NKD Living Inulin 1kg

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What is NKD Inulin Powder 1kg?

NKD Living Inulin is a brand of Inulin powder that is a semi sweet pre biotic that helps feed the gut. Inulin is a resistant starch that does not get digested in your stomach but is broken down in the colon by your good bacteria and this bacteria feeds on the inulin and produces butyric acid that feeds the Colon.

The bacteria that feeds on the Inulin is butyrate-producing bacteria and the Butyric acid produced helps you lose weight. So not only is NKD Living Inulin almost calorie free due to the fact it is not digested by the stomach but in fact it is a fat burner.

NKD Living Inulin is 100% Natural

NKD Living Inulin is made from 100% natural and is extracted from Chicory roots and then ground into the fine Inulin powder you find in NKD Living Inulin 1kg pouches.

NKD Living Inulin Powder 1kg
NKD Living 1kg Inulin Powder

Chicory is one of the main sources of Inulin, but there are others such as leeks, onions and other semi sweet tasting root vegetables. Inulin is extremely high in fibre and helps with digestion.

Side effects of Inulin powder

The side effects of Inulin and NKD Living Inulin powder comes from over use. As the Inulin fibre not digested in the stomach and is broken down in the Colon it can cause some stomach aches and gas build up.

The more Inulin you take the worse the side effects are but over time your body and gut seem to adjust to inulin and the side effects die down over time.

NKD Living Inulin – Made in Belgium

For those worried about where in the world their Inulin powder is made may be glad to hear that NKD Living Inulin Powder is made in the EU in Belgium and has high standards to purity. Available from Amazon and a number of other online E-stores NKD Inulin is ideal for those seeking a European made Inulin source.

Inulin Health Benefits

Although inulin tastes like an sugar it is actually a type of fibre chain of fructans that although act like a sugar cant be digested in the stomach  which can help with digestion, weight management and even to help control diabetes. Inulin is also helpful in improving the gut bacteria that makes up the microbiome.

Although inulin is a fibre it is also sweet, although not as sweet as sugar it is a much healthier alternative to sugar in baking, smoothies and hot drinks such as coffee and tea. A spoon full of inulin directly eaten has a similar flavour to candy floss/ cotton candy and as Inulin is keto friendly is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth on the keto diet.

The main benefit or the action of the benefit of Inulin is in the way that the gut bacteria uses this type of pre biotic as fuel. The good bacteria in the gut changes the inulin fibre into short-chain fatty acids, namely butyric acid which is a major source of food for the gut. This action of creating short chain fatty acids also has an effect on weight loss especially on the harder to fight internal fat sources.

Inulin is a filler in a lot of foods mainly to replace fats in foods, replace sugar in foods and change the texture of foods, so it is a good ingredient to look out for.

One of the main benefits of improved microbiome health is the affect on sleep. Inulin is well known for its sleep inducing benefits, especially when taken around 90 minutes before going to sleep.

Inulin was featured on a 5 day experiment for BBC where is was given 9 out of 10 for effectiveness in improving sleep by the world famous Dr Mosley.

Another great benefit of oligosaccharide of which inulin is one is enhanced calcium absorption

So other areas worth looking into for the health benefits are blood sugar control and its effect on diabetes, but further research is needed.

NKD Living Inulin Sugar Alternative
NKD Living Inulin is a good alternative in coffee and tea

Where is NKD Living Inulin sourced from?

There are a number of sources of Inulin fibre, in fact there are over 36,000 different plants that contain inulin but most including NKD Living Inulin is sourced from Chicory Root which is a very good source for Inulin.

The chicory root is treated and the Inulin is extracted in a pretty similar way in which sugar is extracted from sugar cane, but the end result is a far better for you, high fibre soluble powder that helps you and your gut stay fit and healthy.

Inulin dose per day

Being a zero calorie powder it is easy to get accrued away with how much inulin you want to add to your diet, but the side effects such as bloating, gas and stomach cramps can be enough to add caution to over doing it.

As with all fibres you need to ensure you are taking in enough fluids especially water and limit intake of inulin to maximum 10g per day, ideally taken in smaller doses over the day for example 2g in coffee 2g with a meal and some in glasses of water. The 10g per day is used towards the 25 – 38g a day suggested intake of fibre.

Other sources of fibre are vegetables, grains and fruits, but for keto then you might want to look towards non calorific fibres such as psyllium husk and inulin.

NKD Living Inulin High Grade Prebiotic Fibre Powder (1kg)

Pre biotics such as NKD Living High Grade Prebiotic Fibre Powder 1kg is a type of fibre or food source that is either not digested or only partially digested in the stomach and passes into the colon where it is then broken down and used as fuel by the beneficial bacteria as a food. Inulin is a what is called a resistant starch, meaning it is resistant to digestion by the acid in the stomach and is broken down in the colon and then the butyric acid is used by the colon as a fuel.

Inulin is perfect for those looking to lose weight as it is a zero calorie fibre that has a sweet taste and can be used in baked goods and hot drinks and mixes well with water.

NKD Living High Grade Prebiotic Inulin Powder 1kg

NKD Living is a relatively new company (2015) that is focused around alternatives to sugar. In a world of obesity and people suffering from Diabetes companies like NKD living are a god send. NKD Living Inulin is unlike a lot of the other ranges from NKD Living as it isnt really a sweetener as such but a prebiotic fibre that has a sweet taste but not enough sweetness to really push sugar out the window.

Inulins benefit comes from the fact its like a flour but has zero calories, not only is Inulin Zero Calories but it is actually a fibre that when broken down in the colon produces Butryic acid that then helps weight loss in a number of ways. So Inulin is a weight loss supplement and a prebiotic.

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