Mirafit Colour Splash Bumper Plates

  Mirafit Colour Splash Bumper Plates are designed to be dropped, lifted and thrown. Use these bumper plates like you hate them and they will last for a long time. Take a look at our review of the Mirafit Colour Splash Bumper Plates here.

Hi-temp’s rogue bumper plates are our best bumper plate for the money, and we check the contrast lettering added for quick and easy identification. The bumper plate uses a steel insert hook that stays in place even after being dropped multiple times. These low-cost hard rubber bumpers are painted smooth black and look great in your garage, home or gym. 

Competition variants often have metal rings that help keep the disc in shape and rotate it during performance. Technical plates, on the other hand, are simpler as a whole, have no metal ring and are often available in much lighter versions

Mirafit Colour Splash Bumperplates
Mirafit Colour Splash Bumperplates

The advantage of bumper plates is that they raise the bar higher than cast iron plates, another reason why they are ideal for deadlifts and Olympic lifts. They also have the same diameter, regardless of weight, and also make the lift a little quieter when lifting in the house is a problem. If you are planning the o Olympic lift, you will need a bumper when you drop your pole where a fall by intention is inevitable. The plate hits the ground when it drops and causes less damage to the plate than an Olympic pole.

If you have also set up dumbbells and want to store them, then a product like the CCLIFE is perfect for you. It is worth researching what type of barbell or dumbbell ball you would like to buy and opting for a smaller plate. Get the best deals on exercise machines and update them with our great online selection at eBay.com. 

Mirafit Colour Splash Bumper Plates Review

Black weight plate with a barbell of 1.5 kg and a weight ball of 2 kg for a total weight of 4 kg. 

These high quality CrossFit bumpers are made from recycled crumbled rubber and recycled rubber from our local factory in the UK. The bumper is made of a special rubber that is abrasion resistant and stable, which means that the bumper lasts for many years without changing the wear parts with the standard rubber. Each bumper disc has a precise weight of 1.5 kg and a weight ball of 2 kg per gram for a total of 4 kg. 

The urethane bumpers are available in a variety of colours to allow a wide range of different colour options for different body types. The board is made of a urea buffer, a no-brainer, which provides increased durability and makes it a good choice for CrossFit athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Mirafit Colour Splash Bumper for sale
Mirafit Colour Splash Bumper for sale

2 inch plates are called “Olympic plates” and things can get confusing, but if you routinely fall from top to bottom and charge, the warranty is void because the items look like metal plates. If you are exercising with the Olympic lifts and regularly fall to the height or waist, then the bumpers are the right choice for you. They should only be used for lifts where the pole can be dropped, such as the catch or overhead pole, and they are used in Olympic lifts. 

Mirafit Colour Splash Bumper Plates Price

If you are looking for a home gym or want to build a CrossFit gym, a basic set of exercise boards is the best choice. First, you need to decide what type of bumpers and plates you want, but for most of us there will be basic training techniques with the plates. 

Bumper plates have a uniform diameter, which means that a 10 lb plate has the same diameter as a 45 lbs plate. The different weights and plates are broken down below, but the most important considerations should be the size of the plate and the weight of your rod as mentioned above. Solid steel plates for force lift tend to pack more weight on a smaller area for more weights, they are noisy, rust when left outside, and tend to be noisy. Overall, cast iron gains maximum weight on both sides, but the Fringe Sport Bumper Plates are thinner, so you can add a little more weight, such as 10 lbs or 45 lb plates. This is particularly good if you plan to load the bar to the maximum load limit. 

Bumper plates, it is easier to load 600 – 700 lbs with weight lifting and powerlifting than with steel plates. Iron plates take up less space than bumper plates and for exceeding the limit, increasing the weight of bumper plates is like rubber crumbs. 

Bumpers can be used for a variety of exercises, including targeted arm training such as squats and crunches, targeted biceps curls, biceps curls, etc. The fact that rubber plates are equipped with a grip cut-out located away from the barbell means that you can target your arms and do many different exercises such as squats, deadlifts, bench press and other exercises. 

This triple grip weight plate fits an Olympic bar and has a design allowing quick changes in weight adjustment. It offers space for additional weight plates without being able to put them anywhere and offers the possibility to add an element of a pull or diving station. Trip Grips have been proven to be suitable for small home or gym barbells and hold well while exercising. 

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