Mirafit Deadlift Platform

The Mirafit Deadlift Platform gives a steady platform to complete safe deadlifts. Constructed of sturdy and durable materials, this platform helps provide the proper form for a safer workout. The Mirafit Deadlift Platform structure is supported by an extruded aluminium frame and steel base plates containing neoprene bushings to help keep the bar aligned. It comes with an adjustable J-hooks with spring collars that allow you to load more weight and perform excellent repetitive movements.

Mirafit Deadlift Platform Review

The Mirafit Deadlift Platform gives a steady, compact and wide platform to complete safe deadlifts. It has a 38mm height rise to accommodate weights of up to 450Kg and can be adjusted up two heights for comfortable positioning. Also it features a 37mm rear adjustment, and a patented depth guide to help you get the most out of each lift. To build muscle faster, this platform is ideal for anyone that wants to get stronger while keeping their back healthy. We have managed to use the Mirafit deadlift platform for this review and its great, fully sturdy and well made.

Mirafit Deadlift Platform For Sale
Mirafit Deadlift Platform For Sale

Mirafit Deadlift Platform is a 4 inch high stage that will add to the comfort of your deadlift workout. This platform is non-moveable, so it gives you a stable area for placing weights when doing squats and bench presses as well.

The most stable Deadlift Platform on the market: The Mirafit Deadlift Platform gives a steady platform to complete safe deadlifts. It allows you to perform different kinds of deadlifts like conventional deadlift, sumo deadlift or stiff legs deadlift.

Mirafit Deadlift Platform
Mirafit Deadlift Platform Set Up

Would we buy the Mirafit Deadlift Platform?

The Mirafit Deadlift Platform uses a balanced base with a single post providing maximum levels of safety. If you are looking for a well made, great priced deadlift platform then we would suggest this is a great buy. Deadlift Platform For Safe, Effective Workout: Mirafit Deadlift Platform gives you a stable platform to complete deadlifts without injury. Get more out of your deadlifts by using a Mirafit Deadlift Platform.

  • It is built to last and will take your weight
  • Ideal for top quality deadlifts
  • Make a hole in the wall and no more messes after lifting or squatting
  • Makes the deadlifts safer
  • Helps to avoid overstepping
  • Superb build quality
  • Gives a non-slip surface
  • Improve strength and workout safely
  • Ergonomically designed for shoulder comfort
  • Durable to high-load lifting

Review Summary

The platform improves safety, stability, and convenience for all users while it saves time and space to do your workouts properly. Provides the perfect platform for a safe, smooth lift.The Most Stable Deadlift Platform: A deadlift platform is in a league of its own when it comes to providing increased stability for the exercise, but this isn’t always the case. The Mirafit Deadlift Platform was designed and configured with your safety in mind, and it provides one of the most stable platforms available today while standing at an affordable price that’s within reach for anyone looking to get into lifting weights.

Mirafit Deadlift Platform UK
Mirafit Deadlift Platform UK

It’s a solid, inexpensive piece of equipment. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of some of its competitors but it provides what is needed to pick heavy objects off the ground…a steady platform. Mirafit – The Deadlift Platform for Anyone Who Lifts.

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