UK-Muscle – Bodybuilding Forum UK Review

Back before Facebook people used to join forums to chat with people with similar interests on the internet. UK-Muscle is one of the forums for bodybuilders and has survived the advent of social media.

UK Muscle first version

UK-Muscle is a UK bodybuilding forum with a number of regular users that come and go and often get banned for posting not so nice messages or comments. UK-Muscle like many other forums dedicated to UK Bodybuilding and the types of “supplements that go with that territory can mean that it is a testosterone fueled muscle fest where you can almost smell the blood sweat and tears of those that frequent UK Muscle.

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UK-Muscle used to be owner by Lorian an English guy but was sold on to some no name US Forum company who do not seem to care much about UK-Muscle apart from the revenue they get from the dodgy looking ads you will find on the site.

UK Muscle Supplements Review

We have seen a lot of traffic to the site looking for reviews for a website naming itself UK Muscle supplements that says it sells steroids. We are not anything to do with the UK Muscle Supplements site and do not know if this is a legit site or a scam. We do know that it is not legal to buy steroids in the UK this way and suggest you check elsewhere on forums such as Tmuscle and UK-Muscle for reviews of UK Muscle Supplements. It could be ok but we do not know and will not be trying UK Muscle Supplements anytime soon.

UK-Muscle Forum Users:

There are a wide variety of forum dwellers on UK Muscle from the types that take steroids and those that choose to keep their gains natural but most people seem to be on UK Muscle to share tips on training, nutrition and the “banter”. Not as busy as it was in the days of bodybuilding forums UK-Muscle is still one of the UK’s busiest Bodybuilding forums and maintains some core die hard fans.

The mods on UK-Muscle are a fair it seems, some people kick of and get banned from the forum, but this is normal for forums and having a well moderated forum is key to stopping random spamming and online bullying.

UK Muscle Member – Youtube Video

Bodybuilding Forums UK

UK Muscle is one a the few remaining bodybuilding forums still running in the UK. TMuscle UK is another UK Based bodybuilding forum still running, but recently it has changed hands.

The old daddy of UK Bodybuilding Forums was Muscle Talk run by James Collier, but James has moved on to Heul the meal in a shake company and Muscle Talk has now become a bodybuilding blog which has some decent articles.

Bodybuilding forums seem to be in a slow death rattle sadly, with the advent of Facebook Groups and people being able to source the kind of special supplements they used to chat about on the forums elsewhere. But we hope that UK Muscle remains and there will always be a Bodybuilding forum in the UK.

UK Muscle Forum

UK-Muscle Through the Years

We have been keeping a record of how UK Muscle has changed over the years: Take a look at the first version of UK Muscle:

First version of UK Muscle:

UK Muscle first version
How do you like the UK Muscle Pig logo? Not sure what they where going for with that logo.

UK Muscle 2nd Version

UK muscle 2nd design
UK-Muscle Version 2: Mystical leopard logo – deep man deep
UK Muscle 3rd design
UK-Muscle 3rd version, a stripped down back to basics look
UK Muscle 4th design
Uk-Muscle 4th version Not keen here
UK Muscle 5th design
UK Muscle 5th Version – Getting better we think
UK Muscle 6th design
UK-Muscle 6th Version – Clean and not to bad looking
UK Muscle current design
And the current version of UK-Muscle

TMuscle Bodybuilding Forum UK

We will be doing a review of the TMuscle Bodybuilding Forum Uk. We find the team at TMuscle seems nice just like on UK-Muscle. We are down to these two UK Bodybuilding Forums in the UK now. Tmuscle also has areas for training, bodybuilding, diets, supplements as well as AAS supplementation for those wanting to discuss the special supplements.

Tmuscle is a newer forum than UK-Muscle and has a less established membership, but that has its benefits as the members are pretty regular with their posts.

Tmuscle recently changed hands and seems to be being well run as a forum with good mods and the site is set up well. If I was to join a UK Bodybuilding forum it would probably be TMuscle for the moment.

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UK Muscle UK Forum

MuscleTalk UK Bodybuilding Forum

Muscle Talk for many years was the go to UK Bodybuilding forum for all your bodybuilding information. MuscleTalk used to be so involved in the UK Bodybuilding scene they held branded MuscleTalk Bodybuilding shows.

MuscleTalk Forum

James Collier one of the owners of MuscleTalk is well known on the UK Bodybuilding scene, he used to work with the UKBFF for host live Bodybuilding shows. MuscleTalk is now a blog hosting some of the stickies that talked about muscle gain, weight lifting and how to take steroids in a safe way. Interview

If you wanted to know about AAS and steroid use, and the brands of UGL (under ground labs) of steroids in the UK and around the world the MuscleTalk forum was the place to go to find out. People used to post up pictures of their testosterone based steroids and weight loss tablets to check if they were real or counterfeit.

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