Musclefood Supergreens Stuffed Chicken 350g

When it comes to getting your intake of protein and greens there is no better way than trying these amazing tasting Muscle Food Supergreens Stuffed Chicken. Click on the image below to go to the product page for Musclefood Supergreens Stuffed Chicken Breast.

MuscleFood Superfood Stuffed Greens
MuscleFood Supergreens Stuffed Chicken

Stuffed Chicken from MuscleFood

the Supergreens stuffed chicken is one of a range of stuffed chicken breasts from Muscle Food. This is the first in a series of reviews of the range and we hope to get to eat all these tasty treats and let you know all about it soon.

Musclefood is well known for its deals on bulk chicken breast and other bulk meat deals, but more and more they are bringing out ranges of foods that have been pre prepared for your ease and convenience while sticking to the high protein, healthy eating core of there offering.

Musclefood Supergreens Stuffed Chicken Review

We bought 2 x 175g MuscleFood Supergreens stuffed Chicken Breast for this review and followed thre instructions to oven cook them.

We were not sure what to expect from the Supergreens Stuffed Chicken Breasts as our experience with Super Greens has been limited to green powders we add to our smoothies. The flavour of the supergreens we have used would not be nice in a chicken breast but we gave it a go.

The Taste Review

We cooked the breast and was pleasantly surprised, the flavour was delicious with a pesto and Parmesan flavour mixed with the supergreen veg stuffing. The breast was super juicy and with no fat on it, the supergreen centre added to the juiciness and the flavour was spot on. We had this with a side of spinach and kale to really add to the vitamins and minerals.

We felt really good after eating the chicken breast and full but not to full and we definitely felt healthier for it.

We have bought a few more of the Supergreen stuffed chicken alongside some other Musclefood prepared food to review for this website and we look forward to putting the reviews online.

We find these types of stuffed chicken breasts from MuscleFood super easy to cook and really healthy. Perfect for anyone on a diet and looking to build lean muscle while getting their protein from food sources.

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SuperGreens Stuffed Chicken Breast Ingredients

The ingredients in the stuffed chicken breast is chicken 80% Kale and Spinach with Quinoa stuffing 11.4%, Crumb 8.6% *for full ingredients list please see the MuscleFood Website.

With around 35g of high quality protein per serving these are great for post workout meals to help your muscles recover and build after your workout.

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