Mirafit Exercise Stepper

Mirafit Stepper is a great way to get a full-body workout in the comfort of your own home, and are suitable for anyone from beginners to those with more experience. Our wide variety of steppers come with or without a display screen, allowing you to choose the one that suits your needs. The total body workout you get from using our steppers is very similar to running, but it’s much easier on your joints so it’s ideal for those with injured knees or other joint problems – plus you’ll burn calories even while sitting down!

Mirafit Steppers are designed to be simple to use, but are guaranteed to help you get fit and lose weight. Strengthen your legs and bottom with the adjustable height blocks so they can match how far you can comfortably lift your feet off the ground.

Mirafit Step

If you are looking for something to help motivate and challenge you, then our step trainers are ideal. The steps feature a variety of heights so that you can achieve a low impact workout or step it up a notch. The compact design means they can fit neatly into any corner of your home, deliver an intense workout and give ultimate flexibility. Sometimes called an Mirafit Aerobic Step, the exercise stepper will help you get fit.

Mirafit Exercise Step
Mirafit Exercise Step

Mirafit Exercise Step Review

The Mirafit classic aerobic step is a fantastic all-rounder. With four height blocks you can tailor your workout to suit, and the ergonomic top means it’s comfortable to use while you exercise. It’s an excellent place to start for people new to stepping – and if you desire a bit more of a challenge, just move the blocks up or add some of our other equipment into the mix, like our chest shoulder and leg press or lateral pull down unit.

The Mirafit Exercise Stepper is a great way to get fit or tone your muscles. Choose from our fantastic range of steppers, including coloured exercise steppers and gym step models to suit your taste.

Exercise Steppers are great for getting a low impact workout. They’re quick and easy to use, so you can fit them into your busy lifestyle. Across our range, you’ll find steppers of all sorts of shapes, colours and sizes.

For a low impact workout that’s easy on the joints, this Step is the answer. Mirafit have combined a fitness step and a display into one piece of equipment. Get your heart pumping with interval training, and enjoy the extra padding for an all-over comfortable workout.

Mirafit Exercise Step Review
Mirafit Exercise Step Review

Mirafit Premium Exercise Step Review

Get a low impact workout when you step with the Mirafit Premium Exercise Stepper. This aerobic stepper is ideal for those starting out, and can easily be stored away between uses. This stepper has specially designed ridges on its top surface, which ensures that you have a solid grip on the stepper throughout your workout. The Mirafit Premium Stepper comes with display and bungee cords to target your arms more effectively during your workout.

The Premium High-Rise Step is a non-slip, high quality step that can be used for aerobic exercise in the comfort of your home. Perfect for anyone starting out and their raiser blocks fit neatly underneath for easy storage. The Premium High Rise Step comes with an integrated step timer and count down display – perfect for keeping you motivated!

Our premium aerobic step is ideal for anyone starting out. Featuring anti-slip ridges, the height can be adjusted for a low impact workout. It’s great for targeting your legs and includes a display monitor for tracking your progress.

The Mirafit Premium Exercise Stepper is perfect for anybody just starting out on their fitness journey, who wants to begin physiotherapy to help rehabilitate an injury, or for those who want to tone-up and lose weight. Its wide range of height settings means that you can do workouts that focus on both legs and arms alike. It’s also fantastic for helping improve posture and prevent slouching – you’ll love the results!

Get fit for free with a Mirafit Premium Aerobic Step. These are ideal for Slimming, toning and strengthening your legs, thighs, glutes, buns, calves and back.

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