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The Lungwort complex from Twenty First Century Herbs helps to treat breathing conditions, ease the symptoms of a cough, fight infections; kidney and urinary tract infections improve digestion and fluid retention.

Lungwort Combination from 21st Century Herbs is a proprietary blend of herbs that has been used to treat breathing conditions, eases the symptoms of a cough while fighting lung conditions such as tuberculosis. It is often combined with other herbs found in the herbal marketplace and formulated into a complementary blend for specific health conditions such as fluid retention, kidney and urinary tract infection and improving digestion.

Lungwort Complex

The Lungwort Complex from Twenty First Century Herbs combines three unique lungworts to create a formula with enhanced strength and clinical value, and combines them with other important botanicals used by herbalists for centuries.

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Twenty First Century Herbs Lungwort Complex UK

Lungwort Complex† provides lung relief by supporting respiratory health with a wide range of herbs traditionally used to treat breathing conditions. Lungwort Complex† includes phytosome echinacea for relief from the symptoms of a cough and easy breathing, lobelia to tone and soothe a dry, irritated throat, hawthorn berries to support normal breathing rate, mullein to ease congestion and fluid buildup in the lungs, lycopus (water horehound) to fight kidney and urinary tract infections, licorice to improve digestion within the mucous membranes, cinnamon and chicory root for comfort in breathing.

Lungwort Herbal Complex

The dark green spires of Lungwort, growing above the large lobed leaves, are a familiar sight in the woodlands of northern Europe, where we harvest in May each year. The fresh, spicy-aromatic scent is reminiscent of the sun-warmed pine forests of Scandinavia. We use only the finest wild harvested Lungwort to make our tinctures, and combine it here with the soothing and protective properties of Coltsfoot and Marshmallow to reduce fluid retention, fight kidney and urinary problems, treat lung conditions such as tuberculosis and help ease the symptoms of a cough.

Lungwort UK Ingredients

Lungwort Complex, a nutritional supplement containing herbal extracts for the lungs and respiratory passages, is made in England from extracts of noble plants, prepared according to traditional formulas.

Lungwort Complex UK

Lungwort Complex contains 2 powerful herbs that have been used traditionally for their lung and respiratory health benefits. When combined, the ingredients in this formula work together to strengthen and support the upper respiratory system. Lungwort Complex is also helpful for asthmatics who may not be able to breathe properly without shortness of breath or an ongoing wheezing quality. The components of Lungwort Complex work together to help people who are experiencing a dry cough, bronchitis, asthma and allergies which can cause nasal congestion – all of which should dissipate once the formula is taken as directed.

The Lungwort Complex is a multi-purpose herbal remedy designed to aid the lungs and respiratory system. It combines three popular lungworts (Pulmonaria, Agrimony and Lesser Centaury) with three other herbs regarded as valuable for their astringent properties (Cinquefoil, Butchers Broom and Yarrow).

Lungwort Complex UK Review

Lungwort Complex is used to maintain vitality which essential for a healthy daily life. It is known not only for hardening the lungs, but also cleansing the blood and emollients which are perfect for respiratory systems.

This special Lungwort Complex includes the finest quality standardized extracts providing 18mg of Cetyl-Myristoleate (CMO) per capsule, which is the highest natural source of this major Omega fatty acid.

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Lungwort Complex Reviews

The funnel-shaped flowers with 5 petals are 3-4 inches long and are initially red or pink, but turn blue or purple when the pH of the petals changes. The pericarp (testa) is released during the extension along the primary root axis of a plant and the ovate cotyledon expands and divides into two parts, one at the base and one in the middle.

The mussel, a loosely arranged layer of fungal hyphae, offers the possibility of generating energy from the sun through photosynthesis, and the cyanobacterium further fixes atmospheric nitrogen for the organism. The algae partner of the tree mouse root is a fungus, which in this case is Diktyochloropsis reticulata. This fungus (which gives the composite organism its scientific name as lichen) provides it with a rigid physical structure and anchorage. In this arrangement, the fungus takes over reproduction and gives structure to the host plant and other plants such as trees, grasses and other fungi. Then the fungal part of this species produces a small disk known as Apothecia, containing asci, from which the spores are hurled into the air. 

Lungwort Complex UK - Review

Lungwort Review

The trunk is characterized by a series of holes where it flows into the underground part, which consists of branched rhizomes. These rhizomes also have random roots and creep slowly out of the ground, but also cause the growth of the tree mouse root. 

Tree-nursery is one of the lichens that consist of a tripartite partnership. However, the algae weed, classified as leaf lichen, consists of algae that live in symbiosis with members of three kingdoms of living creatures. In addition to fungi and algae, they also contain the cyanobacterium nostoc. The cyanibacterial partner symbionts of the tree lungs worms are also responsible for the uptake of nitrogen from the atmosphere and the production of carbon dioxide. 

Lungwort Complex Blend

Pulmonary herb is one of the most popular medicinal herbs for the treatment of chronic bronchitis and lung diseases. It is made to treat wheezing and coughing in various breast conditions and is a good choice for treating chronic bronchesitis. Help with lung problems: Lung problems: Help with lung problems with the help of a pulmonary wort and a plant.

The genus name “Lung Herb” was given to the genus named after its founder, Dr. John L. Lung, who was also considered one of the founding fathers of botany. 

Lungwort Complex - What is it

Hildebrand (1865) was the first to investigate the seed production of P. officinali in plants of the same morphology and plants belonging to opposite morphs. Height has been established as a decisive factor for the secondary metabolism of the herb. The correlation analysis confirmed the importance of altitude as an important factor for the development of plant growth and seed growth.

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