MuscleFood Pizza Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Awesome tasting Muscle Food Pizza Stuffed Chicken Breasts, hot delicious and tasty with the taste of as pizza and the protein of a bodybuilders diet. To see the Pizza Stuffed Chicken Breasts Click the banner below

Pizza Stuffed Chicken Breast

At the time of writing these 175g chicken breasts come in twos giving you 350g of chicken breast stuffed with a Italian Pizza Flavour stuffing that oozes out with creamy tomato goodness when cooked.

Super Lean Pizza Stuffed Chicken Breast from MuscleFood

When it comes to the team here at Cheap Supplements UK we are always trying to stick to our keto diet but the one thing we all miss is Pizza. But not now we have tried this juicy yet lean chicken breasts with the fat cut off and stuffed by the expert butchers at Muscle Food.

The chicken breast have had the fat cut off butterflied and then stuffed with a tasty mix of Basil, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Reduced Fat Soft Cheese and Italian inspired Mozzarella Cheese. Giving a rich creamy cheesy filling that has the taste of a Pizza minus the Carbs.

These juicy filling fillets are ideal for anyone seeking to lower their daily calorie intake with few carbs and a lot of flavour and protein.

That’s right you can get creative with Musclefood! There are so many different ways to make delicious meals using their products. I created this recipe of chicken breast stuffed with mozzarella and pizza stuffing, then wrapped in bacon and served with a light pizza sauce. It’s really simple to make and requires minimal cooking skills.

Cooking Instructions

Remove all the packaging and preheat the oven to around 190 degrees C or Gas Mark 5 for gas cookers. Put the breasts onto a roasting dish a few inches apart. Split open the sachet containing the crumb and pour evenly over the pizza stuffed breasts of chicken. Put the pan on the middle shelf for 25-30 minutes but check back after 20. Check that the breasts are cooked through and through and check that the juice of the chicken runs clear. Let the chicken stand for 2 minutes and serve with some veg or salad.

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MuscleFood Pizza Chicken Nutritional Guide

These chicken breasts are not just stuffed with a delicous pizza like filling but also packed with high quality protein. Each uncooked breast is 175g or there abouts, 226Kcal, 4.2g fat,10g of Carbs, 1.8g of fibre and a whopping 36g of high quality protein. The carbs are a little higher than we like but they will fit your macros on the keto diet if you know the other carbs in the diet are low.

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Pizza Chicken Review

MuscleFood is one of the largest suppliers of ready-made protein-based meals in the UK. When they approached me a little while ago I thought I’d check them out. There was a lot to choose from so eventually I decided on their Super Lean Pizza Stuffed Chicken.

Super Lean Pizza Stuffed Chicken is the latest high protein meal deal from the website – They’ve pulled together some of their most popular products into a handy bundle, making it easy for those on a strict diet plan to follow.

We bought these little beauties with a Meat Hamper we bought and could not wait to get them into the over and on to our plates. We prepared a tomato, mozzarella and basil salad to go with the stuffed breasts. We followed the cooking instructions, they seemed done at around 27 minutes in and I sliced one to check the cooking status. The were steaming hot and I slided them in two and served them with the salad. Both myself and the girlfriend demolished them and wow despite it being a super lean dinner were both full! Amazing they have the taste of a pizza without the carbs, it has the super rich flavours. The cheese oozed out in such a good way with just enough filling to be a treat and not too much to feel fatty.

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How to Cook Musclefood Super Lean Pizza Stuffed Chicken

Musclefood’s Super Lean pizza stuffed chicken is a delicious way to improve your diet with 36% less calories and 97% less fat than a pizza! It’s made using free range poultry and fine herbs then stuffed with pizza toppings.

Whether you’re in need of a quick, family friendly midweek meal or trying to find something different for your next dinner party, these super lean pizza stuffed chicken breasts make an excellent main course. With only 6g of fat per serving and under 450 kcals, they’re not only diet friendly but help to keep you on track if you’re trying to lose weight. After all, chicken is one of the best sources of lean protein around. And with no added fuss they’re quicker than a takeaway and just as tasty.

Cooking Guide: Pre-heat Oven 190°C/375°F/Gas Mark 5, remove all packaging and place in a roasting dish ensuring that the fillings are spaced apart. Place on the middle shelf and cook for 25-30 minutes – make sure that the products are piping hot before serving.

These super lean pizza stuffed chicken breasts have been prepared to suit the tastes of Italians, with a light tomato and basil puree topping and mozzarella cheese on the inside. It’s perfect for sandwiches, snacks and as part of a packed lunch.

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