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When you see people lifting weights at the CrossFit Games on ESPN, they often have oversized, bouncy rubber weight plates, called bumper plates. In short, the bumper plate is designed to let a barbell loaded with weight fall directly to the floor.

Olympic weight plates in your garage or gym are available in different widths and sizes, depending on space requirements and recommended tensile strength, which can hold the bar. They break easily and lifters can drop them from a height without causing injury. Exercises that require or allow weight loss from height are better, such as squats, deadlifts, chin-ups, or bench presses. Part of anyone’s home gym should be a good range of cheap gym equipment, but the one bit you may not want to penny pinch on are the weight plates.

The set variety is not available except for the XF plates, which offer a wide variety of sets, such as a set of four sets of six, seven or eight sets. The bigger the plates in the package, the larger the plate size. 

Heavier plates have more space to distribute stress, so they don’t have to be as hard. However, manufacturers take this into account and increase the plate size specifically to allow more weight on the bar. For lighter plates, make sure that they do not fall down when falling.

Cheapest Weight Plate Sets

Finding a simple bumper per kilogram is not as easy in the United States as it is in the rest of the world, but the choice is getting better. Bumpers are much more affordable today and the cost is significantly lower than a standard weight plate that has been introduced in other countries. 

I scoured the web for the best brands and set out to train with bumpers, but I decided not to go into too much detail about bumpers because so few people want or need them. I first priced all the big brands with several weight classes and sawed off the original bumper guide to include all bumper plates.

Make sure you buy the calibration labels if your requirements are very specific, but make sure you buy them with the label “calibrate” if you do. For the complete overview, start the guide and take a look at the weight plates I recommend, and for a complete list of the best brands click here and here. 

If you are planning to do a heavy lift, such as a squat, deadlift, chin-up or deadlift, you should definitely get these plates when using them in conjunction with BPP-10. The lighter plates have the same dimensions as the competition plates, allowing you to control the movement and avoid overloading your body with repeated heavy lifting. 

Secondly, a good bumper condition does not smell of burnout at home, so if noise damping is important to you, these plates may be something for you. If you are just starting out or buying your very first bumper plates, looking to upgrade your existing bumpers, or if you just need more weight for lighter new gains, I can help you. Remember that there are no quiet plates on the market and the bigger your set is paid in pounds, the more time you have before you need to add more weights to the set.

Another consideration is that some plates can actually weigh more than the weight they are listed as, but you can minimize this risk by sticking to the more expensive calibrated models. 

If you want to load the bar as lightly as possible and still have a hoist pulled at the right height, you can use a £5 tech plate. If you are holding your hoist light and looking for an alternative to a metal plate, this weight set is a great option. While a cast iron barbell set is not cheap (£10-15 is not the most durable), these plates can be a good option for lifters who want to add a larger plate to an existing collection. I’ve had no problems with them, and I am looking forward to a complete bar belly and dumbbell set for my seven-footer set. 

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With the right weight plate, you have the opportunity to work hard in your bespoke home gym, but you have to work hard for it. Note: This may not be the best option for super-heavyweights, as its maximum weight capacity is a 1-inch plate and can be up to 250 pounds. If you load more plates than your own, you have a maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds for a total of 1,000 pounds! 

Knowledge of weight conversion and plate colour is invaluable for other weightlifters who train in different gyms, training halls and competitions. Knowing the weight conversion and its color can be invaluable when you are working out with other weightlifters in a different gym or training hall than yourself. Sources: 0

If you are exercising on a CrossFit box where all the pounds are and you can use coloured bumpers, you should know that if you grab a barbell with the same weight as the other weights on it, the weight will be about the same. This is important because if the plate jumps, as on a plate, then the bellies will bounce less and this will prevent you from loosening. 

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