Mirafit Olympic Change Plates

The Mirafit change plates are definitely a nice looking change plate for your collection, but they are also the most expensive. Although it is likely that just about every jumper will eventually make it to the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, I think it is time to give them a little attention. 

I know that it is the right way for you if you just need the weight and not the fancy things around you, but I think it is very valuable to pay more for rubber inserts. The steel plate is just too expensive, considering that it is a nice Olympic pole, so I appreciate it if someone offers it at a slightly better price than the rubberized one. V-locks are a great alternative to the painted steel plates and the Strength Shop plates I will cover below, and they are still affordable. I feel like the price has gone up again this year And I am a little disappointed that I have to pay for more rubber insert plates. A little paint and a few extra layers of rubber can do wonders to drive up the price of a replaceable plate. 

Olympic Change Plates

Unlike traditional Olympic bars, the change plates on these bad boys don’t have a centralized hex-shaped opening. This means that the collars won’t stand up like normal plates with the change plates on them. Easy fix? Get rid of the collars. That way the combo is completely functional, and you can continue to have fun changing out your plates.

From personal experience, these change plates are good for keeping your floors from getting any scuffs from dropping weights, as well as not having to put up with a bunch of clanging. It makes changing weights really fast, so you can get back to the workout. The colors on the Mirafit plates also make it easy to spot the plate you want while they’re all stacked in a big pile immediately after your workout. While there are other options out there such as just colored rubber olympic plates and even plastic weight-change bucket combinations (which I prefer), these chains make spotting and throwing weights around that much faster and easier. It’s been my favorite home-gym investment thus far, although I don’t have any competition Mirafit benches or squat stands yet.

I have seen several different versions of Olympic Change Plates. These Mirafit change plates are great for an athlete to change their weight very quickly or slowly. You can make them with or without a handle and in any different materials such as wood or plastic. You can find the template for Olympic Change Plates on the picture above.

Olympic change plates are among the most innovative, high-quality weightlifting tools available. They’re well-suited for Olympic weightlifting and other strength and power sports, but they can also be used in a number of other ways as well. And with over 30 variations, there’s sure to be an Olympic change plate that will work for your needs.

Mirafit Olympic Change Plates Review
Mirafit Olympic Change Plates for sale

If you are already taking the next step in weight lifting, these plates are an ideal upgrade. For those who have limited space in their weight room or limited space to travel around with their Olympic pole, this is the perfect upgrade to take them to the next level. There are a few things you can expect from a removable plate, such as the weight claimed and the size of the plate itself, but once you have taken the next steps to lift the weights, these are ideal upgrades. 

Mirafit Olympic Change Plates Review

If you are looking for something that has proven to be a reliable workhorse at a reasonable price, then the Mirafit Training Bumper Plates combine the best of both worlds with a unique and powerful bumper plate. 

The Mirafit Olympic Bumper Plate is made of 100% hard rubber and is available in different colours and sizes. The colour of the Olympic plaque is not only important for display, as it generally corresponds to an approved code indicating weight. The Olympic plates are green, the Olympic plates with 15kg are yellow and the Olympic plates with 20kg and 30kg are red. No additional colour coding or markings are required on the surface of your bumper. 

I realise that most people are not really interested in the stamped certificate itself, but it is important to have it and know that the plate can vary very little from the stated weight. If you are lifting in kilograms or pounds, it is a fact that fragments of plates are useless unless you also have a removable plate. They are useful when the exchange number plate option for pounds does not allow one kilogram exchange number plate. You still need a change number plate, so you have to take care of it first. 

Ultimately, you need a big weight jump, and that is more often the case with beginners. If you are new enough to lift and have had a change of license plate but are a total beginner, then get away with it for now. 

Mirafit Olympic Change Plates Review
Mirafit Olympic Change Plates Review UK

Getting the Mirafit Olympic Change Plates for the Best Price

If your change number disappears tonight, you can order V-locks to replace it, but that’s another option. You should know that these are indeed the SS-USA swap plates we have discussed, and not the USA swap plates. 

The price is very, very competitive, with the Rep Change Plates set at £25 / kg full and £10 for the full set of 25 kg or £15 for a single change. 

When investing in a collection of weight plates, it is a good idea to know that you need an Olympic standard plate. If you want to do deadlifting or Olympic-style weightlifting, you need bumper plates that only come in Olympic size. On the other hand, if you work in kilograms, you expect to spend quite a lot on a full set (which is why I include fragments in this post), at $25 / kg full and $10 for the only change. The advantage of the bumper plate is that it raises the bar higher than a cast iron plate, which is why it is ideal for deadlifting and Olympic weightlifting. 

Mirafit Olympic Change Plates Review
Mirafit Olympic Change Plates Review

They also have the same diameter regardless of weight, so the plate hits the ground when it falls and causes less damage than an Olympic pole. 

By using a weight plate, you can control the exact amount of weight you lift to ensure that you have a balanced weight load, and you don’t have to worry about hitting the bar with a rubber plate during the lifting process. In my opinion, this is because most people can carry much less load than a normal swap plate would allow, but they do not have to lift every kilogram. Most people are comfortable with the 1 – 2 kg steps that are possible with standard plates, they do not need a jump of 0.125 – 25 kg, so fracture discs allow for much lower load increases. You can be sure that the specified weight is correct, even if it is smaller than the actual weight. 

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