Hypnozan – Review – Sleep & Melatonin Supplement

Hypnozan – Melatonin Inducing Supplements, with Lemon Balm, L Tryptophan, Montmorency to induce Melatonin production naturally.

Melatonin is banned for sale in the UK but it has been proven that Montmorency cherry extract and Lemon Balm induces Melatonin production and is legal in the UK.

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Hypnozan Review

We have been taking Hypnozan for this review for a few weeks on and off for sleep. I have taken Melatonin before in other countries and we genuinely have found Hypnozan as if not more effective at inducing a good nights sleep.

Background of the Review and Reviewer

I am a 39 year old guy who has on and off suffered from lack of sleep. I have tried Nytol and other prescription medication for sleep but do not like taking chemicals to sleep and worry about dependency.

I decided to take Hynozan to review as I had seen them on Amazon and have in the past read about the effect of Montmorency cherry on sleep and how it can induce the Melatonin secretion. I liked hearing about the other ingredients in Hynozan including Lemon Balm, L Tryptophan as well so the bundle seemed like a good sleep tablet for a review.

I followed the instructions and took the Hypnozan 30 minutes before I wanted to go to sleep. I felt tired after around 20 minutes and went to bed and for the first time in a long time fell asleep without my mind spinning.

Hypnozan review
Hypnozan review Bottle From Amazon

In the morning I managed to wake up on time to my alarm clock. This rarely happens, I am normally either awake early having slept badly or taken so long to sleep that when I do fall asleep I press snooze so many times in wild sense of dream mixed with the pulling need to wake up. I felt sleepy in the morning but did not really feel tired but sleepy but rested. The feeling of sleepiness soon wore off and for three nights now I have taken the Hypnozan and so far its worked really well.

We have read some of the other reviews of Hypnozan on Amazon and most are all really positive with some people changing from taking CBD Oil to Hypnozan with better results for sleep patterns.

Hypnozan Sleep Tablets Retailers


So far in the UK we only have found Hynozan on Amazon, but I am sure we will see this sleeping tablet at many pharmacies in the near future. when googling Hypnozan for the article the main retailers of the sleep supplement are Italian so it seems that Hypnozan may be an Italian supplements. On further review it seems that the Italian version is with real Melatonin. Like the reviewer has said he has taken “real” melatonin and the supplement version sold on Amazon is just as good if not even better than the real thing.

Buy Hypnozan now

We really liked the review of Hypnozan and now half the office seems to be getting better sleep due to the effects of Hypnozan. The office is not really an office right now and with the problems resulting from the Covid 19 people working from home have been having sleep problems. The Cheap Supplements team are no exception and sadly some of the team have had sleeping issues. We have been trying CBD Capsules and they do seem to work with some of team, but not all.

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