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Keto Cocoa Bombs Hot Chocolate

Enthusiasts on social media are dropping the cocoa powder mix and taking hot cocoa to a new level with their new Keto hot chocolate recipe. 

It is no coincidence that the Green Bay bakery sells a hot keto chocolate mixture on its website called “Cocoa Keto Bombs Hot Chocolate.” Despite its name, the hot cocoa mass is actually a mixture of richly spiced cocoa, cocoa powder and cocoa feathers and is completely edible. Stir in 2 teaspoons of instant coffee to turn your hot chocolate into a creamy pumpkin mocha before adding whipped cream. 

Keto Friendly Cocoa Bombs

If the Keto chocolate is too thick, add a little shortening and stir thinly; if it is thick or thin, stir again. To melt the chocolate and seal the seams, run a hot spoon along the seam where the two chocolate cups meet and pass it through the back of the bag (the melting chocolate bag should explain how much back). To melt it again and seal, heat the pan to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and melt the chocolate circles around the edges and bottom. When all the chocolates are melted and smooth, divide them into chocolate moulds with a spoon and place them in the freezer. 

Keto Hot Chocolate Cocoa Bombs Recipes

Carefully remove half a ball from the tin and fill one half with cocoa powder and marshmallows (optional extras). Add anything you want to add to half the ball (you will also need a cookie cutter (any type will do), a spoon or a spatula.

If you make these Keto bombs in advance when the company comes to the door, you can put the milk on the hob, bring it out and offer one to stir directly into the cup. These Keto hot chocolate bombs are a great way to make a quick hot drink with a few extra Keto chocolate cups. When I first made them, I had to melt a little more chocolate and add more to each cup to increase the amount of Keto chocolate per cup in the hot chocolates. 

Take an empty half of a Keto chocolate bomb and place it on a warm plate and microwave on a microwave-proof plate for a minute. They want the plate to be just hot enough to melt the chocolate, but not too hot to melt in the mouth. 

Melt the keto chocolate melt according to the instructions for the packet, then remove the bombs from the freezer and blow them out of the tin. They should come out easily, so give them a little decoration and then use food – safe gloves so you don’t accidentally melt the outside and leave fingerprints on your hot chocolate bombs. 

Keto Hot Chocolate Bombs Review

One thing I would like to say: My first attempts (here in the film) were not faultless, but this recipe with the hot chocolate bomb worked and worked well. If you loved reading it and thought you’d try to make it, I’d appreciate it pinning it to your Pinterest page! 

Keto Cocoa Bombs Amazon

There are no similar hot chocolate bombs out there at the moment, but Amazon users can sign up for notifications, so I’m not sure when they’ll be back. You can also find them on Amazon, and you can find an interesting concoction of chocolate and marshmallows hidden discreetly inside at Costco. It costs £19 for a pack of 16 cocoa bombs, which are baked in 16 cups of hot chocolate made from real chocolate (marshmallow included).  Keto Bombs can have added salt that doubles them up as an awesome keto electrolytes supplement. Find a keto cocoa bomb with added sea salt, this way you will be getting hydration giving electrolyte salts while getting your fat intake up.

Cocoa Bombs for the Keto Diet

Best of all, they even have mini keto marshmallows in it, so you can make your own version of a hot chocolate bomb with a mini marshmallows on top. I round up some of the best products on the market, including the Costco line of cocoa bombs melted in warm milk. You are great to choose from this holiday season, and make sure you use them as often as you want, because for the hot chocolate lovers in your life you will behave. You will also love to add Oreo cookies to your hot chocolate bombs on your plates. 

I like Ghirardelli, but there are other types of chocolates that would work well, especially if you melt some of the others in a chopped chocolate bar. I have seen it shaped into chocolate balls from chocolate moulds, and it makes a much better chocolate bomb than regular chocolate balls. 

There are many small companies that adjust the appearance and taste of cocoa bombs by doing away with the coloured tin foil in exchange for a charming and elegant touch. Some users have gone a step further and have decided to sell their hot chocolate bombs on the spot. The trend has gone viral on TikTok and even sparked a series of videos on Sweets Jen’s Facebook page in which its creators discuss the technique and recipe. You can also try Etsy, which looks like a great resource for more recipes, photos and process tips. 

One TikTok user, brennnabooo, shared a video of herself melting a chocolate bomb, with a caption explaining that there are four drooling flavors – worthy flavors. Ortiz’s video, which shows her preparing her pumpkin seasoning with hot chocolate bombs, has over 300,000 views on Tik Tok. Her video, posted on October 7, has over 2 million views and continues to grow; her pumpkin spice version has been viewed almost 155,000 times. 

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