Proform Cardio Hiit Elliptical Cross Trainer H14 Review UK

The Proform H14 Hiit Cross trainer is the ultimate in cardio equipment. Take a look at our Proform HIIT cross trainer review here or use the link below to buy.

The cardiovascular system is continuously present. It is difficult to pull off a hybrid stepper / climber / cheap cross trainer. This machine falls into the trash, because it is a machine that is useless, no matter what it promises. 

Pro-form Cardio Hiit Review
Pro-form Cardio Hiit Review

If you want to push your heart rate through the roof and burn a credible amount of calories on your elliptical cross trainer in short breaks, you should get a stepper device. In fact, you can pre-shape it as a cardio HIIT to increase the intensity of your workout. Vertical movement on a stepper elliptical cross trainer can do wonders for your leg muscles, and the Proform Cardio HIIT has a resistance range from 1 to 24. 

Proform Cradio Hiit Review

With the Proform HIIT H14, your workouts concentrate more on lower body muscle groups and a higher calorie burning, which is great for your fitness goals. Instead of a horizontal raceway, the H14 offers a vertical raceway that offers a movement similar to climbing. 

Proform H14 Cardio Hiit
Proform H14 Cardio Hiit

Pro-form Hiit H14 Elliptical Cross Trainer

The Proform Pro HIIT H14 is an affordable, high-quality machine full of features and accessories. On the Proform website you can find the H14 for £1,699, or you can pay from £44 a month or £39 a month. 

Proform is one of the best manufacturers of home fitness equipment and has set itself the task of building well designed equipment from time to time, most of which are easy to use and easy to live with. The Proform Cardio HIIT Trainer is a fantastic kit and we knew we needed to try it because we like to do thorough tests before writing a test, so we thought it would be best to get one. You can read our thoughts in our Proform Cardio HIIT Trainer Review. 

Proform Hiit Stepper
Proform Hiit Stepper

The Proform Cardio HIIT elliptical cross trainer is a machine like you would expect from a big, powerful elliptical cross trainer in a gym. Promising quiet magnetic resistance, great movement and a large footplate. The specifications of the Proform Cardio HIIT elliptical cross trainer highlight a lot of interesting features in hardware and software. 

Pro-form Hiit H14 Elliptical Cross Trainer Specifications

On the market for a new elliptical cross-trainer? Review the Pro-form Hiit H14 elliptical reviews to decide if it’s worth your money. Cross trainer reviews are important because it keeps you fit through cardio, quad kickboxing, and later weight training.

The Pro-Form HiIT H14 Elliptical Cross Trainer has a compact footprint that will compliment any living space. The seat to rail assembly is fully adjustable for custom sizing, and the 16 levels of incline will make you feel like you’re climbing mountains.

The Pro-form Hiit H14 elliptical trainer delivers a total body workout in only 30 minutes. This elliptical machine’s patented resistance drive system (as seen on TV) provides the ultimate in low impact, high intensity, whole body exercise. Oval foot pedals improve your balance and coordination too. With 10 levels of upper body, lower body, and core resistance, you’ll feel like you’re moving up a steep hill as you cruise through every session. The Pro-form Hiit H14 elliptical trainer gives you a total body workout from start to finish, making it an ideal choice for those who are looking to improve their fitness level in just a short amount of time.

The Pro-Form H14 Elliptical machine provides a highly successful cardio workout while maximizing the efficiency of your stride length with the Hiit Motion training system. These ellipticals provide excellent shock absorption by utilizing a padded saddle seat plus a 2” oversize foam cushioning that further limits any potential wear and tear on your back. Plus, enjoy increased durability as well by using a heavy-duty 25-pound flywheel. This eliminates distraction when you’re trying to focus on your ultimate fitness goals.

About the Proform Hiit H14 Cross Trainer

If these qualities are your thing, then the Carbon HIIT H14 will not disappoint. You can purchase the H14 with an IFIT membership, and with 32 built-in programs and 24 resistance levels, you can have a great old time with it. For more compact elliptical cross trainers, read our Sole Fitness E25 elliptical cross trainer test or have a look at the Sunny Health Fitness SF-E3912 elliptical cross trainer.

Although this model has been discontinued, there are still many used devices, which is worth a look. The ProForm Smart HIIT Trainer, the next generation of stepping machines, improves the traditional stepping machine movement by adding elliptical cross trainers and footpaths. It enables high-intensity interval training without the risk of damage to the knee joint or other joints from hard blows. 

Pro-form Cardio Hiit
Pro-form Cardio Hiit

This model is an elliptical cross step machine, and as such it feels very different from a normal elliptical cross trainer, but not bad. Rather than flattening into an ellipse, it is more of a step, but it maintains elliptical movement with more vertical than horizontal ellipses. When the board kicks in, the pedals and console come to life, and it’s the action itself that really stands out. 

The Proform HIIT H14 inclination is adjustable and can go up and down by 20 degrees. If you like IFIT workouts led by an instructor, they will be able to adjust your incline and resistance for a more intense experience. The only disadvantage of the steps is that they are fixed and not adjustable. 

Proform H14 Elliptical Cross Trainer Specs UK

The Proform Carbon HIIT H14 is an updated version of the popular original HIIT trainer. While retaining all the great original features, the H14 has the added benefit of built-in capabilities for interactive IFIT training, but when it comes to variety, the sky is the limit for this trainer. We will take a closer look at IFIT in the Features section, but at the moment this is not the Proform H14 we should choose, but the H8. 

Combine these characteristics with the absurd amount of training options available to you, and you have a surprising little package that contains a real punch and enough to keep things interesting in the long run. In short, the Proform Cardio HIIT is an impressive fitness machine built to benefit from Proform’s considerable experience and know-how. At a very good price, it is not available from any retailer we know in the UK. 

Compared to elliptical cross trainers, which cost between £500 and ~£1000, the Proform 7.0 does not offer many new features. However, it justifies its price with an enormous number of options, impressive customisability and a design that does not seem out of place in any gym. 

Price: The most important thing for many people is price. The Proform HIIT costs £999 compared to £2,299 for the Bowflex Max Trainer M8. Customer rating: The Proform is cheaper, but has a value of 3.5 / 5 out of 600 customer reviews, compared to 4.6 / 5 for the M8, which has over 5,000 reviews. 

The testers in this test preferred the Proform HIIT Cardio Trainer to the real competition. The Bowflex Max Trainer M8 received the most customer reviews, but most of them are still in the early stages on the manufacturer’s own website. In our experience, websites of these brands tend to receive higher ratings than other outlets. Time will tell, but at this price, it is difficult to justify spending on the bowlers. If the budget is the limiting factor, then the ProForm HIIT fulfills this task. 

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