Gorilla Sports Trap Bar

Gorilla Sports Trap Bar 50MM UK

The Gorilla Sports Trap bar is 50mm hardcore trap bar for all lifting levels. A well built sturdy trap bar that will last you for years.

With just £199.99 shipped, this Gorilla Sport trap bar has all the decorative chrome found on most low-cost traps. It has a double handle, is completely knurled, has double handles (you lost the double handle on the bar), has long sleeves and can even be placed on a rack. The Revolving Grip Hex Bar is probably the most popular bar on the market for high-end sports bars. The 16 ‘long genuine Olympic sleeves are finished with durable hard chrome and require a special stand-up collar, while the rest of this bar is in a black matte powder coating. 

If you use a trap rod and have only 10 sleeves, you will run out of space when you perform your deadlifts to the maximum. 

Gorilla Sports Trap Bar Review UK

The price tag is up there, but on the bright side, the price includes ground shipping, so I think how nice a Gorilla Sport trap bar (including shipping) really will be. This is the last trap I will ever buy, and I can’t imagine buying it for less than the total cost, which is about £1,000 or roughly the same price as a bar at Amazon.com. How nice can you imagine buying a Gorilla Sport trap bar when it costs just for a 50mm trap bar? 

You can spend almost nothing on a piece of garbage that can’t even handle a half-decent deadlift, or you can get something that will last forever and can handle the weight. You can even spend a little more and perhaps even offer more exercise variety, but you still spend nearly £100 more than you could get for just £50. 

I strongly recommend avoiding traps unless you have them, and personally I don’t like the way they are welded or assembled, but they seem to be good enough. Consider how big a fall bar should be and whether you can even store it in your gym. I found two handles and have a few other fix – it – self-repaired – trap handlebars, so I have no problem with them. 

Gorilla Sports Trap Bar Review Summary

I know that £375 is a lot of money to spend on a Gorilla Sport specialty trap bar, especially if shipping is not included in the price, but I think it makes a much better deal than what you find on Amazon, which you should avoid. Although I wouldn’t recommend this particular trap bar as an all-in-one purchase, I think it’s a car purchase as they already make a purchase from Rep. who will ship freight. I have no doubt that this will be the last bar I ever buy, and I’m glad I did because I thought it was a great addition to my collection that I should have avoided finding. 

If you look closely enough at the pictures and specifications of the Budget Gorilla Sport Trap Bars, you will find that they are more or less the same. I could go on forever about what a trap I’d have, but I think I have an idea for you

Gorilla Sports Trap Bar In Stock

Gorilla Sport Trap Bars are made in the US, shipped for £595, stands at height adjustable, covers a distance of 27 ” and weighs 700 lbs at 700 lb. 

R rear lift can be used in conjunction with the coil and is ideal for levelling the ride of your vehicle and giving you extra lift. I used the 50 mm lifting frame from VMN and the Gorilla Sport Kit they also offer to make the Hilux 4WD vehicle mounting easier. We found that this is a great tool to completely level the suspension and give you the extra “boost.” 

This set lifts the truck compartment out of its chassis and lifts it onto its chassis, giving you the same lifting capacity as we find it. This kit lifts the truck rack off its tray chassis to give you that extra lift and a little boost to the ride of your vehicle.

Optionally there is a roll bar, which you can use for movements you would probably never imagine with a trap bar. That’s a strong man – style fat bar training, which means you can train moves with the likes of that – big trap bars, and that improves lifting forces. The trap bar relies on you like most others, so it’s a great option for strong men’s style, fat bars or even strength training. 

I suppose it would be great if you had everything you ever wanted, an axle trap, but I suppose if you miss the standard traps, you can avoid the CAP model until you decide to do something like that. I think it’s kind of a niche Gorilla Sport trap, and I’m thinking of having a Gorilla Sport trap bar. Gorilla Sport has a great set of wheels for a smooth ride and an adjustable axle for more stability. 

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