Hardcastle 12kg Dumbbell Weight Set

Hardcastle 12Kg Dumbbell Weight Set Review

The range of weights of Hardcastle is one of the best in the world, with a variety of weights and a wide selection of options. Ideal for users who value money, but also with the large weight range.

You can order two 1kg dumbbells for only a few pounds, as they are the lightest in the range. You can buy these weights individually, while you can also purchase three of the heavyweights individually. 

The Hardcastle dumbbells have proved to be a hit with those who have used them and they have also been described as made, durable, easy to use, and easy to work with. With these Hardcastle Dumbbells and a cheap cross trainer or treadmill you can get in pretty good shape.

The reviews of this article were exclusively positive, not a single reviewer rated it below 3 stars, with the vast majority regarding it as a 5-star product. They are easy to handle, roll up and store, and when put down, they roll back and forth easily. We have very few products on amazon uk, so please have a look at our product page here to get more information about the Hardcastle 12kg dumbbells and other products. 

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