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Get the very cheapest deals on Biltong in the UK here, using our biltong price comparison tool. We have searched for the cheapest deals on Biltong so you don’t have to. Beef Biltong is dried and cured pieces of beef that are high in protein, low in fat and low in carbs. Biltong is the ideal snack for anyone looking to gain muscle and lower hunger.

Cheap Biltong deals here:

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Biltong is lovely and great for anyone looking for a protein packed treat, but biltong is not cheap, in fact it can be quite expensive, therefore we have looked all over the internet for cheap biltong so you can relax and enjoy. We have found the best deals on the best biltong such as Cruga biltong.

Biltong can be bought expensively or cheaply and we teach you to get biltong at the very cheapest price available.


Cheap biltong deals - Cruga Biltong

Biltong UK

One of the best biltong this side of South Africa comes from the UK. There are a number of reasons that you can get some amazing Biltong here in the UK. One is the vast amounts of South Africans we have living here in the UK and second is pretty much all the British beef is grass fed unlike US beef which is mainly grain fed. We have cows out to pasture in the UK at a cheaper cost than holding them indoors.

Grain feeding British cows is now cost effective when we have so much grass land, the only time we ever grain feed cows in the UK is in the depth of winter and this is only for a few short weeks.

Ember Snacks Biltong in Bulk UK
Ember Snacks Biltong in Bulk UK

Grass feeding cows means that the biltong made here in the UK is made from cuts such as silverside with amazing fat marbling of juicy CLA rich beef dried to be made into UK’s finest Biltong.

Biltong price per KG UK

Biltong is a traditional South African dried meat snack. This new price per KG makes it easy to measure the right amount of biltong and keep the price down at the same time.

We sell 1kg of biltong here in the UK. Fresh, quality British beef biltong. Biltong is simply strips of meat cured with spices. It comes in two main types, namely “biltong” (South Africa) or Droëwors (Afrikaans, meaning “dried sausage”) made with beef, and venison biltong which is traditionally made with game meat like wildebeest, kudu or springbok – not with beef! Our aim is to bring you the best high quality biltong

Biltong, South African beef jerky, is the ultimate in dried meat. It’s perfect for camping trips or days when you’re on-the-go. Our Biltong price per 1 KG is just around £40. 

Aged on a natural drying process, our grass-fed beef biltong is the freshest that you can find in the UK. It is produced in our factory where we only use 100% natural ingredients. We hand craft every batch of biltong to create a unique taste experience. Check out our artisanal South African delicacy and make it part of your diet.

Biltong is a South African speciality snack, consisting of strips of dried, cured meat. It originated from the Dutch settlers of Southern Africa and is one of the most loved foods in South Africa. The perfect combination of spices and coriander give it a magnificent taste.

Our Biltong price per KG is the same as buying it from your local butcher or supermarket, but without the hassle of slicing and packaging. Our range of game biltong in the UK is made here in South Africa using grade A+ beef biltong to give you the highest quality taste and flavour. We deliver fresh and frozen biltong at competitive prices to your door here in the UK.

Jack Links Bulk Biltong
Jack Links Bulk Biltong

Bulk Biltong UK

Biltong is a traditional South African dried meat product. It is made by salting and air drying raw beef so that it becomes chewier and more like a jerky/meat snack than fresh beef. Biltong can be purchased in the UK both online and in retail stores. However, if you want to stock up, it makes sense to buy as much as you can in one go. To do this, you need to know where to get biltong in bulk, how long stock will last and how to store your purchase.

Having recently reviewed a number of online merchants, we decided to take a look at bulk buying biltong in the UK.

Buying Biltong in bulk is a good way of saving time and money. Bulk Biltong also makes for a fantastic gift idea or even just a treat for family and friends.

How long can you store bulk bought Biltong? 

Many of our clients that purchase Biltong in bulk are unsure about how long the Biltong they have bought from us will last. There are many variables involved and local storage conditions affect the shelf life of the product significantly. However, there are general principles that apply to stored Biltong in order to evaluate if it is still considered safe for consumption.

Biltong UK History:

Biltong has been in the UK for a number of years due to the history of the UK in South Africa. But in the 1990’s there was an influx of South Africans into the UK creating a new market for South African foods and brands to the Ex pat community in the UK. This over the years has crossed over into the mainstream UK market with the popularity of certain products gaining traction, for example South African wines, Foods and snacks such as Biltong. 

Biltong is an easy fit into the UK market as the UK is a large consumer and producer of beef. Having another type of Beef product that can act as a snack and no longer just an item meal. This also hit a great synergy with the re emergence of the Atkins diet towards the end of the 1990’s that has inspired an interest in a number of low Carb diets. Biltong helps the UK market snacks low carb for those that eat meat. 

Cruga Wagyu Biltong
Cruga Wagyu Biltong

Cruga Biltong 35g, 100g, 300g, 1kg

Cruga Biltong comes in many sizes but by far the best value Biltong is the Cruga Biltong 1kg, this 1kg bag of Cruga Biltong will last even the most dedicated biltong eater a fair while.

Cruga Biltong 1kg

Cruga Biltong 1kg bag is the best value and if you are looking for a large bag of Cruga Bilton then I would suggest buying the 1kg bag. This being said Biltong can dry out and get dusty, therefore if you are going to buy the Cruga Biltong 1kg bag, keep the bag sealed or in a tupperware tub. We here eat around 50g of Cruga Biltong a day so when we buy Cruga Biltong 1kg bags it lasts us 20 day.

Cheap Cruga Biltong
Cheap Cruga Biltong

Cruga Biltong 100g

If you are not sure if you will like the Cruga Biltong you may want to buy 100g bag of Cruga Biltong.

Cruga biltong is a popular brand of Biltong available in the UK and has pretty wide distribution from Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys and even Poundland have a small bag of Cruga biltong.

Cruga Biltong UK
Cruga Biltong UK

Cruga Biltong comes in a number of sizes:

Cruga Biltong 35g, 100g, 300g, 1kg – Like we said Cruga Biltong 1kg is by far best value.

David and Matthew set up Cruga Biltong in 1998 with the aim of making the best Biltong in the UK. Ten years later and they’ve more than realised this ambition. Cruga biltong is aimed at the snack industry but also for those seeking to follow the high protein diet. Cruga comes in at around 3% fat 50% protein and 64kcal per 25g serving size meaning it is ideal for bodybuilders. Cruga has come a long way since its beginning and is now a fully national brand of Biltong.

Cruga Biltong Introduction:

Marinating to a secret family recipe using the finest herbs and spices available, then air-drying, hand-trimming and cutting to produce conveniently-sized slices has created a growing legion of loyal fans.

In fact, independent retailers, pubs, garage forecourts and multiple convenience stores have been selling Cruga Biltong the products like proverbial hot cakes. What’s more, our range is always developing. So, to complement the Original Cruga Biltong Range , Peppered and Chilli products, we’ve now added Kudu, Ostrich, Springbok, Beersticks and Chilli Bites. Which means there’s now something in the Cruga Biltong range for everyone.

The team at Cruga may be small, but we’re all incredibly passionate about our meaty snacks and serving our loyal customers in our South African Food Store. To sample our truly delicious product, why not visit our shop and butchery in Milton Keynes or our online shop right here.

Cheap UK Biltong

Cheap UK Biltong brands:

Among other biltong brands, we have found the cheapest deals for Cruga Biltong. Cruga biltong is a brand from the meat snack group, who have been supplying the UK with  biltong that packs an amazing 50g of protein for every 100g of cruga biltong. Cruga biltong is made with British and Irish silverside beef that is cured dried and made into Cruga biltong for us all to enjoy and love.

Cheap biltong is perfect for the gym goer, at around 50g protein per 100g biltong is the ideal post workout fuel, feeding your muscles with much needed amino acids to help them recover post workout.

Making Biltong at home

You could if you wanted to make even cheaper biltong by making it yourself at home, but its up to you how cheap you want to go with your biltong.

Biltong is one of the most perfect snack for anyone looking to gain and build lean muscle. Cheap Biltong should be in every body builders ration pack.

One way to get the cheapest Biltong is to make it yourself at home, but making biltong can be hard work. A quick and easy solution is to use a Dehydrator – see them here this is the quickest way to make your own biltong. If you would like to see how to make traditional biltong here

We list biltong deals from the following biltong manufacturers:

Biltong Making Kits:

You can buy a range of Biltong making kits on the internet. We have found a few biltong making kits on Amazon below. Biltong is surprisingly easy to make if not time consuming. You need to pickle the meat in vinegar and salt along with a blend of herbs and spices. Then you cut it into strips and hang it in a warm place to dry out. 

Check out the Biltong drying dehydrators and spice mixes below


Premium UK Biltong Brands

Berkshire Biltong:

Berkshire Biltong is Based near Bracknell in a town called Warfield. Berkshire Biltong is part of a small batch biltong company set in the countryside. Berkshire Biltong does do some amazing meaty biltong with fantastic flavours that taste fresh and juicy with every bite.

The Biltong Company

The Biltong Company is  One the UK’s leading of a variety of biltong & dry wors. The Biltong company pride themselves of being high quality and they have a large variety of products from Chili bites to spiced dry wors. One of the key points of difference is The Biltong Company do not use E numbers or nitrates in preserving the beef.

Biltong ST Marcus

Biltong St Marcus is a UK based South African food and wine retailer than offers orders over the internet. Biltong St Marcus is the brainchild of Emory St. Marcus who opened a butchers in Richmond Park in South West London. Emory found that there was a growing South African community in the area who crave the Biltong, Dry Wors and wines of South Africa. This lead to the focus on South African meat deliciousness such as Biltong and Dry Wors and Biltong St Marcus was created.

Barefoot Biltong

Barefoot Biltong sadly seems no longer to be in existence but was a firm favourite Biltong for us here. Barefoot Biltong used to do a number of flavours including our favourite chili bites and spiced dry wors bites.

Barefoot Biltongs contact details used to be:

18 St Augustines Grove
East Yorkshire
YO16 7DB
United Kingdom

Tel: 07980 308158

1kg Biltong UK
1kg Biltong UK

Susmans Best Biltong:

Susmans is a UK based butchers specialising in speciality South African meat dishes including game Droewors, Susmans Best Biltong, Boerewors and other brai meats. (Brai is a South African BBQ).

Susmans Best Biltong contact details:

Susman Best Biltong: Unit A, Rich Industrial Estate, Avis Way, Newhaven BN9 0DU

Gloucester Biltong: AKA the Gloucester Biltong Company

Gloucester Biltong is another fine South African butchers based in Gloucester in the UK. One of the key selling points of Gloucester Biltong is that they use local Gloucester beef for their hand cut biltong. Gloucester Biltong offer free delivery on all orders over £60 which is a great deal if you like to buy your Biltong in bulk.

Gloucester Biltong as the name suggests are based in Gloucestershire in the UK and started out as a hobby. The owner Paul used to make biltong for friends and family and the popularity of this homemade biltong was so much that when Paul met a fellow biltong fan Craig then Gloucester Biltong Company was made and in March 2015 they opened up their shop.

The Gloucester Biltong Company Address:

Unit35, Highfield Business Park
Tewkesbury Road, Deerhurst
Gloucester, GL19 4BP

Kings Biltong

Kings Biltong is fast becoming a major biltong brand with the brand stocked in high street shops and supermarkets such as Lidl, Asda, Tesco, Morrisons and Waitrose. Kings Biltong is part of the Kings Elite Snacks groups and now offer a wide range of meat based snacks.

Kings Biltong supports English Rugby and stands out from the crowd as being a proudly British Biltong brand. Kings Biltong brands cover Beef Jerky, Beef Biltong, Veggie Jerky, Pork Crackling, Bacon Jerky, Wagyu Biltong and Wagyu Jerky.

Wagyu Biltong:

Kings Wagyu Biltong comes under the brand Kings Indulgent Range Gold Standard Wagyu Beef Biltong 25g. You get 25g of amazing marbled Wagyu beef biltong. Wagyu is an amazing breed of cow coming from Japan and reared in the UK then made by Kings into Kings indulgent range gold standard Wagyu Beef Biltong in 25g bags. This is the gold standard in beef biltong using the finest Wagyu beef.

Bighorn Biltong

is a divine brand of biltong in the UK.

Meat snacks group biltong is a brand of biltong.

Coan Biltong:

Coan Biltong ranges of beef biltong include the following:

Coan Chilli Beef Steak Biltong 35g (10 Packs) therfore 350g of Coan Biltong

Coan Original Beef Steak Biltong 35g (10 Packs) therefore 350g of Coan Biltong

Biltong Direct

is one of the UK’s biggest biltong provider.

Myprotein Biltong

is supplied by myprotein one of the UKs biggest supplement companies.

The Saffa shop biltong

is one of the Uk’s biggest Biltong companies in the UK

Musclefood biltong is a great value biltong brand

Best Biltong from South Africa in Bulk
Best Biltong from South Africa in Bulk

Home made Biltong:

Making Biltong at home is one way to get cheap biltong, there are a few ways to make homemade biltong.

1: Fast biltong:

You can look for a dehydrator online. This way you can cure the biltong over night in white vinegar, salt and season and within a few hours you will have some biltong. Although this is the fastest method of biltong making we find the end result a slightly chewer version of Biltong than you would expect from a South African biltong supplier.

2: Slow Biltong:

You can make a drying box, an old tea box is ideal for this. You slow cure the biltong in salt and white vinegar for 24 hours having sliced top side of beef into small long cuts and add them into a bowl of vinegar (500ml) and a tsp of sea salt.

Allow the beef to sit in the vinegar brine for 24 hours.

for this Biltong recipe you will need:

1kg Beep topside or silver side

500 ml white vinegar

a large bowl

a wooden box

a bayonet light fitting with a lead and plug

a drill

a 100 watt filament bulb

A small fan (computer fan is fine)

Biltong Direct Bulk Biltong
Biltong Direct Bulk Biltong

What is Biltong?

Biltong is a cured meat that originated in South Africa. Although mainly beef other meats are used to produce Biltong including various game meats and ostrich. The raw meat is sliced into thick strips that are rubbed with a mix of spices, usually coriander, salt and pepper, vinegar is then added to make a marinade. Left for a few hours or overnight the Biltong is then hung to dry in a room with lights and low humidity until it has dehydrated by 50%. The drying process can take up to 5 days to produce the perfect Biltong which should be black in colour and slightly soft in the center.

The History of Biltong

Biltong has been around since the 17th century when the Dutch settlers arrived in South Africa. Bringing recipes fpr dried meat from Europe the need for preservation was very important. To build up herds of livestock would take to long. There was native game about such as eland but it would take days to track and kill and they were then faced with the problem of preserving such a large amount of meat in a hot climate. With the abundance of spices in the Cape colony disiccation solved the problem. Biltong “bil” (rump) “tong” (strip or tongue) evolved from the dried meat carried by wagon travelling Voortrekkers as they migrated from the Cape colony north eastward away from British rule into Southern Africa. Once the raw meat was rubbed with spices and vinegar it would be preserved from decay and insects in 1-2 days gradually turning black and hard in the heat, solving the problem of durable food stocks. Today Biltong is still made to original recipes using coriander salt pepper vinegar and other spices.

Cruga Biltong Logo

The Difference between Biltong and Beef Jerky

Although Biltong and beef Jerky are both cured meats their origins determine the difference in flavour and texture. Biltong originated in South Africa when the Dutch settlers arrived with recipes for dried meat. Cut along the grain the meat is rubbed with spices and marinated in vinegar. After air drying the meat is cut against the grain in thick slices.. Beef jerky originated in the Americas as far back to the 1500’s. Jerky is traditionally cut against the grain in small strips the marinated in a spice mix, often salt pepper Worcester and soy sauce giving it a sweeter taste. Dried at a higher temperature with herbs and spices added throughout, jerky relies on theses for its flavour whereas biltong relies on the meat and curing process. Because of the way in which the meat is cut biltong products are generally softer than jerky

See other meat snacks here:

Biltong 1kg

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Biltong UK



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