Mirafit Plyo Box

Mirafit Plyo Boxes are the ideal way to build explosive power, strength, and agility. Use box jumps, incline and decline training for push ups, mountain climbers, and lunges in your workout routines. Plyometric boxes are available in steel or wood and high density foam for stability or softening any impact while making a jump.

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The Mirafit Plyo Box is a great addition to any training routine. Its high density foam construction is ideal for softening any impact as you train, while still providing sturdy support as you push yourself toward your fitness goals.

Mirafit Plyo Box
Mirafit Plyo Box

Mirafit plyo boxes are excellent for adding variety to your workout regime. These plyometric boxes are height adjustable and are also available in steel or high density foam. The steel box is widely used at professional facilities, while the foam version is perfect for beginners. The high density foam version has an anti-slip surface so you can train in comfort and safety.

Develop explosive speed with our plyometric jump boxes, ideal for both athletic and fitness training. Plyometric training focuses on the fast twitch muscles, which are responsible for power and quickness. Our plyometric boxes are lightweight and portable, allowing you to take your workout where you choose. Available in various sizes to suit any workout space.`

Mirafit Box

When it comes to Plyo boxes such as Mirafit’s some people simply refer to them as the “box” or jumping box. However you want to refer to the Mirafit Box is fine with us. We have been using the Mirafit Box for box jumps on our lunch boxes, and given the size of our team and the amount of workouts we do the “box” is still in great shape.

Our plyo boxes are made of different materials which have their own unique suitability for different performances. The wooden box is the most stable and durable with the longest life span. However we do advise that it’s not used by anyone over 200lbs/90kg as it could cause damage to the box itself. Plyometric boxes can be set up in many ways, using deep squats, step ups, or side steps, just to name a few. Adjusting this plyometer’s height, it can also be used for inclined push ups instead of bench presses. Paired with a soft landing mat and appropriate shoes or bare feet.

Whether you want to increase your explosive power, or just help prevent injuries, adding some plyometric exercises can be the ideal solution. Mirafit’s range of plyometric boxes are perfect for all abilities, and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Whether you want to improve your speed with box jumps, or allow for more depth on incline push ups, we have the ideal wide range of choices.

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