Mirafit Chin Up Bar

The Mirafit chin up bar range offers you one of the best upper body and core workouts at home. Read our Mirafit Chin Up Bar Reviews here or use the link below to buy.

The countless angles and handles in the middle of the hook bar allow you to exercise your muscles at different angles and do chin-ups as fast as possible. Different grip options allow chin-ups, close-ups, long-range chin-ups, regular chin-ups, and a few other variations that have no special name but are good enough for you. This is a hook rod, it is expensive and has a high maximum user weight of 136kg (provided that the door panel to which you attach it is stable). It can hold users up to 150 kg, provided the walls to which it is attached are robust enough.

Mirafit Chin Up Bar In Stock
Mirafit Chin Up Bar In Stock

The beauty of the multi-grip bar is that it sits on a higher standard than rack-mounted bars (see picture below). The choice of height is entirely up to you and the rack. If your rack has a certain height, it is also your chin-up bar by default. As I mentioned earlier, I’m a big guy, so the extra height of the multi-grip bar is nice.

Mirafit Chin Up Bar Review

Buy now the Mirafit wall chin-up bar in black. Get free delivery and return of all possible orders with the MiraFit wall chin-up bar in black. This is a must for any sport. 

Mirafit Chin Up Bar UK
Mirafit Chin Up Bar UK

It is a chin-up bar mounted on the door, which uses the magic of physics, without screws or fixation. The beauty of the Mirafit is its versatility. Depending on where you place it, the exercise options are endless, from sit-ups to chin-ups. It fits in any room up to 95cm distance and can be removed after completion. Screw it into your door and start building muscle strength with your abdomen and arms. 

You have the choice to add a pole with a different diameter or a multi-handle rod. My Titan X-3 Power Rack (try it and its accessories on the Titan Fitness page) comes with 2 different diameters. I would trade them for both. A power rack with many advantages, one of them is that the chin-up bar is integrated in the rack itself. 

Plasterboard is supplied without attachment, but depending on what you screw in, you may need to do something else. When assembling, make sure that you only screw into the beams, and plasterboards are not the strongest of course. Mirafit, however, produces high-quality equipment, and this is no exception. 

Mirafit Chin Up Bar In Stock UK

Once this is done, the bolt goes into the vertical wooden bolt on the wall and you need to check the bolt. Make sure that the distance between the two adjacent bolts matches the fixed hole in your chin-up bar. 

If the wall is not strong enough, do so at your own risk and consult a carpenter if you are unsure. As for the actual installation, here is a great video of a chin-up that shows how to install the bar. This video shows how to successfully mount a wall bracket to a tunnel wall, regardless of the installation option you choose. 

Mirafit Chin Up Bar Review
Mirafit Chin Up Bar Review

Mirafit Chin Up Bar Indoor

Now that you know where to mount your chin-up bar, you have to decide how high you want to mount it. It may not seem obvious at first, but the best place to mount a wall-mounted drawbar is on a wall with a high ceiling, so you are not constrained by the space around it. How high you climb it is a personal decision. 

Different chin-up variants are available for a multitude of calisthenic training movements, whether you do chin-ups from a frame, hanging shoulder twitches or L-sitting muscle extensions. You can also add resistance tubes to make chin-ups easier to handle, and elasticity tubes can help you move progress from small tubes to none at all. This tactic can also be used at home. Once you can do repetitions of two or three sets of 10-12 chin-ups, you might want to consider cranking up the resistance to keep challenging yourself. On the other hand, you can also scale back the movement to build strength for a full set. 

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