The Ultimate Sit Up Pad – For Abdominal & Core Training Mat Enabling a Full Range of Motion For Great Ab Workouts.

The Power Guidance Ab Exercise Pad gives you the ultimate in Ab workouts with the benefit of back support and full range of motion.

Ab Matt for Lumber Support

When you do regular sit ups your back takes a lot of the brunt of the motion. Sit ups are fine to do when you are young and limber but this constant movement takes its toll on the back.

With the POWER GUIDANCE Ab Exercise Mat you get the full range of motion for the benefit of the abs but with the back support and padding. You will be able to do more site ups in less time with less recovery.

PowerGuidance Ab Pad Amazon
Power Guidance Abdominal Mat

Your back is vital for your fitness and protecting it when doing a heavy set of sit ups is vitally important. The POWER GUIDANCE Ab Exercise Mat is a well stitched and well padded ab mat that takes the strain of your back while enabling a full range of motion during exercise.

Power Guidance Ab Mat for Leg Lifts

The Mat is made in a Streamline dual-color sleek design, The cover os from PVC leather padded with high-density foam, The form is designed to give complete isolation of your ab muscles during crunches and sit ups. You Can also use the Ab Mat to do leg lifts as well, to give your core a full workout.

Power Guidance Ab Mat From Amazon
Power Guidance Ab Mat for Crunches

Size of the Ab Mat

The size of the Power Guidance Ab Mat is designed to be able to be packed away when not in use. You can neatly store the Ab Mat away post workout. The mat also stores easily in the boot of a car for personal training and away from home gym sessions. The dimensions of the Mat is
37 x 30 x 7 cm so its 7cm high, 37cm long and 30 cm wide. The mat is designed to be wide and long enough to give the full support you need for a low impact ad crunch and leg lifts.

Power Guidance Abdominal Matt

Ab Matt Colour & Design

The Power Guidance Ab Mat comes in a gum metal black PU leather cover with bright yellow PU leather sides. The stitching is double thick nylon to last for many years of intense use. The main body covering is made from a ridged PU that is thick enough to withstand long term use but supply enough to give you comfort and support when in use.

Cleaning the Ab Matt

Like all well used pieces of gym equipment from time to time you need to clean the equipment. This is no different for the Power Guidance Mat, but given the nature of this product you need to handle with care. Use a warm water with a small amount of washing up liquid, using a cotton cloth wipe the PU cover lightly removing all dust and grime. Using warm water without any soap in to wipe over the mat to remove all soap suds. Dry the mat with a cotton towel and leave in a warm area to air dry. Ensure the mat is totally dry before you use the mat again. Never use a scoring pad or nylon cloths on the ab pad as this can affect the PU covering and will speed up degrading of the cover limiting the lifespan.

Power Guidance Abdominal Mat Material
Power Guidance Abdominal Mat Material

Correct use of the Power Guidance Ab Mat

When using the Power Guidance Abdominal Mat you need to put the mat in the correct position to ensure full range of movements and lumber support during your ab workout.

Power Guidance Abdominal Mat
Power Guidance Abdominal Mat

Correct Position for Crunches & Sit Ups

Put the ab matt flat on the floor, with the logo the right way up. the base of the ab mat needs to sit at the base of your spine. You then can cross your arms over your chest, feet flat on the ground, knees raised and you are ready to do your first crunch or sit up.

Correct Position for Leg Raises

For leg raises you position the body as you would for a crunch or site up. You now sit back onto the Ab Mat, and the mat will be supporting your back. Ensure your back is straight, your knees are bent and feet are flat on the floor. You can now either raise both legs pulling your knees towards your chest in one easy movement or you can do the same one leg at a time. During the leg lifts use your abdominal muscles to do the lifting and ensure you do these lifts slowly in a smooth movement.

Storing the Abdominal Mat Away

when not in use you can store the abdominal mat away. Make sure to not put anything on top of the ab matt as the foam can over time deform and will lose its bounce. You should store the ab mat away from direct sunlight in a dry room. Try not to drag the ab matt along the floor as once you scuff the PU skin of the cover you start to expose the mat to degrading and will limit the life of your Power Guidance Mat.

Buy Power Guidance Abdominal Mat / Ab Mat UK

There are a number of retailers selling the Power Guidance Ab Mat where you can buy. Amazon, ebay and the Power Guidance website sells directly. But in the UK you have the options of Ebay and Amazon for your main retailers to buy the Abdominal Mat.

Power Guidance Ab Matt Amazon

Amazon is the number one retailer selling the Power Guidance Abdominal Mat. With Amazon you have the added benefit of Amazon Prime which it is eligible for. The price of the ab mat is around £35 but sometimes raises to £45 according the Camel Camel Camel and we have yet to see it much lower on Amazon.

The Ab Matt on Ebay

Another retailer that sells the Power Guidance Ab Mat is on Ebay, a few Ebay sellers are selling the abdominal mat. Ebay surprisingly is more expensive the price being around £45 for the ab matt. Ebay sellers may not get the best price for the mat and therefore the price is higher.

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