Ketosource Pure C8 MCT Oil

KetoSource Pure C8 MCT Oil is an ultra pure MCT oil made from concentrated Caprylic acid at 99.8% purity. Caprylic acid is also known as C8 and is one of the best MCT oils for those looking for ultra high ketones, almost zero taste and an pure MCT oil that is easy on the gut.

When it comes to getting a ketone boost this oil is second to none. Ketosource Pure C8 MCT oil being so pure and full of Caprylic acid is well known as the most ketone dense type of MCT oil on the market today.

KetoSource MCT Oil

If you are sereous about boosting your ketones wether it by fat bulletproof type coffee or on salad as a salad oil Ketosource Pure MCT oil will help you in your ketosis efforts.

Ketosource MCT Oil – Caprylic acid at 99.8% purity

HVMN a well known other brand of Ketones and related keto supplements state that Caprylic acid is the highest most ketogenic of all MCT oils and Ketosource Pure C8 MCT oil is no exception to this. With 99.8% purity Ketosource MCT oil should be your go to MCT oil when looking to increase healthy fats whilst in or getting into ketosis.

Nowadays, the market is filled with Ketosource MCT Oil – Caprylic acid at 99.8% purity formulations. However, it may be true that the market is flooded with products, but it takes time to actually get the best product that will suit your needs. Hence, choosing the best Ketosource MCT Oil – Caprylic acid at 99.8% purity can be highly overwhelming, yet if you are able to find the right formulation then it should be one of your easiest decisions yet. And that’s because you can always go online and browse through different websites in order to search for information regarding Ketosource MCT Oil – Caprylic acid at 99.8% purity.

Ketone Boost - Ketosource Pure C8 MCT Oil

Caprylic acid is known as an “MCFA” or medium chain fatty acids, which are commonly referred to as triglycerides. MCT is also known as an acronym for Monounsaturated Caprylic Acid. This supplement has been proven very safe for consumption with minimal side effects.

Professionals in the ketogenic field of dieting have determined that the best way to get into ketosis is through consuming MCT oils. Ketosis is a state wherein your body burns fat for energy instead of carbohydrates.

Ketosource Pure C8 MCT Oil

Ketosource Pure C8 MCT Oil 1000ml Bottle 1ltr

The one litre bottle of Ketosource Pure C8 MCT oil is a large bottle of ultra pure high ketone MCT oil, the best value size for those seriously looking to follow the Keto Diet full time and with the maximum benefits. The benefits of boosting ketones is not juts the increase in fat loss and the bodies adaption to ketones but also the amazing boost the brain gets from firing on the pure fuel that are ketones.

Ketosource Pure C8 MCT oils 1000ml is a huge size for an amazing MCT Oil. Ketosource claim that the C8 MCT oil has 3 x the ketones than regular MCT oil and a 1000ml bottle has 55 18 ml servings per bottle giving you around a month of two cups of bulletproof coffee a day.

Ketosource Pure C8 MCT Oil - Back of bag

Caprylic acid Benefits

KetoSource C8 MCT Oil is 99.8% pure Caprlyic acid which makes it one of the purest types of MCT oil for ketone conversion. Studies have show than you convert three times to amount of Ketones from a pure Caprlyic acid MCT Oil than from a regular MCT oil, making Pure C8 MCT Oil three times more effective than non 99.8% pure MCT oil.

The increase in ketones that a super high purity Caprlyic Acid MCT oil helps in two major ways. First your ketone levels are increased making your body adapt to using ketones for energy. This helps you get into ketosis much faster than simply lowering carb intake. The second and most instantly obvious is the improvement to mental clarity that having increased ketones in the blood.

Ketosource Pure C8 MCT Oil - Fasting benefits

Damien from Ketosource

Damien Blenkinsopp owned and operated the KetoSource, a popular set of products and keto blog. This blog serves as an information center about ketogenic diet in general. It also helps to discuss the best keto diet supplement that is available on the market today.

Damien Blenkinsopp from Ketosource is one of the best keto bloggers around. Damien has a ton of great tools and information on the keto diet, gut health, building muscle, protein intake, fat intake, vitamin d, calcium supplements and a lot more.

Keto is a very difficult diet to follow, and Ketosource is one of the valuable resources. Being a blogger, podcast maker and keto nutritionist himself, Damien shares his knowledge with anyone who needs it.

Ketosource Pure C8 MCT Oil - Glass Version

Ketosource is based in the UK and all of it’s content and services are aimed at UK residents. The website is owned by Damien who has been involved in wireless communications for nearly 20 years. He now uses a wide range of expertise to offer support to people interested in living low-carb lifestyles. MCT oil and Electrolytes are the most used supplements when on the keto diet, take a look at our keto electrolytes here.

Ketosource C8 MCT Oil 100oml bottle

Ketosource Pure C8 MCT Oil 500ml bottle

The Ketosource 500ml Pure C8 MCT oil is good for 22-23 18ml servings giving you aroung two weeks of two a day BulletProof coffees or however you want to take this ultra high ketosis giving MCT oil.

The 500ml bottle of Ketosource MCT oil is one of best bottles of MCT oil you will ever buy. This is a fridge handy bottle size of MCT oil perfect for work, when you need that brain to power up and work hard. You will feel the extra ketones kick in when you have a fat coffee with this pure C8 MCT Oil from KetoSource.

Ketosource Pure C8 MCT Oil - Subscription

Oil Source of Pure C8 MCT Oil

There are two sources of the MCT Oil used in the Ketosource Pure C8 MCT Oil. The source for this MCT oil is a mix of Coconut oil and Palm oil. This can be an issue for some people who do not like palm oil for ethical reasons, even though Ketosource sources their palm oil from ethical sources. Ketosource do now make a 100% coconut oil based version for people looking to avoid palm oil. Both oils are good for getting pure Caprlyic acid extraction, therefore apart from the possible ethical reasons there would be very little difference in terms of ketone levels.

Ketosource Pure C8 MCT Oil In Bulletproof Coffee
C8 MCT Oil In Bulletproof Coffee

Ketosource MCT Oil Boosts Ketones, but what are Ketones?

We talk a lot about how C8 MCT Oils such as KetoSource MCT Oil. Ketones an alternative fuel source for the body to use instead of Glucose. Glucose is made form Glycogen which is stored in the cells and muscles. When you are in Ketosis your body tends to use up the Glycogen then your liver starts breaking down fat in the body and turn it into ketones. This change in fuel takes some doing, but when you take a high Caprylic acid MCT oil, the body can not store this type of fat in the cells, and the liver needs to kick in and create ketones from in.

This kick in of the liver is forced by taking an MCT Oil such as the KetoSource, once your liver makes the switch to making ketones means you are in Ketosis. So to put it simply taking a MCT Oil such as the Ketosource C8 MCT Oil, it puts you into ketosis and you are in the fat burning state!

Ketosource Pure C8 MCT Oil -Lab Tested


We review the KetoSource C8 MCT oil here. We were lucky enough to receive some Ketosource MCT C8 Oil from a friend to review who runs a Keto-Supplements UK Based store and they had bought a few items to review so we will be writing a Ketosource Pure C8 MCT Oil review for here and the Keto Supplements UK Website.

We have been using MCT oil on our own Keto diet for a number of years and mainly have used Olimp MCT oil due to the price. But when we received the bottle we started looking into C8 MCT Oil and also read about it on Dave Aspreys Bulletproof blog. We have used this MCT oil with our Upgraded Collagen Review as well but only in the Bulletproof coffee part.

Ketosource MCT Oil Review

I had the chance to try Ketosource, a C8 MCT oil (caprylic acid) that if not extracted with hexane. It is said to be a premium MCT oil that you can use for ketone production or just general use.

Did Ketosource MCT Oil help you as it has helped me? I started taking Ketosource MCT Oil and the results were truly amazing. It helped me get rid of my belly fat and also improve my level of stamina in the gym. The most amazing thing about Ketosource MCT Oil is that I could feel a lot of suppressed appetite in me. This was what made me lose weight without having any issues. So, my advice is that you must give this supplement a try at least once to see how it works for you.

We have been replacing our Olimp MCT Oil with the Ketosource MCT oil in our morning Bulletproof Coffee and we have to say we off the bat are amazed at the difference. Its hard to say what the Caprylic acid increase does for the flavour of the coffee as once you add in the coconut oil and grass fed butter there is little perceivable difference in flavour of the coffee.

We are also on the Keto Diet while doing the review and will be measuring our body weight and body fat percentage on the Renpho Digital Scales we have in the office.

Ketosource Pure C8 MCT Oil -Maximum Ketones

Reviewer details

Male age 40 years old, starting weight 14st 2lbs, height 6.1ft body-fat 18.5%.


I started my first morning swapping out the MCT oil we have in the office with the Ketosource Pure C8 MCT oil and as was said before there seems to be no difference in flavour once I added in the Collagen, Butter and Coconut oil to the MCT oil coffee. I noticed the difference almost immediately in terms of how alert I was after drinking the coffee.

This alertness lasted all morning with my work output and focus being pretty tip top. I love the feeling of total focus and this put me in the mood for some hard work. I also did not feel hungry until my eating slot of 2pm and normally I am counting down the minutes until 2pm. I ate an avocado, bacon and cheese salad and drizzled some more of the MCT oil onto the salad with some lemon juice as a dressing. This was the proof I needed that I was not imagining the improved focus from the morning as I felt a jolt of energy after eating and was on it for the rest of the day.

This is still early in the review process and I will be adding more details to the review in a few days with any weight and body fat percentage changes.

Having been taking this MCT oil daily for just over a month, I have in that time lost around a stone in weight and feel really good. I cannot say that the MCT oil itself had a lot to do with the weight loss but its part of wider keto diet that I have been following. I tend to have a Keto Coffee / Bullet proof coffee in the morning then fast until 2pm meaning that the only calories I have in that time is from the MCT Oil. 


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