Lotus Design Yoga Mat

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Lotus Design has been around since 1986 and their Yoga items have taken the world by storm, items from yoga mats to relaxation tools Lotus Designs have the Tibetan Buddhism scene down.

The Lotus Design Yoga Mats come in a variety of qualities. Of course, at least one of the yoga mats should fulfill all your requirements and fits for a certain purpose. The reason is that each one has specific characteristics which make it suitable for certain type of yoga practice, who practices them and also other factors like weather conditions etc. The type of materials, size, thickness and the way they are woven make a big difference to the experience you get from using it. Lotus Design has produced a large selection of different types of yoga mats so that every buyer can find the best one for him/herself.

Lotus Design Yoga Mat UK.
Lotus Design Yoga Mat UK.

And if you are the beginner, our yoga mats series help you get familiar with Yoga. Lotus Design yoga mat Black Label PRO 24 mm is our bestseller mat, it has 1/2 inch thickness, at the same time it is not an extra heavy mat. It is especially suitable for Bikram yoga because of its quality and 1/2″ thickness. Particularly in Bikram yoga studio temperature is set to 40+ °C (104+ °F). Following temperature increase your body should be covered to protect against sweating.

Yoga Mats From Lotus Design

As we know the quality of yoga mats is one factor of determining the quality of your practice and we ensure it to be your best choice. Each Lotus Design Yoga Mat we produce we make sure to take great care about the material, structure, features, durability, color palette, taping and size. You can find out yourself how Lotus Design Yoga mat will make your practice enjoyable and healthy.

Of course, Lotus Design yoga mats are the highest quality yoga mats available on the market. If you are looking for a new yoga mat, please contact our customer service for further assistance in choosing the right kind of yoga mat for practicing in comfort and safety.

Lotus Design Yoga Mats Review UK
Lotus Design Yoga Mats Review UK

We know how important it is to find a partner you can fully trust. This is why we make it our priority to listen, understand and fulfill your needs. We strive to provide the utmost satisfaction for our customers by offering great prices and high-quality yoga mats of more than 50 of the most popular and reputable brands on the market. After all, we want you to experience the joy and benefits of yoga in a safe and more peaceful environment. Whether you will turn out to be an experienced yogi or a total novice, we’ve got what you need! We pay special attention to more than just deliver any yoga mat, but create an item that will add some magic touch for this amazing practice since all processes related to our production take place at the factory.

For professional yoga teacher it’s also very important to have a good quality yoga mat. Lotus Design yoga mats are among the best on the market for this purpose. We have special mats with Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), 100% natural rubber or special traction features.

Our authentic Lotus yoga mats all feature inside non-sticky surface so your hands and feet won’t get stuck. Lotus yoga mats are slim, lightweight and soft for better grip and comfortable carry. Lotus Design Yoga Mats are adapted for specific purposes, no matter if you are a beginner or an experienced yogi. Lotus Design yoga mats are produced in accordance with the high quality standards of EU environmental protection directives.

Lotus Design Yoga Mats Review

What can I say about this mat? Well, it is really very basic and easy to choose for purely functional reasons. As a regular yogi, my advice is that you check out this Lotus Design Yoga Mat. It has a lot of positive reviews from customers who have used it during their practices. Generally speaking it’s a good deal in terms of functionality and cost. These are some of the best yoga mats we have had the pleasure of doing a review on.

If you are thinking of buying yoga mats for your home or business, read our review of the Lotus Design Yoga Mats. These mats are eco-friendly, easy to install and clean. The mat can be folded easily because it has special fold-grooves so it is easy to carry, store and set up. There are five different thicknesses that come in two different variants; one is firm variant and the other is soft variant. The surface material of these mats is made of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) which has excellent damping properties.

There are lots of people that consistently practice yoga, and it will be hard to find someone that hasn’t heard about Lotus Design yoga & Pilates mats. Yoga mats come in different shapes, sizes, colors, designs, densities and other specifications to enable you get the best piece for your ease while practicing yoga. Following are some tips and reviews to guide you when purchasing yoga mats, based on which you will be able to make an informed decision while choosing the right pillow for yourself.

Yoga Mats for Pilates Practice

Yoga mats for Pilates practice, as well as exercise mats that are made from flat materials to provide a cushioned area for practicing Pilates and exercise routines. Keeping your body firmly in place or rolling those tight muscles – we can help you lay the foundation to a happier and healthier lifestyle with our selection of exercise and Pilates Yoga mats.

Staying in shape never felt so good! As the weather warms up, summer is the perfect time to kick off your shoes and get grooving to some good ol’ moves on the mat. Here at Yoga Mats we stock a variety of different yoga, Pilates and fitness mats. Our exercise and fitness mats are available in a range of textures and thicknesses that suit your individual needs. You can also pick from a number of colors that will suit your home or studio. No matter if you’re looking for for yoga for beginners; challenging; power; best folding; sticky; Pilates; yoga mat style; hot-, cold- or no- topped there’s surely something for you!

Even when you are using a piece of Pilates equipment you can pair them up with a Pilates yoga mat, we use one with our wood Pilates reformer to add extra comfort to the padded area already on the reformer. This way you shield your back and posture even more with a Lotus Design Pilates mat.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, we have the mat that’s right for your practice. Our selection includes mats with varying thicknesses and non-slip, sticky finishes to help keep your poses in place and prevent you from sliding. We also carry mats in multiple sizes and colors, so you can make a design statement with your mat.

Thicker is Not Always Better with a Yoga Mat

Finding a yoga mat in the right size and colour can be difficult, so it’s no wonder so many people give up on yoga. However, finding the right yoga mat is much easier when you follow these simple guidelines: Choose a thickness of the yoga mat that allows comfort but not total blocking of the feeling of the ground. Thicker is not always better with a yoga mat. The right thickness allows for proper alignment and grounding during poses, without feeling bulky or thick under foot or hand. One of the most popular thicknesses is 3/16″ for a balance between comfort and impact.

Thicker yoga mats provides the most comfort to the user. However, it reduces the feeling of connection with the ground where you can get lost in your meditation pose. Many companies try to solve this issue by adding more padding but that may not be sufficient. So, choose a thickness of your yoga mat that allows comfort but not total blocking of the feeling of the ground.

It is important to feel the ground with your yoga mat. A yoga mat that is too thick can leave you disconnected from the earth and your instincts during a yoga workout. The right sizing helps you be more in tune with your body and the world around you during a workout. Every yogi should have a variety of thicknesses to find proper contact with the ground, this will improve your connection and allow ease in certain poses.

Thicker mats can sometimes lose the feeling of the ground under your feet. The right yoga mat should provide just the right amount of comfort with just the perfect amount of feedback. It is easy to get distracted worrying about too thick or too thin yoga mat, but our experienced team can help you out. We offer an array of yoga mats in different thicknesses, each one suitable for different kinds of practice, or it can also be used in combination with other yoga stuff for convenience according to your needs.


Yoga Mat From Lotus Design Review
Yoga Mat From Lotus Design Review

Lotus Design Meditation Cushion

What makes Lotus Design meditation cushions different? All Lotus Design meditation cushions are handmade by experienced craftsmen using the latest technologies only. Each cushion is individually filled to fit your body, providing firm support while remaining comfortable.

If you are thinking about starting the practice of meditation but are not sure which methods will work for you, then Lotus Design has developed a variety of meditation cushions to suit everyone in shape, flexibility and budget. If you are looking for an online shop that offers an extensive range of meditation cushions at great value prices then Lotus Design meditation cushions may be for you!

These products have been designed, developed and made with loving care in Germany. Lotus Design has been involved in the design of meditation cushions for over 20 years. We work closely with a team of talented designers and manufacturers to ensure the best quality meditation cushions are produced.

It also improves the alignment of your spine which allows you to have a more upright posture that enhances your breathing, which is essential for meditation. Sitting cross-legged or with legs outstretched, the meditation cushion ensures comfort and balance.

Paradoxically, early cushion-like meditation furniture were relatively low and hard. The Buddha himself is said to have made use of a small pile of straw, but when Venerable Ananda, his attendant died the day after the Buddha, meditating without having moved from this position for seven years, the seat was regarded no longer usable and thrown in a pit. It was discovered several centuries later in the 4th century CE and regarded as a great relic and an object of worship, hence the origins of the lotus flower in Mahayana Buddhism.

Lotus Design Meditation Cushion Review

I’ve been meditating for more than 10 years. For the first time, I was really looking for meditation cushions to review and roamed through various stores and websites to find the perfect fit for my body, ability and taste. I am not a very flexible person and try to sit on a cushion with rounded shape that will assist me in relaxing into the classic pose: sitting with legs crossed and my spine erect, yet comfortable. Even though Lotus Design offers a number of different models of meditation cushions (singular or double-sided, with additional side panels), I selected their classic meditation cushion based on excellent reviews from customers who have been using it since 2005 when Lotus Design Meditation Cushion was first introduced.

The biggest mistake people make with meditation cushions is rushing to the store as soon as they can’t sit on a hardwood floor or a piece of concrete. The wrong cushion can have the opposite effect and will not help you have a good meditation at all. All you will find is aching hips and knees, and a back that hurts for days, so read the Lotus Design meditation cushion reviews before picking you own.

It is undeniable that the Lotus Meditation Cushion, with its stylish red cover is an excellent addition to any home. Not only does it come in many bright colors but the outside material is super soft and smooth. The inside of the cushion is made effortlessly, like a single piece of foam. This makes it incredibly easy to clean.

The Meditation Cushions we review are an essential tool to every meditation practice. Whether you are new or already experienced with meditation, whether you are an expert or novice. The comfortable position the cushion offers helps to maintain your position still and straight. That is why meditation cushions are also referred to as zafus (the Japanese word for cushions). Zafus comes from the Japanese words ‘za’ meaning cushion and ‘fu’ meaning Buddha seat.

The Lotus Design Meditation Cushion we reviewed is designed to provide maximum comfort during meditation sessions. It features an advanced polyurethane foam with 6 kg/m³ density, having smooth plastic buckles. The buckles ensure an easy way to open and close the cushion. The molding of the edges has increased the longevity of the product, eliminating any damages that may occur due to long-term use. This cushion can also be flipped over for max comfort for side lying sessions.

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