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If your friends are not familiar with cheap hexagonal Barbell weights, that will change, because I am here to greet you with open hands with the best rubber hexagonal weights. We thank the universe for giving us a uniform hexagonal shape for our dumbbell balls! 

Since our foundation in 1988, we at Metis have been a company that unites industry and commerce. With over 20 years of experience in the electrical industry, Metis has evolved to provide state-of-the-art products and solutions to our more than 13,000 customers. 

The company plans to deploy several global solutions in the market by type, with an emphasis on high-performance, cost-effective, and high-quality products and services. 

The weight depends on the weight that both women and men use and whether they use it for strength or muscle training. For men who use clay, you may not want more than 20 pounds, but for women who use clay, you may not want more than 12 pounds. 

One of the most important things about using rubber hexagonal dumbbells is that they do not roll away. Make sure you use them at least 3-4 times a week and no more than 4-5 times a week. 

If you still don’t identify with the Dremel witches and are thinking about choosing a similar product, AliExpress is a great place to compare vendor prices. The online retail giant is notable for running high-quality fitness equipment, but you can still find some of the best cyber deals from Google and Nest. If you search hard enough, you will receive free shipping and match the item with a matching item in the same color as the product you are looking for. 

Why We are Qualified to Review the Metis Hex Dumbbells & Dumbbell Set

Embarking on a fitness journey or upgrading your home gym requires informed decisions, and who better to guide you than a team with a collective experience of 45 years in the realm of weight training and fitness equipment? We not only bring years of personal and professional weight training expertise but also possess a wealth of knowledge in fixing, crafting, and selling gym equipment. What sets us apart is not just our extensive industry background but the inclusion of two of our staff members who are dedicated semi-professional bodybuilders. With this unique blend of experience, we are exceptionally qualified to provide an insightful and comprehensive review of Metish Hex Dumbbells & Dumbbell Sets.

Our Qualifications:

  • 45 Years of Weight Training Experience:
    • Our team collectively boasts 45 years of hands-on experience in weight training. From beginners to seasoned athletes, we’ve navigated the diverse landscape of fitness, understanding the nuances of effective training and equipment needs.
  • Gym Equipment Crafting and Fixing:
    • We aren’t just users; we’re creators and problem solvers. Our team has been involved in crafting and fixing gym equipment, providing us with a profound understanding of the intricacies that contribute to equipment durability and performance.
  • Sales Experience in Fitness Equipment:
    • Having been part of the fitness equipment industry, we’ve gained insights into market trends, user preferences, and the quality standards that matter. Our experience in selling fitness equipment informs our understanding of what consumers seek in a quality product.
  • Semi-Professional Bodybuilders on Our Team:
    • Two of our staff members aren’t just passionate about fitness; they are semi-professional bodybuilders. Their commitment to the sport adds a practical and performance-driven dimension to our review, ensuring we assess Metish Hex Dumbbells from a standpoint of real-world application.

Why Trust Our Review:

  • In-Depth Industry Knowledge:
    • Our comprehensive background in weight training, gym equipment crafting and fixing, and fitness equipment sales equips us with a holistic understanding of what makes high-quality fitness equipment.
  • Real-world Application:
    • The insights from our semi-professional bodybuilders ensure that our review goes beyond technical specifications. We evaluate Metish Hex Dumbbells based on their practical application and performance in a rigorous training environment.
  • Objective and Informed Assessment:
    • Backed by decades of hands-on experience, our review is not influenced by mere opinions. We critically assess Metish Hex Dumbbells, considering their features, specifications, and real-world usability.

In summary, our team’s diverse and extensive background in weight training, equipment crafting and repair, fitness equipment sales, and competitive bodybuilding uniquely position us to offer a thorough and credible review of Metish Hex Dumbbells & Dumbbell Sets.

Metis Neoprene Hex Dumbbells UK

The HD-Hex series motor transmission has an integrated power supply encoder that plugs directly into the REV Expansion Hub. It has a 5 mm hexagonal output shaft, which makes it easy to connect gears, pinions and wheels. The hexagonal base and recess holders are available in standard size and are manufactured by the same company where you can buy them for just £5.00. 

The storage rack is included in the price so you can display it in the living room when your friends can finally visit it again, which subtly suggests that you have worked hard over the past three months. It’s cheaper to get Sports Direct’s excellent Ab Carver Pro for delivery than Amazon. 

The Functional Fitness Neo Hex cheap dumbbells has hexagonal ends, which prevent rolling away and make it easier to store it in a safe place like a cabinet or in the back of your cabinet. The handle itself is also shaped and coated with a high-quality polyurethane coating that can strengthen both the handle and the muscles in the body. This coat provides high protection from sun, wind and rain, so you can strengthen your grips, muscles and body and make lifting as comfortable as possible. 

Metis Hex Dumbbells Benefits & Build Quality

With a legacy of 45 years in selling and servicing weight lifting equipment, our expertise is a testament to the ever-evolving fitness industry. Today, we delve into the key benefits and build quality of Metis Hex Dumbbells, drawing upon our extensive experience. As seasoned professionals, we understand the critical factors that contribute to the effectiveness and durability of weight lifting equipment. Let’s explore why Metis Hex Dumbbells stand out in terms of benefits and build quality.

Metis Hex Dumbbells Benefits & Build Quality:

Key BenefitsBuild Quality Features
1. Ergonomic Hexagonal Design:1. Durable Rubber Coating:
– Facilitates secure grip and stability– Provides a protective layer, enhancing durability
2. Versatility in Workouts:2. Solid Cast Iron Core:
– Ideal for a wide range of exercises– Ensures longevity and maintains structural integrity
3. Secure and Comfortable Grip:3. Hexagonal Shape for Stability:
– Hexagonal shape prevents rolling– Prevents rolling during exercises, enhancing user safety
– Comfortable grip for extended use
4. Gradual Weight Progression:4. Precision Weight Calibration:
– Available in various weight increments– Ensures accurate and consistent weight for effective workouts
– Allows for gradual strength progression
5. Durable and Long-lasting:5. Designed for Minimal Wear and Tear:
– Withstands heavy and frequent use– Resistant to chipping, cracking, and general wear and tear
– Suitable for both home and commercial use
6. Minimal Maintenance Required:6. Easy to Clean and Maintain:
– Designed for hassle-free upkeep– Simplifies the cleaning process, ensuring hygiene
– Reduces downtime and extends product life

These key benefits and build quality features collectively make Metis Hex Dumbbells a reliable and efficient choice for fitness enthusiasts, whether they are setting up a home gym or managing a commercial fitness facility. The ergonomic design, versatile functionality, and robust build exemplify the commitment to quality that defines Metis Hex Dumbbells in the realm of weight lifting equipment.

Metis Hex Neoprene Dumbbell Set Specifications

Drawing upon our extensive 45 years of experience in selling and using dumbbells, we bring a discerning perspective to the evaluation of fitness equipment. Today, we dive into the specifications of the Metis Hex Neoprene Dumbbell Set, a product that aligns with our commitment to quality and effectiveness in weight training. Our years in the industry have honed our understanding of what makes a dumbbell set reliable, practical, and beneficial for users at all fitness levels.

Metis Hex Neoprene Dumbbell Set Specifications:

Material:Neoprene-covered Cast Iron
Shape:Hexagonal for stability and anti-roll design
Grip Design:Ergonomic, facilitating a comfortable and secure hold
Weight Range:Available in various weight options, catering to diverse needs
Set Configuration:Pair of dumbbells (two pieces per set)
Neoprene Covering:Provides a protective layer, minimizing wear and tear
Versatility:Suitable for a wide range of exercises and fitness routines
Durability:Built to withstand regular use and maintain structural integrity
Storage Rack:Included for convenient storage and organization
Color Options:Multiple colors available, adding a touch of personalization
Application:Ideal for home gyms, fitness studios, and commercial settings
Grip Diameter:Designed for a comfortable and secure grip
Maintenance:Easy to clean and maintain, ensuring hygiene and longevity
User Level:Suitable for users of all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced

The Metis Hex Neoprene Dumbbell Set encapsulates our commitment to providing fitness enthusiasts with a high-quality, versatile, and durable tool for their weight training journey. The specifications highlight the attention to detail in design, materials, and functionality, making this dumbbell set a valuable addition to any fitness space.

Pros and Cons of the Metis Hex Dumbbell Neoprence Coated Weights

With a combined 45 years of experience in selling, making, and rigorously testing weight sets, our expertise in the fitness industry sets the stage for an insightful examination of the Metis Hex Dumbbell Neoprene Coated Weights. Our team’s extensive background, complemented by the input of two semi-professional weight lifters and bodybuilders, positions us uniquely to provide a thorough pros and cons analysis. Let’s delve into the key attributes of the Metis Hex Dumbbell Set, drawing from our wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience.

Pros and Cons of the Metis Hex Dumbbell Neoprene Coated Weights:


  1. Hexagonal Design for Stability:
    • Pro: The hexagonal shape prevents rolling during workouts, enhancing user safety and stability.
  2. Neoprene Coating for Enhanced Grip:
    • Pro: The neoprene coating not only protects the dumbbells from wear and tear but also provides a comfortable and secure grip.
  3. Wide Range of Weights Available:
    • Pro: The availability of various weight options caters to users of different fitness levels, allowing for progressive and versatile workouts.
  4. Ergonomic Grip Design:
    • Pro: The dumbbells feature an ergonomic grip design, promoting a comfortable and natural hand position during exercises.
  5. Versatility in Exercise Options:
    • Pro: Suitable for a wide range of exercises, making them a versatile addition to home gyms, fitness studios, and commercial settings.
  6. Durability and Longevity:
    • Pro: Built to withstand regular use, the Metis Hex Dumbbells maintain structural integrity over time, providing lasting value.
  7. Easy to Clean and Maintain:
    • Pro: The neoprene coating simplifies the cleaning process, ensuring hygiene and easy maintenance.
  8. Color Variety for Personalization:
    • Pro: Multiple color options allow users to personalize their workout space, adding a touch of individuality.
  9. Accompanying Storage Rack:
    • Pro: The inclusion of a storage rack adds convenience, keeping the dumbbells organized and easily accessible.


  1. Potential Odor from Neoprene:
    • Con: Some users may notice a temporary odor from the neoprene coating initially; however, this tends to dissipate over time.
  2. Limited Weight Increments:
    • Con: Depending on personal fitness goals, users may find the available weight increments limiting for more specialized training.
  3. Neoprene May Show Wear Over Time:
    • Con: While the neoprene coating provides protection, it may show signs of wear and tear with prolonged heavy use.
  4. Possibility of Neoprene Tearing:
    • Con: Intense and rough use may result in the neoprene covering tearing, particularly if not handled with care.

In conclusion, the Metis Hex Dumbbell Neoprene Coated Weights offer a range of benefits, providing users with a durable, versatile, and comfortable tool for their weight training endeavors. Understanding these pros and cons will empower users to make an informed decision based on their specific fitness needs and preferences.

Metis Hex Dumbbell Range

We assure you that the double shape provides a uniform structure over the entire surface, which holds the chalk well and ensures a good hold. The ONNIT Primal Kettlebells made of chip-stable iron will prove itself and this 20 kg Jordan Kettlebell offers sufficient resistance for each functional training session. Get fit now and you don’t have time to get too annoyed with these powerful kettle bells, which not only look good but are also highly functional and made of shatterproof iron. These cast iron training kettles Bells do what they say on the box and can be used in all kinds of functional workouts, whether in the gym, at home or even in a gym.

The coating also minimizes the risk of damage to dumbbells on the floor when they are dropped. The straight grip is one of the most common grips, so make sure you select a grip based on your preferred grip style and the type of grip you are looking for. When you choose one of these types of hex dumb bells, it is important that you exercise carefully and carefully to avoid injury. We are # We have provided you with a number of different grip options to suit your needs, such as straight, double or double grip. 

Metis Hex Dumbbell Stockest

Functional Fitness Neo Hex dumbbell are coated with odourless neoprene, which not only looks good, but also makes them easier to hold and prevents them from transmitting odours to your hands. To ensure they withstand the harsh environment, we have tested them in a variety of conditions including hot, cold, wet and dry conditions. This makes the hand clean and fresh, and the odor of the dumbbell is transferred to the hand, so that it does not transmit odors as easily from hand to hand as other types of mute bells. 

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