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Do a variety of workouts at home with this Hallway pull-up bar, and it is a multifunctional training bar that can be easily fixed with screws on the door frame and can also be used on the floor for whole body workouts. If you’re looking for a serious upper body workout, JX Fitness is the bar you can pull up today with a door – a drawn bar. This bar has recently been included in the Hallways line of JX Fitness, as well as in its other products. 

The Mirafit pull up bar is a great way to do suspension exercises to shape your muscles, and you can use it to work your torso with smears, reverse rows or tilt. As far as wall-mounted pull bars are concerned, we have the JX Fitness Hallway Pull-Up Bar with door – a drawn bar that allows you to work your entire torso, including chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps and back. 

JX FITNESS Pull Up Bar Review


  • Brand: JX Fitness
  • Manufacturer: JX Fitness
  • Product Type: Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Product Weight: 7kg
  • Package Size: 97.6 x 24 x 10.4 cm; 7 Kilograms
JX FITNESS Pull Up Bar - In Use

This allows you to work your whole body, so if you have an affordable combination in your home gym, you will be golden. Push-ups – when doing push-ups, the bar is usually pulled up with your arms and then elbows and shoulders bent to ease up. This often includes working on the upper back, chest, shoulder, biceps, triceps and back muscles, but it can also be used where you want, and not quite quickly. 

JX FITNESS Pull Up Bar Review

Well, here’s the question – if you have a home gym outside, why not mount your chin-up bar on an outside wall? Right, with the Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount you can install a pull-up bar on the wall of the house without any doors standing in your way. 

JX FITNESS Pull Up Bar Review

The bar has a central tube – like a bar that you grab when doing chin-ups or chin-ups. The rod hooks are screwed into the wall supports and then the drawing rod simply hangs on the hook. Fix the bar to the wall with 6 strong screws and support it with the Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount or the JX Fitness Pull-Up Bar Wall Mount. 

JX FITNESS Pull Up Bar Vs Competitor Bars

Many pull-up bars are equipped with eyelets, which allow you to add TRX ropes for a variety of exercises. This model of the RDX, for example, comes with a heavy boxing bag for hanging up boxing and MMA training and could serve as a chin-up bar for your home gym. The pull rod also comes without a strong central eyelet, which makes it possible to hang up a punching bag there. Set up the bar with 3 eyelets when you want to lift your training routine to the next level with the JX Fitness Pull-Up Bar Wall Mount.

I suggest that you keep it simple and start with a locking bar or a wall bar, whether it is a 3-eyelet pull bar or an eyelet – free wall bracket.

As you will see in this test, you can buy many different types of drawbars, but some of them are expensive and difficult to assemble. You will find that the most expensive bar by far, which is suitable for a number of exercises, is the Max Strength training bar. This drawing bar – at the top is a 3-eyelet bar with eyelet – is a free wall bracket, and you can pull the bar up or down. 

JX FITNESS Pull Up Bar Review UK

JX FITNESS Chin Up Bar UK Review Summary

This mounted pull-up bar with dip bar is designed to provide a serious torso, and this exercise can be a great way to hit the right muscles in a variety of different body types, from the lower body to the upper body. This squat frame can also be used for strength training, with the ability to pull 105 kilos. Pull up the poles with the dipping poles, but stop here and take the Doorway Pull-up and Domyos dipping tape machines. These bars are suitable for a number of exercises, such as chin-ups, chin-ups, and dips, so you can use them for all kinds of exercises. 

This drawbar is one of the maxims and a great accessory that can also be mounted outside. When it comes to fixing the tie rods to the wall, it fits into a normal shape so that it can stand on its own or even on a wall. 

JX FITNESS Pull Up Bar Review Fittings

As a rule of thumb for your home studio, a wall-mounted pull bar installed at a height of 2 m is ideal. Again, the height can vary from case to case, but usually – from thumb – it is ideal to install them at home or in the gym 1 m in the middle of the wall. 

If you don’t have a concrete or brick wall to mount your drawbar, grab a bolt finder and find out where to safely mount the rod. Most wall and pull bars can be mounted on walls with 16 – 24 inch wooden bolts that are regularly spread across the wall, but we recommend fitting them specifically to brick or cement walls. If you are not sure whether your wall can support a chin-up bar mounted on concrete and / or brick walls, consult a specialist about the mounting surface, mounting height and other aspects of the installation. They can also be mounted on any wall that has 16 to 24 inches of wooden spikes that are regularly spread over a wall. We suggest fitting them specifically to concrete, cement, brick or concrete walls and fitting them specifically to a brick / cement wall and not to the middle of another surface. 

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