Mirafit Extra Thick Weightlifting Drop Pads

Mirafit Extra Thick Weightlifting Drop Pads are designed especially for weightlifters. These drop pads allow you to safely drop barbells and dumbbells anywhere. Made from a high-density polyethylene foam, they lie completely flat when not in use, so you can use the space efficiently and store them easily under your weights rack.

Mirafit drop pads are made of extra thick foam for ultimate durability. Size: 5″ x 9″. Thickness: 1″ Thick. Suitable for barbell training, landmine training or dumbbells. Ideal for strongman training with Atlas Stones, Yoke, Loading Race and Sandbag to name a few exercises. Also great as a protective layer on the floor when doing gymnastic type exercises like skips over a horizontal bar.

Mirafit Extra Thick Weightlifting Drop Pads Total Review
Mirafit Extra Thick Weightlifting Drop Pads Total Review

Never worry about dropping those weights again! Mirafit Extra Thick Weightlifting Drop Pads absorb the shock and bounce of heavy weight sets used in barbell training, making it safe for you to drop them on a solid surface. These strong drop pads are constructed from tough polyethylene foam, which is also extra thick for your added protection.

Would we buy the Mirafit Extra Thick Weightlifting Drop Pads?

These ingeniously simple drop pads from Mirafit are the world’s best at what they do: absorb barbell impacts during overhead lifts. Made of extra thick, recycled, closed cell foam with a natural rubber bottom. They are also great for dumbbell work including bench presses, squats, shoulder presses and more. We have these drop pads in our own work gym and have given them a lot of use. We have yet to find a better set of drop pads for the money, so yes we would buy the drop pads and have!

Why buy the Drop Pads?

You are probably thinking, why would I need extra thick drop pads for my training?
That is a great question.
Mirafit extra thick drop pad helps protect your flooring from scratches. It also has the unique design to absorb the shock waves produced by dropping of weights, think of your neighbours!

Mirafit Extra Thick Weightlifting Drop Pads Total Review
Mirafit Extra Thick Weightlifting Drop Pads Total Review

Drop the weight and you don’t have to worry about injuring yourself or damaging your floor, these drop pads are suitable for all types of weights and can be used as a stand alone piece of equipment – great if your gym doesn‘t have any platforms available. I’ve been using mine for months now and there’s no sign of wear and tear.


Weightlifting platform designed to protect flooring and prevent damage to equipment.

  • Mirafit is a well-known manufacturer
  • Extra thick drop pad to absorb the weight while lifting
  • Ideal for experienced weightlifters
  • Self-correcting drop pad
  • Incredibly durable and thick
  • Extra thick foam padding
  • Elongated design
  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Easy to spot at the gym
Mirafit Extra Thick Weightlifting Drop Pads For Sale
Mirafit Extra Thick Weightlifting Drop Pads For Sale

Review summary

Mirafit drop pads work in conjunction with your barbell set, allowing you to safely drop your weights up to a height of 1.5m. Because everyone makes mistakes — except at Mirafit we take care of you to prevent any real damage. You worked out hard. And I appreciate how much you trust me. So let’s protect that trust in your investment and keep your place clean with a pair of drop pads that can handle it.

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