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If you prefer to exercise at home and don’t want to pay for a membership, a gym might be just the thing for you. Although most people have already spent a lot of money on gym membership, they are not willing to spend too much on exercise bikes.

If you really commit to strength training at home, the best solution is a multi-gym. You could use free weights or even start with a set of resistance tubes to test the water, but you could also use a free weight in the form of a resistance band or barbell.

Then you can consider your fitness goals, budget and place and choose the best multi-gym to improve your workout. Although Wido’s exercise bike is an affordable option, you will be surprised to find that it is aimed at beginners and more casual users. It offers you a real workout station in your own home, but a more advanced trainer might like the convenience of a full-size gym as well as the ability to carry new weights and fitness equipment in general.

F4H Multi Gym Reviews

Your home cheap multi gym provides all necessary workstations, including an exercise bike, bench press, an elliptical cross machine, and a weight bench. You will forget that it would weigh only 93 kg together, but you can achieve a resistance of maximum 64 kg, which is more than enough for a full gym or even a small gym. Although the weight of 64 kg is not the heaviest we have seen in a multi-gym, it is enough to enable most of us to exercise well. If you are looking for a heavy weight Multi Gym take a look at the 100kg Multi Gyms.

However, it is just as important that the consumer opts for a multi-gym that trains different muscle groups in the body. We know that different types of movements are supported, so here are some different movements you can try in your home gym to build a stronger body! In a multi-gym you can do up to 50 different exercises, and here is a list of different movements you can try while building your strong body, with a range of weights and exercises. Multi-gyms also have dip stations, which can include different triceps and bench press.

The mounting of flat benches offers more mobility possibilities than the simpler home multi-gyms. The most unique aspect is the leg press, which is not often found in the home multi-gyms, but is nevertheless a great exercise for the body. See the F4H 7002 Multi Gym.

From chest presses to leg curls, anything is possible in an inexpensive home gym that is crammed with possibilities. This is great if you want to get more muscle, get a more varied workout and even forget about the idea of what you can do with the machine. The multi-purpose hall includes some extras such as bench press, hockey stick and barbell. If you forget to make room for a personal training center at home, a reliable multi-gym is a good idea. It is worth investing in multi-gyms, for those who cannot get to the local gym or who do not prefer the comfort of a home gym, but the flexibility and flexibility of a home gym, it is worth investing in them.

F4H Multi Gym Range

The entire machinery weighs 180 kg and is not very large for a commercial multipurpose hall, but it is made of robust cast iron. Compared to commercial machines, it takes up less space and is maintained in a small size that fits easily into a standard room or garage.

Those who are looking for serious mass can look at 100 kg multi-gyms, but if you are just starting, 60 – 70 kg should be enough. If you already exercise, 80 kg or more offer the best possible strength training, and those who want to think seriously about mass can have a look at 100 kg multi-gyms. A multi-gym can cost up to 5000 hp and can be worthwhile, especially when it comes to building strength. However, it is wise to invest in at least one if you are in love with strength training, have the space and want to do better.

If you are looking for a basic fitness routine, it will help you get fit, but you will not be able to do serious strength training, which includes deadlifting, bench press, squats with barbells, etc. A weight station is not very heavy and would not appeal to those looking for heavy weight training, so it could not cut it for you. However, if you want to have equipment with gravity training (whether gravity training or Olympic lifting), you will want to install it. A home gym is ideal to integrate all free weights at this price.

Make sure that weight stacks and plates for multi-gyms are sold separately, but on the bright side you have the possibility to add your own plates. More expensive multi-gyms offer an increased weight resistance, no matter how much weight you add to the equipment.

How the F4H (Fit 4 Home Multi Gym Compares to other Multi Gyms on the UK Market

When it comes to home fitness, multi gyms are an excellent investment, offering a comprehensive workout experience. In this comparison, we’ll be examining the features and specifications of the F4H Multi Gym (Fit4Home Multi Gyms) alongside other notable models in the market. From the Maximuscle Multi Gym to the York Perform Multigym, we’ll break down the key elements of each and provide a summary to help you make an informed decision tailored to your fitness needs.

Comparison Table:

FeatureF4H Multi GymMaximuscle Multi GymMarcy Eclipse HG3000 Multi GymMulti Gym 100kgV Fit STG09 3 Multi-GymIronman Multi GymYork Multi Gym 100kgMini Multi GymSmall Multi GymYork Perform MultigymMirafit Multi Gym
Weight Stack45kg (adjustable)65kg (non-adjustable)68kg (adjustable)100kg (non-adjustable)64kg (adjustable)70kg (adjustable)100kg (non-adjustable)Not specifiedNot specified54kg (adjustable)75kg (adjustable)
Build QualitySturdySturdySturdySturdySturdyPremiumSturdyBasicBasicSturdySturdy
AssemblySome Assembly RequiredModerate Assembly RequiredSome Assembly RequiredSome Assembly RequiredSome Assembly RequiredProfessional Assembly RecommendedSome Assembly RequiredMinimal Assembly RequiredMinimal Assembly RequiredModerate Assembly RequiredSome Assembly Required


  • F4H Multi Gym (Fit4Home Multi Gyms): An affordable option with adjustable weight stack, suitable for a variety of exercises. Compact design makes it suitable for home use.
  • Maximuscle Multi Gym: A mid-range choice with a non-adjustable 65kg weight stack. Offers moderate versatility and sturdy construction.
  • Marcy Eclipse HG3000 Multi Gym: Features a 68kg adjustable weight stack with a sturdy build. Provides a range of exercises for a comprehensive workout.
  • Multi Gym 100kg: Budget-friendly with a non-adjustable 100kg weight stack. Limited in versatility but provides a substantial amount of resistance.
  • V Fit STG09 3 Multi-Gym: A budget-friendly option with a 64kg adjustable weight stack. Offers multiple exercises in a compact design.
  • Ironman Multi Gym: A high-end option with a premium build and a 70kg adjustable weight stack. Suitable for serious fitness enthusiasts.
  • York Multi Gym 100kg: Varies in price with a non-adjustable 100kg weight stack. Offers a range of exercises but may take up more space.
  • Mini Multi Gym: Budget-friendly with limited exercises. Designed for those with minimal space but seeking basic strength training.
  • Small Multi Gym: Compact and budget-friendly with limited exercise options. Ideal for small spaces and beginners.
  • York Perform Multigym: A mid-range option with multiple exercises and a 54kg adjustable weight stack. Suitable for a variety of fitness levels.
  • Mirafit Multi Gym: A mid-range option with a sturdy build and a 75kg adjustable weight stack. Offers versatility for a comprehensive workout.

Consider your budget, space constraints, and fitness goals when selecting a multi gym. The F4H Multi Gym stands out for its affordability and versatility, making it an excellent choice for home use. Depending on your preferences, each multi gym on this list has unique features that cater to different fitness needs.

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