V-Fit Artemis III Deluxe Air Rower

V-Fit Artemis III Rowing Machine Review

Today I’m going to be reviewing the V-Fit Artemis 3 Rowing Machine . This machine is a great all-rounder with excellent build quality. The machine was featured in many fitness magazines and has received rave reviews.

The new V-Fit Artemis III rowing machine is a desirable addition for the person that needs the right workout to get fit and lose weight. The state of the art V-Fit Artemis III rowing machine can give anyone a real workout while watching television or listening to music. The best part is that it comes with several features that will really help the user reach their goals. Continue reading this review to find out how this smart and stylish rowing machine can work for you.

The V-Fit Artemis 3 machine is the machine for those who are interested in improving their fitness. Those who have rowed before will see an immense improvement in their fitness when using the V-Fit Artemis 3 and become the champion of their rowing team.

V-Fit Artemis III Deluxe Air Rower

V-FIT has not reinvented the wheel with the Artemis series rowing machines. If you are a serious rower or have used other V-FIT rowing machines before, then you will probably feel right at home using Artemis 3 and its predecessors. If you’re just looking for a good cardio workout or some low impact aerobics, then this machine is an excellent choice for you.

V-Fit Artemis III Rowing Machine Review

V-Fit Artemis III Deluxe Air Rower Build Quality

The strong steel frame of the V-Fit Artemis III Rowing Machine features a powder coated finish and tough cables attached to the chain. The deck is manufactured from a material known as thermoplastic polyurethane. This material is wear resistant, abrasion resistant and offers shock absorption. There are straps on the handles for your hands to ensure safety while rowing, these straps also offer a more comfortable grip.


The V-Fit Artemis III Rowing Machine has a system that lets you see your workout as well as track progress. The machine comes with three monitors that have six functions. These monitors track strokes per minute, speed, distance, track time and number of calories burned.

V-Fit Artemis III Deluxe Air Rower - Folded


V-Fit Artemis III Rowing Machine is a well built and durable rower from V-fit. This machine is a step ahead from its predecessors as it provides you 8 extra levels of resistance to help you achieve your fitness goals faster.

If you are a fitness enthusiast, my guess is that you love to work out on machines that give you a full body workout. The V-Fit Artemis III Rowing Machine isn’t just about exercising but also about investing in your health with every use. This air fan rowing machine provides resistance during the workout and has 8 extra levels of additional resistance which is really good if you want to build your workouts and have more intense training sessions.

V-Fit Artemis III Deluxe Air Rower - Profile View

V-Fit Artemis III Deluxe Air Rower For Sale

The V-Fit Artemis III Rowing Machine is a compact, yet effective stationary rowing machine that brings you an amazing all-around experience for a very affordable price.

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V-Fit Artemis III Rowing Machine Price

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V-Fit Artemis III Deluxe Air Rower - Side View

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Stockists of the V-Fit Artemis III

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V-Fit Artemis III Deluxe Air Rower Review

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V-Fit Artemis III Deluxe Air Rower UK

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