Mirafit Log – 8.7″ Strongman Log with Standard Sleeves

Mirafit 8.7″ Strongman Log with Standard Sleeves is an ideal tool for strongman training with authentic sand filled version. This product will be a great addition to your training program.

This raw 8.7″ Log is for Strongmen interested in functional training. The first strongman product that is certified by Mirafit the Strongman brand specifically for strongman training. Due to its shorter length allows you more freedom of movement, perfect for lifts, and throws at different angles. This log is made from sharpened fir wood and is specially shaped to fit into the standard turnbuckle sleeve, allowing athletes to test their strength in the Log Press strongman event.

Mirafit 87 Strongman Log with Standard Sleeves Review
Mirafit 87 Strongman Log with Standard Sleeves Review

Get the most out of Strongman training with this strongman log with standard sleeves. Features a smooth-contoured pebble grip and Mirafit’s unique roll-resistant centre sleeve for safe, fluid movement. Limited lifetime warranty.

Mirafit 8.7″ Strongman Log with Standard Sleeves Reviews

The Mirafit Strongman Log is a traditional Austrian wood-based log with a diameter of 26 cm and a height of 30 cm. The log is covered with an artificial material that is easy to clean. It has the standard axle of the Strongman family, which makes it possible to replace the sleeves if they get worn out. Squatting or benching with this log on your shoulder will make you feel like a real strongman!

Mirafit 87 Strongman Log with Standard Sleeves UK
Mirafit 87 Strongman Log with Standard Sleeves UK

Mirafit’s Strongman Log 100 Kg gives you a real Olympic feel with high quality grips and chrome-plated sleeves and handle. This professional log has been manufactured to the highest standard of precision and are designed to work perfectly with the Mirafit Strongman Stones.

Mirafit 8.7″ Strongman Log with Standard Sleeves
  • Incorporates dynamic and static movements with heavy weights to improve strength, endurance, power, speed and balance.
  • These Mirafit Strongman Logs feature a nylon sleeve over kevlar for increased durability and provide 1500lbs of weight plates. 3 x 1″ Standard bar catches are included with this Strongman log set.
  • These extra long Strongman logs can be used for a variety of exercises including Snatch, Thruster, Squat or Bent Press.
  • The perfect chromed steel log for Strongman training
  • Matches the Mirafit Atlas Axle Barbells
  • Built for rugged use at home or on your travels

The Mirafit 8.7″ log is made from hardwood chips of oak and beech, the timber is processed in a way that the wood fibres bond to each other, during processing – the outer layers are removed, the result is a log that is stable, durable and lightweight with no bark attached to it. It is also waterproofed – so you can keep it in your garden over the winter months.

Why buy the Mirafit 8.7″ Strongman Log with Standard Sleeves?

Strongman 8.7″ Log with Standard Sleeves for Strongman Workout: This solid log is the ideal training tool ideal for all strongman disciplines. Beautifully constructed and balanced, it consists of a heavy duty vinyl handle set 3″ into the log and two steel standard sleeves to hold standard diameter weight plate inserts. The 8 strands length of bear rope secures the log together when in use preventing any accidental separation whilst also providing security when stacking plates on the sleeve ends.

Mirafit 87 Strongman Log with Standard Sleeves
Mirafit 87 Strongman Log with Standard Sleeves

Professional grade strongman event log from Mirafit: Perfect for Strongman training, this log will train your grip and mental discipline in not only the traditional log events, but all other Strongman events.

Using a Mirafit Strongman Log

For many years, Strongman training has been a staple exercise in all gyms and functional training facilities across the globe. The one piece of equipment which is often overlooked and under used is the log or strongman log. The Mirafit Multi Grip Strongman Log is a revolutionary new development in this proven training tool. Their patented design provides a neutral grip on either side of the log and transfers stress away from your shoulders.

There are few things in the fitness industry that generate more intrigue and discussion than strength training. The Strongman Log from Mirafit is a great tool to help you incorporate Strongman Training into your routine.

Let’s face it, most Strongman competitors will never be able to use the 300kg 5ctw yoke walk at an official competition. The Multi Grip Strongman log is a great tool to help you train for these events as well increase your athletic ability while staying in shape.

Mirafit Strongman Log
Mirafit Strongman Log

Mirait Log Review Summary

Strongman is the next big thing. Expertly crafted, and ergonomically designed, the 8.7″ lb. log is a must-have for all strongman fans.

Strongman Log: The Mirafit Strongman Log is an essential strongman training tool. Ideal for strength training, this 8.7″ (222mm) diameter x 18.6″ (473mm) long log has the same diameter as the official WSM log and handles that are sized in accordance with the WSM competition specifications. This means competitors will feel right at home at a competition when practicing with the Strongman log!

What is the Mirafit Log?

The Mirafit Strongman Log is a uniquely designed log bar for use in strongman training that features a neutral grip design. This allows you to properly maintain a neutral grip throughout the lift, whereas other logs will cause you to break your wrists and lift with an open (hook) grip. You can see clearly that the strongman log allows for a straight wrist position throughout the lift. The barrel combined with the unique handle proportions allow for a comfortable and secure hold, and circulation in the hands and forearms area is well-maintained.

Strongman training is a great way to add variety to your workouts and mimic real competition movements. Strongman training is also an effective method for improving grip strength. One of the most crucial pieces of equipment used in strongman training is a strongman log bar. These bars allow you to maintain a neutral grip while you lift, which allows you to raise more weight than you could using a regular barbell. The neutral grip allows more weight to be distributed through the forearms, wrist, and hands rather than around the wrists and fingers.

The Mirafit log can be used in two distinct ways. The first way is for performing strength training exercises such as the overhead press, front squat and bench press. In this regard, you would hold the barbell with your palms facing up which means you are gripping the log with a traditional neutral grip position. The second way is to perform strongman lifting exercises such as log presses, farmers walks etc. in this case you grip the log with your palms facing down and place your thumbs underneath making it much more difficult to hold onto the log.

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