JLL CT200 Home Cross Trainer Review

The JLLll CT200 Home Cross Trainer is a powerful exercise machine that can be used in any home. Featuring 8 resistance levels, and a 5kg bi-directional flywheel, the cross trainer provides a great workout for all ages and abilities.

The JLL CT200 is a compact and lightweight home cross trainer that features 8 levels of high tension magnetic resistance, pulse measurement and an odometer.

What is the JLL CT200 Cross Trainer?

The JLL Ct200 Home Cross Trainer is compact yet durable, which makes this product easy to use and handle. It includes 8 levels of magnet resistance which aids you in burning calories. With the help of its easy-to-read LCD monitor, you can keep an eye on the various workout statistics. The trainer features a 5kg bi-directional flywheel that allows you to reach your fitness goals easily.

The CT200 is equipped with an easy to use digital console which provides information on time, speed, distance, pulse, calories and odometer. It also allows you to set your target heart rate with the handy pulse reading. The light weight train has a bi-directional flywheel which gives you variation to keep the workout interesting. The JLL CT200 also includes a drink holder so you can keep hydrated throughout your session. With an 8 levels magnetic resistance, this trainer will provide challenge for anyone looking for results from their home training exercise.

The JLL CT200 Magnetic Resistance cross trainer has been designed to be cost effective for the budget conscious consumer. It comes with 8 Magnetic Resistance Levels and a Bi-Directional Flywheel that creates a more realistic exercising experience than many other home cross trainers on the market today. The LCD Display reads Distance, Time, Speed, Calorie Consumption and Pulse. Its 12 Month warranty makes this home cross trainer one of the most reliable.

Jll CT200 Cross Trainer Review Summary

The CT200 Cross-Trainer from JLL is a great way to get fit at home. It has an ergonomic design that looks good in any room, and is available in two colours. The LCD display allows you to easily track your progress and gives you feedback on the number of calories you’ve burned, distance travelled and more. This cross-trainer offers 8 levels of magnetic resistance and includes a 5kg bi-directional flywheel for a realistic outdoor running experience.

CT200 Cross Trainer UK
CT200 Cross Trainer UK

New and improved with a multi function monitor. The JLL CT200 cross trainer offers unique features that set it aside from other equipment in the gym. With the ability to adjust the tension of the workout dynamically, and one touch pulse measurement of heart rate, stationary cycling provides a great means of cardio-vascular fitness training.

The JLL CT200 Cross Trainer is designed for users up to 400 pounds. The machine has a rolling wheeled base which allows you to move freely throughout the room. Its high tech magnetic tension control provides variation in workout intensity and compulsive load feedback. This electrical resistance unit also features an 18″ LCD television for distraction or entertainment. Without any impact on joints or stress on backs, the Ct200 Cross Trainer delivers an efficient cardiovascular training opportunity.

Most cross trainers under £300 do not look or feel that nice, which is why the JLL CT200 Cross Trainer is a refreshing change. In addition to its build quality and great motor, the JLL CT200 also features a large LCD display.

JLL CT200 Cross Trainer is a well built cross trainer that will perform well enough for most users. It can handle an intense workout or you can use it just for general exercise, cardio and weight training. The quality of the electronics are very good for a unit in this price range and we were especially impressed with the sturdy build quality. Many of the more expensive units we have seen feel flimsy by comparison. This unit will accept pretty much any kind of Olympic bar which is important if you want to progress to weight training. The console feedback during the workout is better than many other machines we have tested at this price point.

JLL CT200 Cross Trainer UK best price
JLL CT200 Cross Trainer UK best price

Final Verdict

JLL CT200 Cross Trainer is a great low cost home fitness solution – it is packed with features and easy to use. Workout videos are really fun and you will want to put more and more. It offers great cardio workout for beginners looking to get in shape.

Featuring a dual-motion LCD display, heart rate sensors, a calorie counter and an incredible range of onboard programs including custom and heart rate zone workouts, the JLL CT200 Cross Trainer is one of the sleekest models in its class.

The JLL CT200 Cross Trainer is a modern, rowing machine with a multi-function monitor and 20 resistance levels for a more complete workout. It’s the perfect addition to home gyms, and features dual pedals so you can use your own shoes for an increased cardiovascular workout. The slim design allows you to place it practically anywhere you want. Take your workouts up a notch with the JLL CT200 Cross Trainer from JLL Fitness.

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