Mirafit Weightlifting Drop Pads

Mirafit Weightlifting Drop Pads are a great alternative to high impact drops with barbells and plates. Weight Drops can be expensive and are often inconvenient, with the durability of weightlifting drop pads you get the best alternative to weight drops on the market today. Our Weightlifting Drop Pads feature a high density foam filling which helps to reduce noise and decrease the impact on your floors. They fit both Olympic and standard bars at 2″ high.

Mirafit drop pads dramatically reduce noise, protect your barbells and floors. Our weighted drop dvds dramatically decrease noise, shock and vibration while preventing your equipment from damage. The thick high density foam filling of our weightlifting drop discs absorbs sound and eliminates vibrations from dropping weights on a hard floor or wooden platform.

Mirafit Weightlifting Drop Pads

Mirafit Weightlifting Drop Pads are made of high density compressible foam to reduce noise and eliminate the risk of high impact dropping. Save your back and drop with Peace of Mind.

Mirafit Drop Pads Review

Mirafit’s Weightlifting Drop Pads are the perfect solution for when you want to drop you weight but don’t want it bouncing around. The pads offer a slip-proof way to drop weights for explosive lifts and they’ll stay put.

Drop weight safely and conveniently with the Mirafit Weightlifting Drop Pads, perfect for home or gym. Made from a new material developed by Mirafit that is lighter and more durable than foam, these pads can be placed on your knees or floor to help cushion the impact of dropping heavy weights. The vinyl cover allows the pad to easily absorb the shock when dropped, reducing the amount of noise created in your workout area.

Mirafit Weightlifting Drop Pads Best Price
Mirafit Weightlifting Drop Pads Best Price
  • Drop Pad Measurements:
    • Height: 15.5cm
    • Width: 75cm
    • Depth: 60cm

Why Buy the Mirafit Weightlifting Drop Pads?

The Mirafit Weightlifting Drop Pads provide a protective layer between your weights and the floor. The drop pads incorporate the Mirafit logo for an added touch of style.

Mirafit Weightlifting Drop Pads Review
Mirafit Weightlifting Drop Pads Review
  1. Ideal for free weights
  2. Protects the floor
  3. Weight can be dropped safely
  4. Are there for protection and safety
  5. Will help you lift more weight
  6. Keep you safe from injury

Mirafit’s weightlifting drop pads are the perfect solution for avoiding injuries when dropping weights. The surface has been designed specifically to absorb impact and the foam insert keeps the center of gravity low.

Mirafit Drop Pads

Mirafit Weightlifting Drop Pads Review Summary

The Mirafit weightlifting drop pads are designed to offer you a soft platform that would allow you train even on the hardest of floors. However, despite the features described and advertised, is it really as good as they say? We aim to find out in this review so proceed with us.

Mirafit Weightlifting Drop Pads
Mirafit Weightlifting Drop Pads

I’ve been a Mirafit fan for years. They make fantastic fitness gear, especially for anyone who has knees problems and/or wants to avoid injuries. Since many people ask me about their top choice of weightlifting drop pad, I decided to review the Mirafit Weightlifting Drop Pads!

If you’re in the market for a quality weightlifting drop pad then you should seriously consider the Mirafit Weightlifting Drop Pads!

Have you been looking for weightlifting drop pads, but simply can’t find any? Well, look no further than the Mirafit 2.5lb Drop Pads! These weightlifting drop pads are a great choice for anyone doing Olympic-style lifts and have been constructed from the same high-quality vinyl material as their barbells. Today we’ll be reviewing the Mirafit drop pads to see how they stack up against other options on the market.

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