Mirafit Hex Olympic Weight Plates

Mirafit Hex Olympic Weight Plates Are incredibly well made hex plates that you can lift for years to come. Check the review I have written on the Mirafit Hex Olympic Weight Plates here.

A suitable Olympic barbell is an affordable and durable plate, which is equipped with a sturdy inner construction made of galvanized steel, which can endure the punishment of daily use. A simple 12.2 cm long bar requires a standard 1kg weight plate and a spinlock collar to keep it in place.

The Mirafit Hex Olympic Weight Plates looks good, the inside dimensions look good, it has 16 sleeves and is fragile. It is a beautiful trap bar and the price of an American barbell is not out of control. Built to the specifications of the International Weightlifter Federation, the mammoth is rated at 7ft 215kpi and can hold any kind of weight and stack like a barbell for Olympic-style lifting. 

Mirafit Hex Olympic Weight Plates
Mirafit Hex Olympic Weight Plates

If you are lucky enough to have some space to burn, you can buy this set for 1-2.5 kg each. If you have little space, the adjustable dumbbell set looks fantastic and takes up almost no space. And if you are a chrome lover or a rubber fantasist, we have found a good home for you to browse through. 

The Mirafit Hex Olympic Weight Plates is unique in that it has two grips and the same thick diameter (19.1 “). I suppose that’s great if you want an axle trap, but I think the lack of one and the smaller diameter of the handle make it a niche trap of sorts. The body is solid and ready for battle, and the trap rod has been developed for the new Army Combat Readiness Test. 

Mirafit Hex Olympic Weight Plates Review

The Olympic barbell is the largest part of the kit because it is needed to perform the most complex lifting techniques such as tearing, cleaning and pressing. It is not much lower than 185kpi, with a standard weight of 20kg distributed over a length of 1.8-2.1m and a striking diameter of 28mm. Powerlifting bars are used for lifts that stack weight, such as bench press, deadlift and squat. 

Mirafit Hex Olympic Weight Plates UK For Sale
Mirafit Hex Olympic Weight Plates UK For Sale

If we break down the different types of weight plates, the most important considerations of the sleeve diameter, the above-mentioned materials that make up them, are the weight and the general shape and design. The rubber weight plates are covered with a urethane coating, so they do not smell pleasantly new, but they protect the floor a little from falls and prove to be easy to handle overall. 

The rubber plates are equipped with grip cutouts for use with barbells, whereby specific biceps curls and shoulder strengthening can be done. With an excellent weight range, the number of provided incremental jumps makes this a practical alternative to Bowflex. The weight can be up to 23 kg, which is ideal for both beginners and advanced lifters. 

Mirafit Hex Olympic Weight Plates Best Price UK

If you are new to the game, 10.88 kg is enough to stimulate hypertrophy and muscle growth. Dumbbells can reach up to 23kg and if you add extra weight, it is up to you to grow. 

Mirafit Hex Olympic Weight Plates 1

The Mirafit Hex Olympic Weight Plates offers 26 handles, and weighs 2.5 kg. At a thickness of 45 mm, this is a rear of a forearm training. The sleeve length is short, but there are 10 bolted units with a maximum capacity of 700lb for the rod, so you do not need to use a bumper. 

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There is nothing wrong with this, but they differ in size, weight, colour, shape and material, all of which have a significant influence on their use. The smooth surface of the Olympic disc is not conducive to curling when pressed. 

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