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Vitality Sauna’s from the well known online Australian brand Vitality4Life offer you a great value range of infrared and near infrared saunas. We have reviewed the range of vitality saunas and created links to the best prices around on the Vitality sauna range.

Conventional saunas rely on indirect heating methods such as convection and heat conduction. In an infrared sauna, less than 20% of the energy is heated by the air, so that 80% is available for the conversion into heat for our body. Infrared energy penetrates the body tissue to a depth of 15 inches or more. The energy yield of an infrared sun corresponds to the endogenous radiation energy that we absorb, and up to 93% of the infrared radiation reaches our skin. Since infrared saunas heat the body to a greater depth than conventional saunas, their energy yield can be used to convert the energy to warm us up, not to produce excessively hot air that warms the skin. One of the best known Vitality Saunas is the Zen Brighton Sauna.

Vitality low EMF Sauna UK


This makes the British Columbian Western Red Cedar in the Vitality Infrared Sauna range is not only beautiful and isolated, but also has the unique advantages of the British Columbia Red Cedar. The trees are harvested from the sauna and new red cedars are planted in their place. 

Vitality Low EMF Sauna Review UK

While traditional saunas heat the air to 180 ° C, the infrared sauna is set at 120-140 ° C. The aim is not only to achieve a higher temperature, but also to ensure that bathers can spend longer time in the sauna. 

Vitality Sauna UK

Infrared saunas use less energy to warm your body and use naturally occurring infrared waves instead. These waves penetrate deep into the human body, causing excessive sweat over long periods of time and activating important bodily functions. 

Experience the healing power of an infrared sauna. You have a full hour ahead of schedule, so you don’t have to rush your sauna experience. Six preset wellness programs are available at the touch of a button. 

Clearlight believes that your sauna area should be a safe haven without exposure to EMF. As a result, we were the first company to start shielding infrared saunas from EMF 12 years ago. We are the only infrared sauna company that shields our products that are not EMF and we reduce ELF (Low Electrical Frequency). I recently got a Clearlight Sanctuary Outdoor 5 sauna and I love it. 

Vitality Infrared Sauna Reviews

We offer drinking alkaline water and hot wet wipes to eliminate and absorb the toxins that your body releases. Far infrared saunas work at much lower temperatures than conventional saunas. Our sauna is dry and operates at temperatures between 100 and 140 degrees. You get massages while stripping to your comfort level. 

I think infrared saunas are an incredible remedy. By relaxing your body, mind and tissues and helping you detoxify and relieve your pain, they change the game because they can help reduce cellulite, lose weight and improve your skin. If you have cellulite in any part of your body, the infrared sauna can be your new best friend. 

Lie on your back or abdomen and use the massage facial support. Two curved sections slide over each other and allow easy entry and exit from the sauna. A heated cushion behind you provides adjustable warmth deep inside your body. Drink at least 4 ounces of water before arriving for your session. If your phone falls silent, put it on a shelf in the room, or better yet, stay in the lobby. 

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