Technogym Excite+ Visio Vario

Technogym Excite+ 700 Visio Vario Review

The award-winning Technogym Excite Visio Vario, the first of its kind, is designed to offer a high-quality, cost-effective alternative to the standard Vio with a wide range of functions. Suitable for all user sizes – biomechanically, the varios have been designed to cater for users from 55 to 83 inches tall and a wide range of body types. 

The movements of the Vario are designed to simulate a fast running movement, and each step can be up to 83 cm long. The range of movements includes a variety of body types such as walking, running, cycling and cross-country running. Instead of the striking impact on the ground that is typical of a street race, the movements on the varios are more similar to walking (we are talking about walking and running) than climbing stairs. Elliptical movement similar to running when you take a shorter step, but faster and more powerful when you take a longer step. Eliptic movement is a type of running where you run at a faster pace when you take longer steps and at a slower pace when you take shorter steps. Elliptical movements are the same as running on a short step and faster than long steps when used. 

Technogym Excite+ 700 Visio Vario Refurbished

The Vario offers very low impact movements, which are gentle for the knee joints, but powerful in the upper back and lower back. 

In addition, the treadmill has very specific rules for doing the exercises and has a specific way of doing them in a completely different way than the Vario. In addition, you can choose the position of each movement, but you can also run backwards or even backwards. Unlike driving on the road, the effects on knees and feet are less than on a treadmill or when walking on the road, because you come into contact with the ground. With the vario, every position and movement is selected for you, and all positions and movements are selected by yourself. You can choose a position such as running backwards, running forwards, walking or walking. 

Exercise is fast and non-tiring, it develops quickly and is not tiring, so it guarantees great safety as long as you manage the workout. The evolution of movement provides more safety, as one can start, stop, and do exercises with the Vario just like walking on the street. The movement is fast developed so that you do not have to stop or stop while exercising. Just like walking on the road, start and stop all exercises in vario, control or control. 

Refurbished Technogym Excite+ 700 Visio Vario

Pinnacle Fitness offers a pick-up service for customers who want to organize and pick up their own courier. Alternatively, customers with a credit card, bank account or other credit or debit card can collect Le10. 

If you need equipment that needs to be installed or simply moved to a specific room, our assembly and relocation team will provide the equipment as described in the Installation tab. This video is guaranteed to be successful and will open in a new window via the eBay app. 

This highly transparent Screen Protector, which is very easy to apply and can be removed at any time without leaving any residue, adheres to the screen of the Technogym Artis Vario without compromising its function.

The fun is that it offers three different movement steps on the elliptical head and there is the choice to select and direct your movements according to your natural pace and training goal. The vario can be changed by stopping the machine and taking the feet off the platform or by moving the footrests and levers to control the movement when and how you want. This allows you to involve your arms and legs in rhythmic movements that help you synchronize your upper body with your lower body, improving coordination and rhythm. Select a movement and move the platforms and levers as you control, moving the pedal at the same time. You can move your foot pads or levers as and when you want, but not as much or as little if you want to select and guide your movement according to the natural step of your training target or improve coordination. 

Refurbished Technogym Equipment UK

With this series of movements, you can create a workout that feels natural and offers your body a new challenge every time. You can start with steps and then finish the year in steps or without steps, then reach full steps and finish your training with each step of the session. Switch to the ellipse and walk with the ellittico that strides you, or walk in a straight line with your feet in front of you and your legs behind you. Then you start with the step and reach your full steps And you are done with the training in steps per unit! 

The maximum amplitude of the stride width of Vario is 83 cm and the natural strides have a length that corresponds to 40% of your height. The ideal step can be found by adapting it as before, as this tool is biomechanically designed to be suitable for users weighing up to 160 kg. It is designed according to the 210 cm of the user, Ideal for people with a height of 80 cm. 

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