Mirafit Non Bounce Slam Ball

Mirafit Non Bounce Slam Ball Review

The Mirafit not only sells the best slam balls, but also sells them in a variety of sizes, shapes and sizes. The product is available in four sizes to build the right impact ball for you, and weights range from 3 kg to 15 kg, with the smallest weight measuring 23 cm in diameter and 28 cm in diameter. Those weighing 10 kg or less have a diameter of 22 cm, those weighing 15-20 kg and having a diameter of 30-40 cm Diameter 30 cm and 5 – 7 kg have a diameter of 20 cm, 20 – 25 cm and 25 – 30 cm. 

They are all about the same size, with heavier products (12 kg and more) slightly larger. There are different weights because the weights come from the size of the slammball itself, as opposed to the overall size it has, and there is a different weight for each size. Sources: 0

Other slam ball brands usually skip a few weights at the lower end of the scale, but it’s worth noting that this is the full prize payment. The 10kg battering balls are the cheapest on the list compared to the other 10kg options and currently cost just £29.57. A 40 kg Mirafit slam ball costs if you sell it often for more than it needs, so grab a Mirafit Discount Voucher here.

Mirafit is a great fitness company and they carry certain weights that are not common at other providers. They also carry heavy impact balls, with a range of 5 kg to 20 kg, and even further than most other suppliers further down the scale. 

Mirafit Non Bounce Slam Ball UK

For strength training, I recommend a ball that is at least 2 kg heavier than the Mirafit ball without bounce. METIS Fitness’ range of slamballs has bigger size gains, but some people want to use smaller weights. Sources: 0, 1

Furthermore, different trainers can personalize the ball in the right size and then choose the best weights that suit their needs for their functional training. The variation of the diameter of the power ball you use changes the dynamics of the exercises you do. 

For example, medicine balls and slams may require medium-sized balls, while medicine balls for cleaning purposes may work better with much larger balls. If you want to recover from an injury and slowly get back to your functional fitness level, it’s great for you to slowly work your way up to 1kg. To ensure a progressive workout over time, make sure to choose a medicine ball set that allows you to continuously increase the number of different exercises you perform while keeping control. For example, when you use heavy medicine balls for strength training, you can use smaller, lighter balls to train speed and flexibility. 

Medicine Ball Training (CPD) accredited staff and learn how to do this with our free medical ball and non-bounce slams training guide. 

Mirafit Non Bounce Slam Ball Review UK

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our guide to buying the best slam balls if you’re based in the UK and choose the good ones that suit your fitness goals. Below are 13 of our favorite slam balls that you can use both outside the gym and in your gym as part of your home workout routine. BodyMax Slam Balls, designed for functional and intensive exercises, are among our best online suppliers of slam balls. 

This range is not only suitable for light children and beginners, but Metis has balls from 3 kg in stock. R Sports has a wide range of products, with a range of heavy impact balls up to 23 kg. Another brand we have already discussed, R-Sports has a wide selection of slam ball options, and they hold all the brands we mentioned. 

They have a wide range of Olympic weights, dumbbell sets and plates, including Olympic dumbbell sets, Olympic weights sets and Olympic weights. Their Olympic rubber coated weight set is available in different sizes to meet the needs of each individual plant. 

The average diameter of R-sports balls is 9 inches, which tends to be the best in the world, which gives you the greatest flexibility compared to the smaller and larger options. There is not much room for other manufacturers to constantly increase the diameter of impact balls in order to absorb heavier filling material with increasing ball weight. D – ball does not bounce, which creates an additional workload for those who train with a slamball, as it has to pick up the ground with every throw. There is a wide range of power balls, dumbbell sets and plates as well as a variety of different weights. 

Mirafit Non Bounce Slam Ball Uses

Functional training for children can be a great way to get them moving without putting their bodies under stress by lifting large weights. Fatigue at the end of a workout can affect motor skills, so it is essential to choose a ball that allows you to keep control even when you are tired.

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