Bluefin Fitness Task 2.0 2-In-1 Folding Under Desk Treadmill Review

Bluefin Fitness Task 2.0

Welcome to our review of Bluefin Fitness’ Task 2.0 treadmill. When it comes to treadmills, you have quite a few different options available to you. This is what makes them so good – the variety in design that means there is something for everyone. The range of machines also reflects the vastly experienced market in home workout equipment, which is great news for consumers looking for something they’re sure to enjoy. There are quite a few interesting designs available from manufacturers like Fitleader, Nordic and Woodway, but none quite as unique as this particular option from Bluefin Fitness. The Task 2.0 Runner is a twist on the popular Treadmill Desk concept – but with one major difference….

There are a number of different home treadmill options available but Bluefin Fitness’ confusingly named Task 2.0 2-In-1 is a little bit different. It might be different in looks, but also when it comes down to features and price. In this review, we’ll walk through what it does and what we thought of it so you can see whether or not it suits your needs.

We’re reviewing the Bluefin Fitness Task 2.0 treadmill today. This is a small and compact machine that runs on electricity and connects to your laptop. The idea is that you use it while working or reading something off of your laptop meaning you don’t even need to watch TV shows or movies…

When it comes to home treadmills, there are 2 main designs available. The ‘walkmill’ type where you place your impact foot on a sole, and the traditional treadmill design that you will find in most gyms. Bluefin Fitness’ Task 2.0 is an interesting combination of the two types, the ideal desk walking treadmill that can turn into a runner.

Bluefin Fitness Task 2.0 Treadmill Specifications

  • Top Speed: 8km per hour
  • Running Track: 5 layer anti static shock absorbing track
  • Motor: 600W DC motor
  • Package Dimensions: 63.6 x 27.0 x 7.5 inches
  • Training Programmes: 6 pre set programmes

Bluefin Fitness Task Under Desk Treadmill Review Summary

The Task 2.0 is a compact unit which is light enough to move around (though you would really want two people to do so). The treadmill has a carry handle and wheels – so when it’s folded up, moving is reasonably easy.

The basic idea behind the Task 2.0 is you get a space efficient treadmill that folds up into a larger (but not huge) item which can be used for other purposes as well. The lack of console means it can be put under your desk or better still under a table in your office. The top speed is 8k m per hour which is fine for the purpose of a desk treadmill, but lets be clear the Bluefin Fitness Task 2.0 will not be the fast runners go to treadmill, but as a at work / while you work treadmill it will keep you fit.

Console & Remote Control

This treadmill has a basic LCD console with 6 pre-set workouts and manual controls. It shows speed, distance, heart rate and calories burned on display. You will see speed, distance, heart rate & calories burned on the display, there is also the connection to the mobile app “FitShow” that offers you further insight into your workout on the Task 2.0.

The remote control can be attached to your wrist. This is useful if you are using this treadmill as a walking desk. You can adjust the belt speed and turn it on or off, or select one of the built-in training programs with it.

If you are working from home, want a treadmill you can walk and job on while you work, then the Task 2.0 is the right option for you.

Is the Bluefin Fitness Task 2.0 Desk Treadmill for you?

The Task 2.0 Treadmill from Bluefin Fitness is unlike treadmills you’ve used in the past , the Task 2.0 Treadmill is the perfect treadmill for busy people. The task treadmill is great for those who are trying to decide between a conventional treadmill and a walking desk treadmill. The remote control sits on your wrist so you can easily stop and start the walking. The anti-static running surface is also useful for people who don’t like being zapped!

Where to buy the Bluefin Fitness Task 2.0?

There are only a few places to buy the Bluefin Task 2.0 in the UK. In fact there are only two places, from Bluefin directly on their website or from Amazon. The price is pretty much the same, but you get the support of Amazon when buying on their platform if anything goes wrong. If you prefer a Spin Bike try and look at our Bluefin Tour SP exercise bike review. This is from the same brand and a great option.

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