Jll Ventus 3 Review UK

Jll Ventus 3 Air Rower – Rowing Machine Review & Spec Breakdown

The Ventus 3 is JLL’s latest entry level model. This affordable rower is packed with features and is easy on the wallet. The large, adjustable seat allows for a full range of height settings, Anti-slip pedals increase stability while working out, and the air resistant system simulates rowing on water.

Effortlessly and comfortably glide through your strengthening workouts on the JLl Ventus 3 Rowing Machine. Packed with features such as the whisper-quiet magnetic resistance system, an extra-large foot stretcher, and a 16″ lcd monitor, this rowing machine will up your home workout game to a whole new level.

What resistance type does the Jll Ventus 3 offer?

The Jll Ventus 3 Rowing Machine is combine air resistance and magnetic resistance rower.

How many resistance levels does the Jll Ventus 3 Air Rower offer?

The Jll Ventus 3 offers 16 levels of resistance.

What is the Max user weight of the Jll Ventus 3?

The Jll Ventus 3 has a max user weight of 120 kg

Jll Ventus 3 Air Rowing Machine Overview

Check out our extensive rowing machine tests to take a closer look at each model and wish us luck on your fitness journey, and we wish you the best of luck. Check out the rowing machine comparison chart to see all the available options, from the most popular models to the cheapest models. Take a close look at this detailed test of a rowing machine and our Buyers Guide covers the various features of a rowing machine that you need to consider when purchasing it, as well as the additional features that can be connected to each machine to make a good choice for your body and your wallet. 

JLL Ventus 3 Review For Sale
JLL Ventus 3 Review For Sale

If you can’t decide whether a spin bike is better than a rowing cardio machine or if there is a better option for your fitness goals than the JLL Ventus 3, then write us a comment or send us an email. If not, here are our best rowing machine guides to help you decide for yourself, and if you are like us and can’t decide whether it’s the right fit for you, your body and your budget, then here are 3 easy steps to guide you through reading that are guaranteed to find the perfect rowing machine. We hope you have found our rowing machine guide best and are now confident that you can choose the right rower for the most efficient, affordable, and effective fitness option available to you. 

JLL Ventus 3

JLL Ventus 3 Air Rowing Machine Full Specifications

Brand Name:JLL Fitness
Manufacturer:JLL Fitness LTD
Product Name:Ventus 3 Air Rowing Machine
Model Number:Ventus 3
Manufacturers Part Number MPN:VENTUS-3-ROWING-MACHINE
User Max Weight: 120 Kg
Product Weight:33.8 kg / Kilograms
Item Dimensions:220 cm (Length) x 49.5 cm (Width) x 95 cm (Height)
Product Material:Steel & plastic
Release Year:2021
APP Compatibility: Compatible with Kinomap App
Compliance:ROHS CE compliance

What we like about the JLL Ventus 3 Rowing Machine:

When we breakdown this review of the JLL Ventus 3 we need to look at what we love about the rower, before we tell you what we did not like so much. We will also compare the JLL Ventus 3 to the JLL Ventus 2 and other rowing machines on the market.

When you go shopping, you will see that there are so many rowing machines to consider, but if you closely follow the reviews of the JLL Ventus 3 and other great fitness machines, you will never lose track. If you exercise your fitness at home, the bank doesn’t have to break in, and you can get an excellent rowing machine for under £1000 if you take all the information in this test into account. We # ve highlighted some of our best options for the most efficient, affordable and effective fitness option that is available to you, highlighted in our reviews. 

Jll Ventus 3 Review

It contains all essential characteristics you want in a high-quality training equipment. The JLL Ventus 3 is a great option if you are interested in a rowing machine and do not want to break the bank, it is an air rowing machine for under £1000. If you are in the market for a rowing machine that is more efficient, affordable, and effective than many other options, then it is a good choice for you. 

JLL Ventus 3 Review
JLL Ventus 3 Review

What we do not like about the JLL Ventus 3 Rowing Machine:

If you are an enthusiast for intensive training and are looking for a machine that challenges your abilities, then the Sportplus indoor rowing machine is just right for you. It is a high-quality, easy-to-use machine, and although it does not rotate, the Smart Rower offers the same smooth and pleasant experience. Check out our rowing machine comparison chart to see how the JLL Ventus 3 performs compared to other options on the market. 

If your budget is limited, but you still want a full rowing machine with adjustable resistance settings, then the JLL R200 is worth considering. With its folding rowing machine, the Viavito Sumi folding rowing machine seems to be your dream machine. Those looking for the best rowing machine in Britain need to be on the cheaper side. There is no doubt that buying a good rowing machine under the PS500 requires a lot of hard work and a lot of money – but it is worth it. 

JLL Ventus 3 UK Review

It is a relatively quiet device because it uses magnetic resistance instead of air and has a clear display to show you all statistics of your workout. Of course it is not quiet, but those who seek rest during training will behave the quietest when rowing with magnetic resistance. 

The machine offers eight different resistance levels to choose from, so that you can improve further over time and train at your own pace. There are 26 levels of magnetic resistance and if you prefer not to use a workout app, there are 30 preset options for rowing. There is a lot going on to help newcomers train. So get your rowing hands ready and sit back because you are watching a rowing machine. 

Comparing the Jll Ventus 3 vs Jll Ventus 2 Rowing Machine:

The JLL Ventus 3 has been a big success for JLL. It is available in a variety of different colours and there are many unique advantages to this machine. The ventus 3 incorporates two distinct modes of training; the gradual rise air resistance as well as magnetic resistance, allowing for both low and high impact exercises. It even features a built-in fan that stretches your body in areas it normally wouldn’t be able to reach, in a fun and unique way. This machine has a number of other exciting features included such as large footplates, space saving design, heavy duty construction with transportation wheels, mp

JLL Ventus 3 UK

The JLL Ventus 2 is an impressive rowing machine, which is an ideal companion for home workouts due to its low price. It offers an efficient training and a durable design, but is also suitable for people who, like me, only want to invest in one of these devices. This is not the most advanced rowing machine on the market, nor is it the choice of the best rower for the home, as it offers many more functions than most of its competitors, such as the JLL Ventus 2. With a wide range of options for your rowing machine, this is a choice for good rowers at home. 

Ventus 3 Air Rower

Review Summary our Editors Opinion of the JLL Ventus 3 Rowing Machine:

The JLL Ventus 3 Rowing Machine offers an array of features for a great workout. The magnetic resistance system provides a smooth and quiet rowing experience. A backlit LCD screen tracks performance and heart rate with wireless connectivity to compatible cardio equipment. Storage is a breeze with the size-adjustable foot plates, lower profile handlebar, and adjustable tracking options.

JLL Ventus 3

The Ventus 3 Rowing Machine is designed specifically for a low-impact, full body cardio workout. Users will enjoy the sturdiness and durability of a design that is made to last. It also adapts to any fitness level thanks to a removable damper that helps users achieve physiological variability in training intensity. What makes it a top pick among consumers is its incredible versatility and advanced performance metrics that can track heart rate, cadence, stroke count, split times and much more.

We suggest a strong buy!

JLL Ventus 3 Buy

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