Protein Discount Card

The Protein Card

If you have been trying to get cheap supplement deals for a number of years you will remember the amazing protein discount card. The team here at Protein Price Comparison all had a protein discount card and love the supplement deals we got. Sadly the Protein Discount Card is no longer, the owners of the Protein Discount Card tried to migrate to a new website and it all went wrong.

Protein Discount Card
The Original Protein Discount Card

The Protein Card AKA the Protein Discount Card was a stroke of Genius. Started in 2012 the card was inspired by seeing a similar scheme running in the US. The owner of the Protein Discount Card say this happening in the USA and thought a card discount scheme would work in the UK. The Protein Discount Card branding was great, it had a slick design with a gorilla logo. The team at The Protein Discount Card had a big social media following along with being very visible at the BodyPower Expo while they were operating. I am sure Rick from the Protein Discount card will go far and we are sorry to see the card go. We miss the Protein Discount Card, but we allow you to compare Protein deals here.

Alternatives to The Protein Discount Card

With the Protein Discount Card being discontinued we have found alternatives for you to save money on the protein powders you all need regularly.

We have found listed the following Discount Codes for Supplement providers:

MyProtein Discount Codes

Bodybuilding Warehouse Discount Codes

Monster Supplements Discount Codes

The Protein Works Discount Codes

Muscle Food Discount Codes

The new Protein Card
Whey Stronger Protein Discount Card AKA Protein Card

Protein Discount Card Marketing:

The marketing of the Protein Discount Card was revolved around social media and mass retweeting and using the hash tag #savewheymoremoney and the term “Save hundreds with free protein card membership”. Having a two tier system the card had a really good way to get into the pockets of the user.

The card as far as we know did not offer any money to the brands that offered the user of the Protein Card for the discounts, but similar to cards like the Gourmet Society the brands happily offered up the discounts for the increase in sales they will get.

Over the years supplement companies come and go as do those willing to offer a discount to the Protein Card and we list those below:

Protein Discount Card Offers

We have looked at the wayback machine to the Protein Cards website to see what kind of deals they used to offer.

We see that 2 for 1 on a lot of supplements were offered and some of the supplement brands offered one off discounts to be used by the Protein Card users.

The Protein Discount Card


We are not sure if the supps club are part of the same business as the original card or just using the name to boost their own,. The Supps Club seems to have a similar set up to the Protein Discount Card and seems last to have been live in 2018 and since then we can not see any other The Supps Club activity.

The Card Owners

We have looked back to business house and found the owners of the Protein Discount Card business was Ricky Hall and Craig Abbott. We would love to reach out to Ricky Hall and Craig Abbott and interview them for the blog about running the Protein Card and its sad demise. We are big fans of these guys and really would like to see what they are up to now and how they feel about the memories of what for a while really did change the way the UK bought protein and supplements.

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