WoldoHealth Collagen Beef Protein Powder 500g

Woldo Health Collagen Beef Protein Powder 500g

Woldo Health Beef Collagen Powder is one of the best selling collagen powders on Amazon right now and that is saying something. Collagen powder is insainly popular right now and for all the right reasons. Collagen is a great anti ageing supplement, ideal for internal and external health. Collagen is in abundance in all our bodies, and as we age our abililty to produce good quality Collagen like that in Woldo Healths Bovine Collagen reduces. We need to get more collagen from our diets, yet we have changed to a diet with reduced collagen compared with days of old.

Supplementing with collagen like Woldo Health Beef Collagen is a great way to get extra collagen into the diet. Increased collagen helps with bone density, skin structure, organ health and stomach health to name but a few benefits. The popularity of Collagen has gone through the roof recently and the reviews for the Woldo Beef Collagen at 1266 reviews at the time of writing shows the popularity of this collagen. WoldoHealth is a Protein Powder Hydrolysate from the skin of beef.

Waldo Health Collagen Protein
Waldo Health Collagen Protein

Woldo Health Collagen Pulver Flavourless Review

The Woldo Health Collagen we have bought for this review is flavourless, colourless and mixes well with our morning coffee. We tend to add it with our C8 MCT Oil, Coconut Oil and butter for a Bulletproof coffee and there is no noticeable flavour from the collagen. The powder we bought for this review was super clear fine collagen protein powder and unlike some collagen did not have any noticeable scent either.

There are some reviews on Amazon that said they had received a bad batch that did not mix well and had a flavour. These reviews seem quite a long time ago and the new batches seem to be great and that seems long in the past but for the fairness of this review we had to mention the Amazon reviews.

We have all tried the collagen before handing this out for review both in hot coffee and in water and the team agreed that the collagen was one of the most flavourless and easy to mix collagen’s we have bought for a staff review. We are always interested in reading other peoples reviews on the items we buy, but we try not to use them in anyway bias our own reviews but just to to see if our experiences reflect that of other peoples experiences.

Woldo Health Collagen Pulver

As you may see from the packaging the brand is European and uses the term Pulver which is a way of saying Powder. Pulver comes from the term to pulverize as in to pound something to make it smaller. Being a European brand you have the assurances that the WoldoHealth Collagen Pulver is Grass fed and free from hormones.

Bovine Collagen Hydrolysate Ideal for skin Health

Bovine / beef collagen is full of  contains both Type I and Type III collagen as it is made from beef skin. Coming from beef skin means it should be no surprise these types of Collagen’s that are the type of collagen’s ideal for your skin. As we age the wrinkles, joint and bone pain comes from the breakdown of these types of collagen. With age you bodies ability to generate these types of collagen decreases and the need to get them from food sources increases. But we have moved away from eating meat with the skin, making bone broth and eating organ meats that are abundant in collagens. This mixed with less vitamin C intake means it is vital that for the health of our skin we supplement with Type I and type III collagen’s. Unless of course you are happy with wrinkles, skin lines and bad joints. The Woldo Health Collagen is a great value source of awesome quality grass feed beef collagen protein.

Woldohealth Collagen Powder
Woldohealth Collagen Powder

WoldoHealth Collagen Flavourless Review

We bought this tub of Woldo collagen for the review so we did not receive any incentive apart from the benefits of taking collagen for the review.

We got the package from Amazon and on first looks the tub is nice and well made, the tub does not make any crazy claims like some of the collagen we have reviewed for Cheap Supplements.  The package says that the beef used is grass fed which is a bonus for us.

We used the first serving in our morning bullet proof coffee and it mixed really easily in hot water. The powder seemed tasteless in the coffee and did not leave any residue in the cup.

This was not the best way to test the collagen powder, so I used cold water for the next part of the review and although it took a little longer to dissolve. Again even in water it was pretty much tasteless. Like with all collagen we have reviewed there was the slight viscosity to it that has the tell tail sign of there being collagen in the water. But we could happily have this Woldo Collagen in water everyday with pleasure.

I decided to take this tub home so the rest of the team had to make do without it as I have been suffering recently from bad tendon and tired looking skin. So for the rest of the review until the end of the tub I will be talking about my personal experience with the WoldoHealth Collagen.

I am a 40 year old male who has a history of back issues and in the past I have had some benefit from taking collagen, but its been a while. I decided to take the tub to review to see if any of the pains and tired skin goes away.

After a week I could see signs of my skin looking fresher, my nails seem to not only be growing faster than normal but feel thicker. I had a bad bump on one of my toes a year ago and the nail had not been growing quite right and this was the most noticeable change.  The toenail started to grow straight at the base of it.

After 3 weeks of taking the collagen I am trully a collagen convert, my skin is a lot better, my oily patches and dry skin is far less oily and dry. My nails are hard as nails, simply rock solid. My hair is growing thicker on the bear area (my head hair well its too soon to tell) but more noticeable is my back pain is almost non existent. I feel a lot more supple. I have to say I have read the reviews other team members have made for collagen and I have not really believed how dramatic the reviews have been but it is far to say I will be buying collagen from now on.

I have now used all of the WoldoHealth Beef Collagen and will be experimenting with the various other types of collagen’s on the market but I would and probably will definatly buy Woldo Collagen again. I am only moving to other collagen’s out of interest but I am 100 percent over the moon with the effects of this collagen powder and I am very glad I chose to do this review.

Waldo Health Collagen Protein Peptides
Waldo Health Collagen Protein Peptides


Other WoldoHealth Collagens

Woldo Health seems to do a range of supplements including flavoured collagen. We are interested in the chocolate Woldo Collagen among others and will soon be doing a review of it. We wonder and do not know as yet if the flavoured collagen is a Protein Powder Hydrolysate as well. We are very interested in these collagen’s, they seem to come from a European company that sources its bovine collagen from Brazil. This is not really surprising as Brazil is a huge supplier of beef to the world and its cow hides are some of the best in the world, so therefore should their collagen as well. They make the collagen into a powder or a pulver as they call it. Pulver means powder.

Hydrolyzed Collagen AKA Protein Powder Hydrolysate

The meaning of Hydrolysate collagen or Hydrolyzed Collagen is that it has been broken down into its bio-available parts using enzymes or heat. For collagen powders it normally is made into a Hydrolysate by enzymes. This end Hydrolysate collagen is very easy to digest with the collagen peptides going almost directly into the body to wear it needs it most. This is the best type of collagen you can take for you as your body can use the collagen without any damaging effect of the stomach acid having to break it down. There are some studies that show the body finds it hard to breakdown standard collagen and it sits in the stomach for a long time degrading the collagen that goes into the body. By making the collagen into a Hydrolysate you are reducing, almost eliminating the need for any digestion making you get the whole collagen peptides in their purest form quickly and efficiently without the degrading of the protein strands.

You should look for Hydrolyzed Collagen when buying a collagen type especially if you have any digestion issues. The ease in which your body can benefit from a Hydrolyzed collagen combined with the ease of digestion makes this the best type of collagen for most people.

Collagen Pulver UK

Collagen-pulver, is a collagen powder that is mixed with liquid and pH balanced to neutral for better absorption. It is made from fish skin and scales. It is a substance that is in the same family as silk and tendons.

Collagen pulver, is a high quality collagen powder made with the best in natural ingredients. It’s great for smoothies, or just a scoop in your tea or coffee.

Collagen pulver AKA collagen powder is an advanced formula of hydrolyzed collagen peptides and minerals. It is not derived from pork skin, chicken feet or other animal source but produced through the fermentation of a culture of specific strains of beneficial bacteria.

Collagen pulver is the best new way to get collagen into your diet. Collagen hydrolysate is water-soluble and easy to digest, so you can easily add it to almost any drink or food

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