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Get the Cheapest Leucine Peptides here. We have searched the internet to find you the very cheapest Leucine Peptides so you can save money. Leucine Peptides are an peptide isolate of Leucine made from a digestive enzyme breaking down whey protein isolate into 50% Leucine Peptides.

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What are l-Leucine Peptides?

Leucine peptides help build muscle, repair skin and bones and help all round health. Leucine is a key part of BCAA blends but as a standalone amino acid it holds its own for gym goers and bodybuilders. Leucine peptides need to be part of your recovery supplements kit bag.

There are some studies that show increasing intake of Leucine peptides raises the HGH (human growth hormone) levels, increasing muscle mass and recovery.

  1. Leucine is very special in its ability to directly stimulate muscle growth and maintenance; no other amino acid has this distinct ability.
  2. Leucine is one of the amino acids that our bodies can’t convert to sugar (the other is lysine)
  3. Leucine is able to boost insulin production, release, and sensitivity. Insulin is the hormone that clears toxic sugar from the blood.
  4. Leucine is unique in its anabolic effects on muscle and catabolic effects on fat.
  5. Leucine and its metabolite HMB limits maintains muscle when dieting to burn fat.

Sugar is kryptonite that make us weak! Nature has provided us with the “anti-kryptonite” to fight the evils of sugar in our diet. The essential branched-chain amino acid called Leucine is just the “anti-kryptonite” that we need to combat the ill-effects of sugar. The Leucine Factor Diet focuses on the leucine content in our diets because:

1. Leucine powder tastes disgusting and thus makes it hard to take often enough to get the full benefits 

2. Leucine powder is inconvenient, tablets allow you to maximally stimulate anabolism and protein synthesis easily throughout the day by just taking eight 500mg tablets and not messing about with leucine powder, that again, tastes disgusting. 

Why take leucine tablets? 

l-Leucine is the most anabolic amino acid, take leucine at four grams 3-4 times throughout day and you maximally stimulate protein synthesis regardless of food intake. Leucine can maximally stimulate protein turnover taken just on it’s own, making it a powerful supplement for anyone seeking an awesome physique. For anyone that is looking to build muscle, seeks maximal gains in performance, or are looking to maximise weight loss through lean tissue maintenance, leucine is a research proven supplement that works. No fads, no broken promises, it works and there is a plethora of research to prove it, just click here to see it. 

Just by taking eight tablets with meals, or in-between meals, will ensure that all the hard gym work you are putting in is being maximised. Protein synthesis is the one key human process you want to switch on throughout the day, and at night. Building a lean and strong physique is often determined on how often you can maximise protein synthesis and protein turnover. Just taking eight tablets of our leucine tablets maximises this process for up to 5 hours. Seeing as you can only stimulate protein synthesis around every 4-5 hours, taking 3-4 doses throughout the day is the perfect protocol. 
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