Westin Gourmet Discount Codes 2023

Westin Gourmet Voucher Codes 2023

Looking for Westin Gourmet voucher codes /discount codes? Look no further as we have listed Westin Gourmet voucher codes below. Westin Gourmet deliver you meat next day, in specially made refrigerated delivery packs so you can be sure your meat order will arrive at your door in a perfect condition. Westin Gourmet not only supply some of the best tasting meats in all of the UK but also have some of the best value meat ever. We want to help make your order from Westin Gourmet as cheaply as possible so will be supplying discount codes.

Westin Gourmet has now merged with Musclefood therefore we have added the muscle food discount codes here where you can get the same kind of discounts you used to get off Westin Gourmet.

Get a £110 worth of food for £60.

Get a £110 worth of muscle food for £60.

More Less
Doesn't expire
Get 32 Pieces of Muscle Food Meat for only £1.
Spend £49 on this Muscle Food hamper and recieve an extra free 29 piece of Muscle Food meat and delivery.
Only £39 Save £22.85 on a Muscle Food food hamper.

Westin Gourmet is great for the discount codes they give out. We get Westin Gourmet vouchers sent to use weekly to update for valid Westin Gourmet discount codes as soon as we receive them.

Westin Gourmet History

Westin Gourmet was one of the first companies offering meat delivery to your door. Crunchbase listed Westin Gourmet as a provider of fine cuts of meat including pork, chicken, turkey, beef, lamb and sausages. We here have ordered from Westin Gourmet in the past. They did a fine Christmas hamper with a tasty crown of turkey, ham, pigs in blankets and a roll of beef and yes we used a discount code.

Along with Westin Goumet Voucher codes they also offered cashback via Topcashback to boost your money saving.

The business name of the company behind Westin Gourmet was Westin Gourmet LLP prior to the merger with Muscle Food. Muscle Food seemed from the start to be the big brother of Westin and not the other way around so it was not a surprise when the merger was announces. We still miss Westin Gourmet for all the discount codes on fine cuts of amazing meats but we now have Muscle Food so we are not too sad.

Westin Gourmet merger with MuscleFood

Westin Gourmet merged a few years ago with Muscle Food and according to TrustPilot the same suppliers and butchers both supplied Westin Gourmet and Musclefood therefore apart from the website you ordered from you would have been getting pretty similar meat.

We are not sure about how the awards that used to belong to Westin sit with Muscle food but we used to love the award winning Fine Steak Hampers. We have had many a BBQ frying the award winning steaks from Westin Gourmet and miss those good old days. But on-wards and upwards, we are now ordering steak from MuscleFood since the merger.

westin gourmet discount

How Westin Gourmet looked over the years

We have taken a look at how Westin Gourmet looked over the years of being in service and how it changed. Lets take a look down memory lane from the beginning of Westen Gourmet to the end of Westin Gourmet.

What the Westen Gourmet About us page used to say:

Why Choose Westin Gourmet for your Meat?

Each of our specialist cuts are 100% naturally reared and matured to give you the juiciest, most flavoursome meat available. Our gourmet meat is unrivalled and so are our prices. You can buy your gourmet meat from us at prices that are lower than the below standard meat you get from your local supermarket…

This is achieved by asking you to buy the same wholesale cuts that we sell to many of Britain’s most exclusive restaurants. For example, you would buy ten fillet steaks from us instead of two.

You simply freeze any steaks you don’t want immediately or order with your friends and family and divide your order when it arrives. Gourmet meat at budget prices.

We know from experience that naturally reared, grass fed animals produce the juiciest, tastiest cuts.

That is why we strive to source our meats from only the best suppliers in the industry – farmers who genuinely care about the welfare of their animals – to give you the diversity, the flavour and more importantly the quality you deserve.

Our Quality

  • All of our meat is specially reared and sourced from the most reputable farms in the world to give you the best in gourmet
  • All of our livestock is raised on farms where animal welfare is paramount –  we know from experience that for the juiciest, most flavoursome of cuts, naturally reared grass fed animals are best
  • All of our meats are sold in high volume to ensure we can offer you the SAME gourmet meats sold by other suppliers at affordable wholesale prices
  • All of our meats are delivered fresh to your door – Using the latest in vacuum packaging, hydrated ice sheets, food grade gel packs and insulated boxes so you can use our meats the very same day they arrive or freeze!

Our Value

We strongly believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise on the quality of your meat because of cost. That is why we have endeavoured to break this norm so you can experience the excellence, the flavour and the value you truly deserve…

By selling all of our Beef, Pork, Poultry and Continental meats in wholesale cuts, we have been able to cut down on the cost of packing our meats singularly. Which means we can offer you superior gourmet meat at affordable wholesale prices that won’t break the bank.

Our Guarantee

We are so confident that our gourmet meats are the lowest priced (per KG) in the industry that we will guarantee to refund you the difference should you find our meaty cuts available anywhere else at a cheaper price!

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your order, so if you do not experience exceptional value, flavour and complete customer satisfaction from our gourmet meat collection, you can take advantage of our Price and Quality guarantee.

Follow the link above to discover why at Westin Gourmet we never compromise on the quality, the service and most importantly the taste of our meat…

Our Sources

Britain, Northern Ireland, Australia, Argentina, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain and Italy. Our extensive reputation in this field has enabled us to establish numerous international relationships, to ensure we only choose animals with proven excellence, marbling and tenderness.

Many sellers do not say where their meat his sourced from, we either tell you or you can ask and we will tell you!

Our Diversity

Not many online meat suppliers can confidently say that they have got something for everyone, but at Westin Gourmet we pride ourselves on the diversity and breadth of our meats.

Selecting only the finest cuts to create our striploins, ribeyes, rumps, fillets and joints, you can look forward to introducing the following to your cooking experience:

  • Naturally reared, grass fed beef and pork
  • A complete range of all your favourite gourmet steaks, including striploin, fillet, rump, ribeye and joints
  • Award winning continental meats. Prosciutto, bresaola, salami, mortadella, chorizo, Serrano, pancetta and much, much more…
  • Delicious, wholesome cooked/uncooked duck, chicken and turkey
  • Flavoursome sausages and gourmet burgers

We want you to leave our site 100% satisfied that you have received the finest foods available and our commitment to supplying you with the best has certainly paid off!

Every day we receive numerous reviews, messages and emails congratulating us on our commitment to you.

So come read some of our testimonials now and witness the impact our gourmet collection has had on previous customers.

We are confident you will be impressed.

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