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Hyperbolic Mass is the ultimate mass gainer from USN. USN Hyperbolic Mass contains Whey Protein, Maltodextrin, Creatine,  monohydrate, Calcium caseinate, L-glutamine, Taurine, L-leucine,Dextrose monohydrate among other ingredients.

USN mix these high calorie and high protein ingredients to create Hyperbolic Mass so those looking to gain quick muscle mass but find it hard to gain due to lack of calories in the diet. Ideal for those

USN Hyperbolic Mass Flavours:

USN Hyperbolic Mass comes in a number of flavours and we at sports supplement compare have manages to try all of these flavours and can give you a guide to all the amazing flavours here.

USN Hyperbolic Mass All in One Gainer Chocolate Flavour:

Hyperbolic Mass Chocolate is awesome frankly the ideal all in one mass gainer shake for all of you who love rich chocolate flavours. The mix of the dairy proteins with the sweet cocoa chocolate flavour really tastes like you are having a thick milkshake made with rich chocolate icecream. USN is known for its amazing attention to flavours and this chocolate flavour is really a great example of the great attention to detail on the flavours.

USN Hyperbolic Mass All in One Gainer Vanilla Flavour:

USN Hyperbolic Mass Vanilla flavour is interesting to use as some Vanilla mass gainer shakes are sickly sweet but this is a perfect balance of a deep natural Vanilla flavour a depth of texture and just enough sweetness for the shake taste like melted icecream without the aftertaste you get sometimes with super sweet tasting vanilla mass gainer shakes. All in all we give the Vanilla flavour hyperbolic mass 5 out of 5 for any vanilla lovers out there.

USN Hyperbolic Mass All in One Gainer Strawberry Flavour:

For all of you who cant resist sweet strawberry flavours, then you are in luck, USN Hyperbolic mass is sweet without being over the top with a nice strong milkshake like strawberry flavour.

You have a nice thick consistency that when used with ice gives the texture just like a Mcdonalds milk shake with the protein of a steak. Strawberry Flavour Hyperbolic Mass is our favourite flavour in this Mass Gainer range.


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