Mirafit Barbell Wall Rack

Mirafit Barbell Wall Racks are the perfect gym storage solution for keeping your gym neat and tidy. The rack is able to securely hold 6 Olympic or standard barbells and can safely be mounted on a wall using included wall fixings. Mirafit Barbell Racks come in black or orange to match your gym equipment and colours.

We know that keeping your gym tidy helps you work out better and improves your workout efficiency. Finding a home for your barbells, Mirafit kettlebells and dumbbells can be a challenge, but our Barbell Wall Rack will help you store them all in one place. Choose from either an orange or black design to match your existing equipment set up. Our free standing rack can hold up to 6 standard or Olympic sized bars and dumbbells (less than 18KG) and comes with standard wall fixings so you can install it in minutes.

Mirafit barbell wall racks can store up to 6 barbells and are ideal for keeping your gym neat, tidy and organised. These barbell wall racks have been built to last. They feature a steel frame and tubes with a powder coated finish. We offer storage solutions to suit all customers whether you fancy storing 6 Olympic or standard bars! Mirafit Barbell Racks come in two different colours black and orange so that you can match them into your gym set-up.

Mirafit 6 Barbell Wall Rack

The Mirafit 6 Barbell Wall Rack is a great addition to the storage solution for your home gym, allowing you to keep your fitness space neat and tidy by storing away exercise bars. The rack is suitable for bars that are up to 2 inch/50mm diameter in size and can hold six standard or Olympic barbells at a time.

The Mirafit Barbell Wall Rack is an essential for any gym or fitness facility. This product can be used for storing both standard and Olympic weights, with 6 barbells being stored on the rack. Each barbell clamp has been designed to cater for all sizes of barbells, from 15mm up to 35mm in diameter, so you can ensure each one will be secure in place.

Storage can be a nightmare in a busy gym and that’s why this barbell wall rack is an invaluable piece of equipment. You shouldn’t have to worry about bending over or worry about the barbell falling on you when storing 6 barbells. The racks are made from 2cm steel tube and have rollers on each end that makes moving your weights easy. A padded foam cushion line protects the weight plates from scratching. The racking is also available in two colour options orange or black.

Are you tired of seeing your gym overrun with old barbells? I was. It was hard to see past the mess and clutter of all these bars lying around. One day, as I was lifting on my e-z curl bar, a thought came to me. What if I could just…hang them? With a little bit of work and two screws, this idea became reality.

While you’re sweating getting in shape at the gym, you want to know that your valuable gym kit is safe from damage and theft. Keeping your gym space neat, tidy and secure will help make sure your fitness levels improve on a more regular basis.

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