to add to the already buzzing social media hype that surrounds Muscle Food, they also have some sponsored athletes and celebs.

Some of the Instagram celebs do a lot of promo work and earn just by sharing there Musclefood Referral Code, with a good following they can eat for free with the amount of freebies they get from referral sales. 

Over the years a number of sponsored athletes and celeb fans have come and gone but we list the Muscle Food Sponsored athletes currently on the website.

Joe Swash – Joe Swash posted a pic of himself with a bag of Muscle Food whey protein 85

Joe Swash Muscle Food
Joe Swash with Muscle Food

Ex on the beach star Ross Worswick is seen below with his box of Muscle Food. Take a look:

Ross Worswick Muscle Food
Ross Worswick Muscle Food

Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton even cant hide his love for MuscleFood, we know Ricky loves a good steak having famously spent £835 on one steak on a meal out in Europe, but even a boxer of Ricky’s stature cannot miss a bargain when he sees one.

Ricky Hatton Muscle Food
Ricky Hatton Muscle Food

Muscle Food Range

Muscle Food started life as a add on website to Westin Gourmet , but soon it grew into much more than a simple niche website add on. They started with steaks, chicken breast and all sorts of meat. Then came the horse meat crisis in the UK and people started getting interested in horse meat as they had read it was leaner and better for you than beef. DB Foods who owns Muscle Foods boss Darren Beale soon came on to the idea of of exotic meats.Then came selling supplements and all sorts of high protein add ons.

Hache Steaks

Muscle Food Hampers

Muscle Food started life as an online butchers, but now they sell much more. They sell supplements, meats, high protein snacks, sauces for food, fish and so much more. You can do all your muscle shopping here at Muscle Food.


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