Im Fitness 7702 Exercise Bike

The IM Fitness 7702 Exercise Bike is also called the IM Fitness Sprint Exercise Bike which is a studio bike or spin bike aimed at home exercise. See our IM Fitness Sprint Exercise Bike review here or see the link below to buy.

Whether you are an avid cyclist who wants to train on a cold and wet day, or a beginner who is just looking for a start, buying one of the best exercise bikes on the market is a great way to fit in at home. Many of them are being sold in the UK after recently deciding to stay at home in the face of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. If you have a problem sticking to one, Ive bought because it is not right next to a power outlet, self-powered machines offer a clean solution. 

IM Fitness Spin Bike

The IM Fitness Sprint Exercise Bike is powered by pedalling and can be placed wherever it is comfortable, whether you want to cycle in the sun or not. You can also choose from a range of different types of power supplies such as a battery pack or a power supply via KICKR. This bike has a maximum power of 2.5 kilowatts, enough for up to 12 hours of cycling and a top speed of 20 miles per hour.

Im Fitness 7702 Exercise Bike - Blue Version


  • Brand: IM Fitness
  • Manufacturer: BodyTrain
  • Main Materials: Steel
  • Product Type: Spin Bike
  • Flywheel weight: 18kg Flywheel
  • Resistance Control Type: Manual tension control
  • Display Computer: Multi-function computer
  • User Weight Limits; Max. user weight: 120kg
  • Adjustable features: Adjustable Saddle, Handlebars and pedals
  • Heart Rate Monitor Included?: Yes hand pulse sensors
Im Fitness 7702 Exercise Bike - bodytrain Version

Im Fitness 7702 Spin Bike Review Summary

There are eight levels of resistance on the Im Fitness 7702 exercise bike, the highest level being not as high as you find on a heavy fixed wheel. However, the maximum resistance is low, which can frustrate experienced cyclists, so some users prefer to turn the direct resistance button. 

Im Fitness 7702 Exercise Bike

Those who prefer to ride their own bike can invest in a so-called turbo trainer, which is attached to the rear wheel of the bike so that it can be ridden stationary. On the front of this machine there are footrests that do not drive the fan and can only be used by those who prefer an air bike that operates only with the torso, without having to worry about an exercise bike that works only with the legs. 

Im Fitness 7702 Exercise Bike - dimensions

IM Fitness 7702 Spinning Bike for Sale UK

A budget spinping bike can be ridden in a forward-tilted position, which means that you can stand on the pedals. A third type of training cycle is a stationary bike, on which the rider can ride while lying down when he has back pain. 

The design allows for practically infinite resistances, and the harder you push the pedals and the harder you push the handles, the harder it gets. The app is linked to Zwift TrainerRoad to control resistance of the Im Fitness 7702 Exercise Bike in real time, meaning the ride feels harder when you start using your avatar. 

Im Fitness 7702 Exercise Bike - Front View

To keep track of your fitness improvements, you can connect to the IM Fitness Connected Fitness app, where I can set calorie goals to burn and track my workouts. You can also track your workout with your computer and scroll through the functions with a big button. The computer also has the ability to quickly adjust your workouts, but you need to use it. Choose whether you want to display your progress towards your goals, progress towards a goal or move away from your goal. 

IM Fitness Sprint Exercise Bike Review

Most cheap exercise bikes will have a digital display console that gives you basic details about your ride, but some offer advanced statistics such as performance and cadence. The large flywheel also ensures a very stable and quiet ride, which can be easily recognized from the handlebars and computer. When you move and steer the bike throughout the session, the light flywheels come on and off so you don’t have to worry. 

Im Fitness 7702 Exercise Bike - Saddle

You pay £39 for unlimited access to the classroom catalog for a month, and the courses are transferred to your phone so you can participate in the studio. As an added convenience, you will have to pay for each subscription before you buy the bike, but this is a small fraction of the monthly cost of the subscription per class or the cost of buying a bike. You can also behave like on a normal exercise bike with the Add – for the convenience of doing a course whenever you want.

Im Fitness 7702 Exercise Bike - Spin bike Side View

Best of all, you don’t have to break through the bank to get one of the best exercise bikes we offer for just over £299, and you’ll find them that suit you. This is an indoor cycle (also known as spinning cycle) and it is the most popular type of exercise bike in the UK for indoor cycling.

IM Fitness Sprint Exercise Bike Manual

Upright bikes are generally a more comfortable choice, but they are more suitable for beginners who want to get in shape. The same is true for upright bikes, so it is not too hard to find a high-quality upright bike in the budget class, although machines that can withstand the high demands of spinning intensity are generally not cheap. Featuring a 4 kg flywheel, the Im Fitness 7702 offers a lot of resistance and offers a range of high intensity spinning units, including 150 on-demand units. Another killer feature of this exercise bike is that it offers a huge library of spinning classes, 14 of which are broadcast live every day. 

Im Fitness 7702 Exercise Bike - UK

In order to conduct a detailed study on the fitness status of biathletes, a comprehensive survey was conducted among over 1,000 biathletes from all over the world and their families.

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