Bodytrain Es-7021 Spin Bike

The Bodytrain ES-7021 is a great value spin bike for home exercise. Take a look at our Bodytrain ES-7021 review here or use the link below to buy.

This article is a review on the BodyTrain ES-7021 exercise bike, a racing-style bike with some great features for users looking for a smooth workout. In my review of the bike, I’ll examine its top features and weigh them against their benefits, including why I feel there are better options in this niche. If you’re still not familiar with what an exercise bike offers as an important part of your body training regimen, keep reading.

Bodytrain Es-7021 Spin Bike

BodyTrain ES-7021 Racing Studio Style Exercise Bike Black Specifications

The BodyTrain ES-7021 is a racing style exercise bike that comes with similar features to the bikes you would find in spin classes at your local gym. This bike includes some great features including:

Bodytrain Es-7021 Spin Bike - Spin Review

BodyTrain ES-7021 Specs

  • Studio Style Exercise Bike / Spin Bike.
  • Heavy 16kg Flywheel – Giving you a great leg workout.
  • Manual Turn Tension Control, Raise or Lower Your Resistance Levels
  • Quick Stop Brake – Easy to Stop If You Have Had Enough
  • Phone & Tablet Holder – Easy to View Your Phone As You Cycle
  • Max User Weight 120kg – Supports Even Heavy Set People
  • Adjustable Saddle and Handlebars – Adjust the Position To Suit You
  • Hand Heart Rate / Pulse Sensor – Monitor Your Heart Rate While You Spin
  • Toe Cage & Non-Slip Pedals – Ensure You Do Not Slip Out As You Peddle
  • Wheeled Base For Transportation – Move the Bike Around Easily
Bodytrain Es-7021 Spin Bike Review

Bodytrain ES-7021 Studio Bike Review

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a bike, but recently I was sent the Bodytrain ES-7021 to take for a test ride. And with Spring finally here, now is the perfect time for me to get back into my exercise routine.

If you live near a gym and regularly attend spin classes then you may be contemplating getting your own spin bike so that you can exercise at home. I have done some research on the BodyTrain ES-7021 bike and it might just be the one for you, read on for the full review.

The BodyTrain ES-7021 exercise bike is a great cardio addition to any home gym. It features the same style as the bikes you would find in your local gym- and it is available at a really affordable price. The bike features 8 levels of tension which are controlled on the hand grips, making it easy to adjust as you workout.

Bodytrain Es-7021 Spin Bike Saddle

The BodyTrain ES-7021 is a solidly built exercise bike for the home. It has an LCD display with five preset and two user defined programs to choose from offering plenty of variety. It has eight resistance levels, which is more than enough for beginners up to advanced riders and it’s fairly reasonably priced given the specification.

Where Can You Buy The BodyTrain ES-7021 Studio Bike?

Where can you buy the BodyTrain ES-7021 Studio Bike? You can get it online and find many websites that offer different deals on this bike. What is the cheapest place to buy the BodyTrain ES-7021? We have researched some of the best places to buy and found that Amazon has a great deal on the BodyTrain ES-7021 currently.

Bodytrain Es-7021 Spin Bike UK Review

Sometimes you need to make a quick decision on whether or not to buy a product online. When it comes to the BodyTrain ES-7021 Studio Bike, getting the information you need can be a little challenging. If you have limited knowledge about the BodyTrain ES-7021 Studio Bike, it would be best to spend some time researching the product.

Bodytrain ES-7021 Spin Bike Review Summary

I have had the ES-7021 for a little while now and want to give you my review overview. The Bodytrain ES-7021 is a compact, space saving spin bike designed to get your heart pumping. It comes with 8 programs, 21 levels of magnetic resistance, fit monitor with target zone controls and plenty of other features that make this a well priced option for anyone who enjoys spinning as I do. In this article I will give you my thoughts on the Bodytrain and detail the pros and cons that I have encountered during my testing as well as a few tips I have come across during my ownership time.

Bodytrain Es-7021 Spin Bike UK

This was an exciting few weeks for me, because this review is coming to you from me on my Bodytrain ES-7021 spin bike at home. If you follow me on Instagram or read my blog, I love a bit of cycling and spin. I have been training here at home since end of February when I got my bike. The Body Train ES-7021 is a studio bike that has many of the features you would expect in a spin bike. It is designed to deliver an incredible workout in your own home gym with ease and minimal noise or vibration.

Bodytrain Es-7021 Spin Bike

The Body Training ES7021 spin bike is currently the bargain of the century, when it comes to spin bikes. The Body Train 7021 provides all the basic features you need to get a good workout in and keep your heart rate up. Anyone who peddles more than 15 miles a week will love this bike. It does not cost as much as a normal studio or Schwinn bike and gives a better workout. The price is right for this kind of bike and you will not find a better spin bike for the price, anywhere.

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