Mirafit Yoke

Mirafit M3 Strongman Yoke Review

Before going into detail about my selection, I will go into how I selected each and answer some of the most frequently asked The M3 Strongman Yoke from Mirafit is a bit of a niche piece of equipment but, as you are reading this review, I’ll bet there are several people who want to know if it’s worth getting. If you are part of that group, then you should read on and learn whether or not the M3 Original is right for you.

If you’re looking for one of the toughest, most versatile pieces of equipment on the market, then look no further than the Mirafit M3 Strongman Yoke. More than just a replacement for your traditional dumbbells, this piece offers a variety of configurations to challenge any experienced lifter. Whether you’re looking to increase your strength and gain mass or tone up and get cut, the M3 is a worthwhile investment. Unlike many other pieces of equipment however, it’s pretty pricey—but its versatility may well make it worth it to you.

Mirafit Yoke
Mirafit Yoke

Though it is no common fixture at your local commercial gym, the Strongman yoke is a piece of equipment that has been around for decades. The modern incarnation of this classic strength training tool is the Mirafit M3 Strongman yoke. It is solid, durable, and can provide you with years of strength training opportunities.

Mirafit Yoke Review

In conclusion, we are giving the Mirafit Yoke a four-star review. This yoke is a quality addition to anyone’s strongman training, and because of its compact nature, you can do squats and flips in your garage or small space very well. We feel that this yoke is versatile and durable enough to last you for a long time if you take care of it. There are much more expensive pieces out there, but the Mirafit M3 is surprisingly well-made for the price tag.

Bottom Line: While we put the Mirafit M3 Strongman Yoke through our standard testing procedures, we are well impressed with this product. At a price of $300, this Strongman Yoke is a solid piece of equipment for anyone who is serious about Functional Fitness training and trying to mimic competitive Strongman events. Overall, the build quality and durability of this product make it one of our favorites. We highly recommend buying this product through Amazon due to their excellent customer service should you encounter any problems down the road.

Mirafit Strongman Yoke
Mirafit Strongman Yoke

M3 Strongman Yoke

The M3 Strongman Yoke is unique and offers a whole new way to workout. This is not just another equipment toy, it can actually add some remarkable stimulus to your training sessions. For those athletes that want to improve their yoke walk and will benefit from heavy loaded carries, the M3 device is a great way to up the intensity. It is also perfect for your regular training even if you don’t have access to the car or are too busy with work, family obligations, etc… we all have our time constraints. We use many pieces of equipment and there is nothing fancy about the Mirafit strongman yoke. But by providing a heavy loaded carry alternative it will provide an entirely new stimulus for strength athletes and I would recommend it for anyone that has a desire to take their training up to the next level and beyond.

The M3 Yoke is without a doubt the best Strongman Yoke on the market and offers some of the same benefits as the ancient Roman Plumbata, which means it is a must-have for anyone who is serious about their training. The M3 Strongman Yoke is just an all-around amazing piece of equipment and at under £400 I seriously doubt you will find anything better for that price.

The M3 Strongman Yoke does exactly what it set out to do: simulate the real life experience of carrying heavy items. It’s actually a very simple piece of equipment, but it does a magnificent job of providing a realistic way to strengthen the back, grip and shoulders. I feel as if I now have a much better understanding of what I need to work on in order to get stronger and I will likely be incorporating this device into my training routine.

Mirafit M3 Strongman Yoke Review

Strongman Yoke For Sale

As you can imagine, having a strongman yoke for sale is going to be ideal for many different types of exercises. If you hope to duplicate the movements and lifting styles of Arnold Schwarzenegger (aka The Governator) or multi-millionaire strong man Marius Pudzianowski (aka Daddy), this is the piece of equipment for you. Others may even find that these yokes are perfect for training their dogs, helping them build muscle and burn excess fat.

If you are lucky enough to live near a powerlifting gym, or if you know someone in the sport of powerlifting, then you may be able to purchase a Strongman Yoke for significantly less than what it retails for on eBay. It’s important to realize that used equipment can be risky and might not meet your needs. That said, if you know someone who has used this piece of equipment and can demonstrate that it is safe, then I recommend purchasing used equipment from strongman competitors before anyone else.

Mirafit M3 Strongman Yoke UK

We have tested almost every type of functional trainers currently on the market and there is not a better functional trainer then the Strongman yoke. The Strongman yoke is able to put more lateral load on muscles then you can imagine. The benefits of the Strongman yoke are endless and the price does not hurt at all. Give it a try, it is worthwhile!

Well, it certainly looks like you can use a yoke in your workout routine. The challenge is finding the right one for you. Strongman yokes come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. It’s up to you to evaluate these factors and pick out an option that will enhance your luxury home gym.

Mirafit M3 Strongman Yoke

Mirafit Strongman Yoke Review UK

Overall, the trifecta spikes of the Mirafit Strongman Yoke are outstanding in their uniqueness and utility. They reflect a well-thought-out design that prioritizes user experience, handling comfort, and durability. While some may not be able to invest in the hefty price tag of this yoke, those who do will be rewarded with a truly unique piece of equipment great for throwing into the mix in order to keep training fresh, the body guessing, and to work muscles from angles that many neglect altogether.

Overall we are impressed by the quality of the Strongman Yoke. The price is very reasonable, so if you want a great piece of kit that can help you in your training then it is worth considering. However, if you don’t really plan to use it much – say only 2 or 3 times a month – then there are plenty of cheaper options out there which may be better suited to your training schedule. Having said that, even though we didn’t get on with the way the Mirafit Strongman Yoke was made yet still appreciate its positive features, there is a risk that this is simply a case of ‘you get what you pay for’. When you buy products from bigger brands who have been in business for longer and have more resources available to them, you often end up paying more for their products – but do also end up getting more for your money as well.

Mirafit Strongman Yoke Review
Mirafit Strongman Yoke Review

The Mirafit Strongman Yoke is a specialized product that is not for everyone, but if you have the need for it and have the money to spend on it, it’s an even more specialized item that’s well worth the cost. It’s perfect for heavy lifters who may be looking to build power in their traps and upper back. The yoke makes moving weight over long distances less of a strain than traditional methods.

You can’t use this device to pull yourself up, but wearing it is one of the only things you can do with it. 

If you want to participate in a carry competition, you must be prepared to work with the bowling circus, dumbbell bags and tree trunks that can be used for all kinds of exercises. Strength training requires strength training equipment at home, so if you decide to use barrels or sandbags, work on establishing a sturdy foundation. Push-ups will get you to the floor with the equipment you use. 

Mirafit Yoke For Sale
Mirafit Yoke For Sale

The yokes of the Rogue Y series are equipped with two horns mounted on the back, one on each side of the yoke and two on each side. This device is reliable and can be easily balanced with the yoke, as the horn position provides greater stability when using a squat rack. Made in the USA at Rogue’s Ohio factory, this bad boy follows the same design principles as the Rogue M3 Strongman Yoke, but with a slightly different design. 

Mirafit has also released a new line of Strongman training gear. The kit includes the yoke, atlas stone bag, and log carrier. Constructed from 4mm thick material, these weights are fully-welded and come with free international shipping.

The M3 top quality workout equipment that is made from high grade steel and has been rust-proofed with powder coating. You can solve a number of different physique and fitness goals by using one or more pieces of this equipment. I never thought that I would have a fully equipped gym in my home. The Mirafit Strongman Yoke has everything that you need to change your body. You can focus on losing weight and burning fat, working out your abs, increasing overall strength, conditioning your body and much more. Every exercise can be performed safely thanks to the great construction of the equipment. The products come in a well constructed box with a number of protective styrofoam inserts to ensure safe transportation across the country and around the world.

Black Mirafit Yoke UK
Black Mirafit Yoke UK

Mirafit Yoke Review

Mirafit Yoke is a complete, lightweight and portable toning system for your arms, all on one tool. Mirafit Yoke makes toning simple, effective and easy to do anywhere!

The conclusion of our Mirafit Yoke reviews: we found the Mirafit Yoke to be a great, sturdy pull-up bar at an incredible price. The bar more than serves its purpose. In fact, the bargain-priced bar may be the best on the market for those looking for an inexpensive way to improve their pull-up ability.

Mirafit Yoke is the perfect online tool to let you create and run your fitness plan. There are many benefits to having a fitness program like this and if you don’t already have one, you should definitely consider it. I hope this article has helped and that you try it out for yourself.

We’ve been working on the Mirafit Yoke for almost two years, and we’re excited to finally share it with the world. After we heard about the tragic death of a CrossFitter, we wanted to find a way to make our workout safer. The result was a vest designed to improve the ergonomics of heavy overhead lifting. I hope this video helps you lift safely, and that you love your Mirafit Yoke as much as we do.

While you might need to experiment with a few different weights to find the right one for your back and shoulders, Mirafit Yoke sits alongside other exercises in the category of “miracle abs” — it helps tighten the area (especially if you perform the exercise on a regular basis).

Lifting the Mirafit M3 Yoke
Lifting the Mirafit M3 Yoke

The Mirafit Yoke does everything that a standard yoga bag would do, but it gets you thinking about the materials and what you carry with you to class. It’s a simple design that has a remarkable impact on your kit, and it makes you smarter about what you carry with you. Since the bag isn’t insulated like a backpack, it won’t carry more than a yoga mat, towel, and water bottle if necessary.

Scientifically proven to improve the length and quality of your sleep, the Mirafit Yoke will give you a better night’s rest in just seven days.

If you do arm care twists regularly, if you have bad posture, and/or if you’ve ever pulled a muscle on the left side of your chest then the Mirafit Yoke is something worth looking into. It’s a great piece of equipment that will help to maintain your strength and stability on any number of common exercises like bench presses, incline benches, 1 arm rows, and more. The Yoke makes training safer as well; don’t expect to set new PR’s too soon.

Mirafit Yoke M3
Mirafit Yoke M3

The Mirafit yoke is a great product that can serve as a home gym and then some. It is great for users of any experience level. It has multiple attachments that help you target specific areas, such as your arms, shoulders, back and chest. There are multiple resistance levels to choose from in order to accommodate different user needs. Some resistance levels have Bluetooth integration with phone apps, so that you can track your progress; there are even ones that tell time.

Mirafit M3 Strongman Yoke Specs

The strong man method is an excellent method to develop grip strength, as athletes hold a variety of objects of different sizes and weights in their hands. Sandbags, wheelbarrows and water – filled weights are just a few of the tools athletes need to stabilize themselves and make adjustments to muscles and posture to combat the effects of constantly shifting weighted objects. If you’re looking for a yoke that doubles as a hockey stand, you’ll want to look for something that has a decent number of J cups. The farmer walk can be carried out with a side-mounted pin or with the Rogue M3 Strongman yoke.

M3 Yoke


  1. Stability: greater than 183cm range
  2. Versatility: The 233cm Yoke is for super strong men, around 100 kg, who need a more compact height to enable multiple lifts.
  3. Quality: The 208cm is the most versatile height, allowing you to do style of lifts from the comfort of your home gym.
  4. Has six top quality squat positions
  5. Three heavy duty hooks for straps or chains
  6. Maximum height of over 6ft!
  7. Made from top quality 3″ x 3″ steel tubing
  8. Can hold up to 600lbs!
  9. Easy to assemble
  10. Solid construction
  11. Sturdy, stable and durable

If 2 or 3 is your preferred choice, then it is what you are looking for with The Mirafit M3 Strongman yoke is available in a variety of sizes and shapes. 

As far as specifications are concerned, the Rogue yoke has a total area of 50 ” times 48 ‘and has an 11 track 2 / 3’ ‘upright. The uprising that creates the height is actually the only difference between the three, since the other specifications are the same. Granted, you won’t be able to see the disc sleds in all four corners, but that’s about it. 

M3 Mirafit Yoke Attachments

Even if you’re not a strong man, this yoke is a great option for home – based on strength and conditioning, especially for those of you who are.

In fact, this yoke could be great for beginners on a low budget, as it will probably be cheaper. The Titan The T-3 series offers many features that you need for your budget. It offers all the essentials in a package that is still quite versatile and also quite affordable.

The Mirafit M3 Yoke weighs 350 kg and is so durable that you don’t have to put a barbell somewhere in a squat to make your body fail with this yoke. In other words: It is a tripod that can be loaded with a lot of weight and can be mounted with a back support. If you do not intend to load this yoke to its limit, you will get away with a lower weight class. If you are looking to buy the Mirafit M3 Yoke grab a Mirafit Voucher Code here to save money here.

Mirafit M3 Strongman Yoke UK in use

However, there are also some models aimed at household users, and some models designed for serious work as a strong man. One of the things that sets this model apart from most picks is that it comes with a pull-up bar. Although this does not affect your main application, the laterally mounted horn provides a much better squat position, as there is no plate for loading and unloading barbells upright. I finally came to the conclusion that the standard 2 ‘”space is fine for most applications, but can be a nuisance if you end up finding it difficult to get into the sweet spot with the security of a bench press spotter arm. 

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