Mirafit M3 Power Cage Fat Grip Pull Up Bar

The Mirafit M3 power cage fat grip pull up bar is an add on for the M3 power cage. Take a look at the review below or use the link below to buy.

Sorinex Exercise Equipment produces a wide range of fitness equipment to improve your workout and get the most out of your workout room and gym facilities. This Mirafit Pull Up Bar with multi-gym cable pull-up machine attachment, which handles weight lifting in the powerrack, bench press, pull-up, and triceps bar chin-ups. The M3 Power Cage Fat Grip – Bar, triceps bar, and weight racks for weight lifting are available everywhere in the Fitness Factory. 

Mirafit M3 Power Cage Fat Grip Pull Up Bar
Mirafit M3 Power Cage Fat Grip Pull Up Bar

The sleeve, which adapts to barbell bars from 30 mm to 50 mm, has threaded closures for additional safety. Dip Grip handles are attached to the M3 Power Cage Fat Grip – Bar with multi-gym rope hoist – lift for the device, including a wide – lift and extractor. 

The M3 Power Cage Fat Grip Pull – Up Bar is suitable for a range of strength training exercises and is suitable for a variety of exercises such as bench press, squats, deadlifts, chin-ups, and chin-ups. It is equipped with a multi-purpose cable hoist – lift for the device, which includes a wide lift and puller as well as a single turntable cable hoist and puller.

To get the power supply, go to the Weight and Bar section to complete your set and pull up the barbells. If you enjoy the M3 Power Cage Fat Grip Pull – Up Bar, you should use the MIRAFIT discount code, voucher or voucher and return legitimate orders. 

If you find any problems, please contact us immediately to resolve the matter in the best possible way. To help you find your way, complete your pull-up station with the M3 Power Cage Fat Grip Pull-Up Bar. Pull up, calisthenics, body weights, push-ups and more. 

Mirafit M3 Power Cage Fat Grip Pull Up Bar
Mirafit M3 Power Cage Fat Grip Pull Up Bar

Mirafit M3 Power Cage Fat Grip Pull Up Bar Review

Lift 320 weights with the M3 Power Cage Fat Grip Pull – Up Bar for a total of 1,000 pounds of bodyweight. 

Deep knurled 1 / 1 / 4 ” ‘deep and with a Power Rack dip fastening for up to 90% of traction – the total weight of the knurled bar. 

The Mirafit Power Rack for the control panel can help you perform a variety of strengthening exercises including chin-ups, squats, deadlifts, bench presses, and chin-ups. Add functionality and training variety to your rack – i.e., exercise with a barbell standing up or even with a bench and exercise in a lying position. Options added to the Power Rack include bench press, squat press, push-ups, dumbbell, lift, deadlift, and other exercises. 

This mesh cage sets back almost 400 PS400, which makes it the most expensive option compared to Mirafit’s mesh cage products. Note: To better compare the heavy load stops of MirAFit, we will compare the first net cage we discussed in the previous section with other net cages. The popular cable upgrade kit is available in two sizes – the M3 Power Cage and the M2 Power Rack. 

When you want to use this net cage for bench press in flat incline, it is important to note that the cable system is limited when positioning the weight bench depending on the bench type. When you use the M2 Power Rack, you can forget about more demanding workouts and use what we have here. The M3 Power Cage has a built-in back-to-back pull rod with a cable upgrade kit, similar to the other Mirafit net cages. 

Most weight racks have a chin-up bar for exercising the back, but you can forget that, as we offer several options in one design. The M2 Power Rack for bench press can also make the bar dive or even dive. 

Mirafit M3 Power Cage Fat Grip Pull Up Bar Review
Mirafit M3 Power Cage Fat Grip Pull Up Bar Review


The different handle options allow to make a few other variations, which have no special name, but are still very good. I love that this bar has a grip that varies when I do chin-ups, and I have done it in spades. 

This allows you to align with your Power Rack and reach the right weight limit, and you can ensure that it can be matched with the Power Racks and gets you to the right weights and limits. This ensures coordination and takes you to the limits of weight, as well as a good balance between strength and flexibility. 

A good strength storage is a garage fitness, which one needs, because one can lift heavy weights with it surely. Power Racks are so versatile and can handle a much heavier weight load compared to squat racks and spotters. Louis explains why it’s so important to have a power rack in the garage or even in the gym at home, as well as in the gym itself.

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