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We offer the highest quality Korean Ginseng and Korean Red Ginseng products. Korean Red Ginseng is Panax Ginseng that has been sun-dried or steamed in a special herbal brew. Korean ginseng can be consumed in many forms including extracts, teas, drinks and the actual root.

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What is Red Ginseng?

Though the term “red Ginseng” may give the impression that it is a stand alone species in the Panax ginseng (Korean or Asian ginseng) family, the truth is the the name is derived from the appearance of the root after undergoing a specialized preservation method. Like most Asian Ginseng, the red variant comes from Ginseng root that is grown, harvested and processed primarily in South Korea and China. The plant itself has bright green rounded leaves and produces greenish-yellow flowers that ripen into two or three small round red berries. Panax Ginseng, which translated from the Greek word panacea means “cure all” has been used in Asian cultures as a medicine and aphrodisiac for over 5000 years but has become a modern miracle to Western civilization.

Ginseng has been classified as an adaptogen, which is really just a fancy word that means it is an herb with ability to help your body be stronger, improve your endurance, coordination, and reflexes, in general it gives you energy making it easier for you to deal with mental and physical stress. It has become a popular tag line to promote energy and health drinks, but in reality most of theses beverages contain so little of the ingredient that the negative aspects far outweigh the healthy ones.

Korean Ginseng turns to Red Ginseng

Turning Korean ginseng into red ginseng is a long involved process that is literally years in the making, due to the fact that it takes six of them for the root to mature to the size and consistency needed. After the ginseng is harvested, washed and inspected it is cured with peel intact by one of two different methods, sun dried or steamed and then dried. During the drying process the roots are systematically steeped in baths of secret herbal recipes, which cause the roots to become very brittle in texture. Using steam to cure the preferred method as it best preserves the ginseng’s natural state and intensifies the elements that help with erectile dysfunction by preventing the breakdown of key enzymes and chemically altering the roots genetic makeup. The addition of the steam curing with the peel on is where the root gets it’s shiny reddish-orange color.

Korean red ginseng has quickly become indispensable in the medical field of alternative medicine. Best known for it’s ability to alleviate erectile dysfunction (ED). Ginseng contains ginsenosides, a component with natural steroid like qualities found only in the ginseng family that can directly stimulate the CNS (central nervous system). In addition to this red ginseng has the innate ability to increase energy and circulation. When factored together you get a scientifically tested and proven alternative for increasing your sexual performance and stamina. On top of that, your physical capability to have intercourse more often will also increase without the need or embarrassment of having to rely on popping a pill and waiting for the effects to kick in.

Less commonly discussed, but just as important are the results from studies done on Korean red ginseng and cancer cells, specifically in lowering the chances of relapse for those recovering from gastric cancer. Falcarinol, a fatty alcohol found in red ginseng has shown promising results an anticarcinogenic on breast cancer cells. Several other types of fatty alcohols in red ginseng has been found to have uses in antibotical applications. Korean red ginseng, when tested for results verses other variates of ginseng on cancer cells had far superior results.

Korean red ginseng is an herb not a drug and can be taken in its natural form or as a dietary supplement that is safe and beneficial for both men and women, unlike many prescription ED drugs that are unsafe for women to even let touch their skin for fear that absorbing it can cause birth defects and other health related issues.

Health Benefits of Red Ginseng

Korean red ginseng is widely regarded as the single most effective variety of red ginseng, and for good reason; No other form of red ginseng can match Korean red ginseng with its plethora of vitamins, virtual cornucopia of essential oils, wealth of vital minerals, as well as its multitude of essential enzymes and superabundance of amino acids that every healthy body needs for optimal performance. While all of those benefits might seem intangible or even nebulous at first glance, the results of regular usage are indeed noteworthy: improved metabolism, greater stamina, prolonged endurance, increased mental clarity, as well as decidedly positive sexual side effects.

The unique soil found in the verdant Korean peninsula which has fostered countless generations of red ginseng is particularly rich, teeming with active elements that owe much to the weather of the region, but also the unique local geology angeography. This mineral wealth is transferred to the plants that grow there, including Korean red ginseng. The rare density of active elements offers innumerable health benefits at the price of a lengthy maturation period of approximately 6 years.

In addition to the long period it takes Korean red ginseng to reach maturity, there are numerous other requirements which must be met in order for the plant to properly thrive. One example is its ten year harvest cycle. The difficulty and cost of properly cultivating Korean red ginseng is considerably higher than most other forms of ginseng.

Any single key benefit would probably be worth all the difficulties involved with properly tending and preparing Korean red ginseng, however, most people can most readily benefit from the sheer volume of concentrated vitamins contained in Korean red ginseng. Almost every culture on the face of the planet suffers from a widespread and acute vitamin deficiency amongst their population due to the limited selection of inexpensive food that is produceable in the region. Americans, for instance, are often found to be sorely lacking in their vitamin D intake, while citizens of the United Kingdom often have diets short in vitamin C. Most medical doctors prescribe expensive multi-vitamins as a solution, but Korean red ginseng with its other benefits is a vastly superior choice.

Another key advantage is accelerated metabolism, which not only helps reduce unhealthy and unsightly fat, but can offer substantial improvements to both stamina and endurance. These benefits work together to increase the merit of Korean red ginseng further by making the consumer feel as if they always have plenty of energy. The cumulative effect of these benefits is that consumers of Korean red ginseng have an abundance of energy which in turn enables them to better capitalize on their newfound stamina and longer endurance. The net result is typically accelerated weight loss without the associated feelings of hunger, or physical and mental exhaustion.

Those not immediately interested in the physical benefits of Korean red ginseng may be more interested in the mental boons that Korean red ginseng products offer. The potent combination of enzymes, amino acids, and vitamins result in dramatic improvements to memory as well as mental focus. These gains can be had with any preparation of Korean red ginseng, however most anecdotal and scientific evidence indicates that tea preparations are the most advantageous for those seeking to increase their mental acumen or simply retain their keen mental faculties.

The last major benefit to using Korean red ginseng is that it plays an active role in the effective treatment male erectile dysfunction. After all, potions and teas made from Korean red ginseng have been used for countless generations throughout Asia as a male aphrodisiac.

While most of the supporting evidence for the benefits of Korean red ginseng remains anecdotal, the fact that it has been a mainstay of various medical traditions for generations has garnered it substantial global interest. Medical practitioners from various countries are making daily discoveries which more often than not validate the uses of traditional medicine from various Asian cultures.

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